MCU Avengers Replacement Team’s Best Villain Was Set Up 2 Years Ago

Ms. Marvel raising her fist in the poster for The Marvels (2023) next to Iron Man walking away from an explosion in Iron Man (2008)

The replacement of the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Avengers already had its best villain revealed in a project from two years ago. Throughout much of Phases 4 and 5, the Avengers have been inactive in the MCU. The deaths of characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow saw the Avengers take a back seat in the Multiverse Saga’s first half. However, this is set to change if the list of upcoming Marvel movies is anything to go by, with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars set to conclude Phase 6.

Although the Avengers are likely set to return, the MCU has also wasted no time setting up a replacement team alongside them; The Young Avengers’ cast was confirmed in the final scene of The Marvels. Characters like Ms. Marvel, Kate Bishop, Patriot, Wiccan, and Speed have been teased throughout Phases 4 and 5 as the younger version of the iconic team, with a potential MCU Young Avengers movie on the horizon. Naturally, where there are new heroes, there will always be new villains, with the best antagonist for the Young Avengers already set up by the MCU two years ago.

Ms Marvel Teased The Department Of Damage Control’s MCU Future

Ms. Marvel Has Already Made Damage Control An Enemy Of The Young Hero

MCU Damage Control agent with the Maker behind him.

The Department of Damage Control was first introduced to the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The company was formed by Tony Stark as a means of clearing up battlegrounds and helping those affected in the aftermath of the Avengers’ battles with otherworldly threats. However, the DODC has since become a more antagonistic force in the MCU, as first highlighted in 2022’s Ms. Marvel. The MCU Disney+ TV show saw Damage Control attempt to, aptly, control the emergence of younger superheroes.

This was likely to fit with their original initiative, as containing young heroes who could be out of control is certainly a form of damage limitation. That said, Ms. Marvel showcased the darker side of this, with the DODC being driven by power-hungry people who became incredibly oppressive with their operations. This teased the future of the DODC to be much more villainous going forward, something that could easily tie into the MCU’s Young Avengers story.

MCU’s Young Avengers Setup Suggests Damage Control Could Be Their Enemy

The Emergence Of A Team Of Young Heroes Could Worry Damage Control Even Further

Cassie Lang, Kate Bishop, Ms Marvel, and America Chavez Assemble the Young Avengers in the MCU

If the MCU builds upon the establishment of the Department of Damage Control going forward, the organization could prove to be the Young Avengers’ enemy. Ms. Marvel is not the only young hero DODC has clashed with, as they also imprisoned Peter Parker briefly in Spider-Man: No Way Home. This proves that the DODC has a great deal of trouble allowing younger heroes to have free will, especially if they are aware of the hero’s real identity. If a team of young heroes begins to form, Damage Control will likely see this as a potentially chaotic situation.

The Young Avengers will likely be smaller in stakes and tone than mainline Avengers movies. Rather than having a universe-altering villain go up against the younger characters, Damage Control would be a fitting villain. Damage Control could be built upon as an organization that does not wish to allow younger, potentially more volatile heroes to have free rein, looking to quash their attempts to form a team. This would track with the DODC’s former MCU appearances while introducing a suitably smaller-scale, more family-friendly villain for a film that could be geared towards younger audiences to match its characters.

Why Making Damage Control The Young Avengers’ Villain Would Be A Perfect Flip Of Iron Man’s Dream

Iron Man’s Legacy Could Continue, Albeit In A Different Way, Via Damage Control Opposing The Young Avengers

Tony Stark aiming his Iron Man hand in Iron Man

Since Iron Man’s death in Avengers: Endgame, the MCU has thoroughly explored the character’s legacy in the franchise. This could continue via Damage Control and their opposition to the Young Avengers, proving the latter to fight for Iron Man’s MCU dream and fix Damage Control by moving it away from the organization’s dark path. Iron Man originally envisioned Damage Control as a benevolent force that shows the citizens of the MCU that the Avengers are there to help by cleaning up in their wake.

The company has become so dedicated to Iron Man’s initial dream that it has begun misusing its power to stamp down on young heroes…

That said, Damage Control’s motives have since been perverted by other corporate characters like Ms. Marvel‘s Sadie Deever. The company has become so dedicated to Iron Man’s initial dream that it has begun misusing its power to stamp down on young heroes which could cause the organization more trouble. If this continued in the MCU’s Young Avengers and Damage Control opposes a team that Iron Man created them to help in the future, it would perfectly flip Tony Stark’s MCU dream and continue exploring his legacy, aptly how the young team can course-correct it.

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