Marvel’s Phase Four Turned 1 Iconic Line From Original Avengers Film Useless, Made Fans Forget One of the Wildest Scenes in the MCU

The current MCU has failed to do justice to the Hulk and the promises set up in his initial appearances.

marvel phase four

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had many iconic moments that have shaped the franchise into what it is today. The first three phases did an exceptional job of building intriguing character arcs and interconnecting each story to a climactic event in the form of the last two Avengers films.

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/ The Hulk in The Avengers| Marvel Studios

The franchise has seen a significant drop in quality since Phase 4 and the underwhelming developments in recent years have not done justice to the brilliance of the first 3 phases. One of the frustrating ones is how they have reduced the Hulk into a sideshow compared to the incredible rage and brutality he showed in the first Avengers.

She-Hulk and Other MCU Phase 4 Projects Have Criminally Wasted the Hulk

Post Avengers: Endgame, underhwming projects like Sge-Hulk made Hulk a joke of a character | Marvel Studios

Mark Ruffalo‘s Hulk introduction in the first Avengers was loved by fans as it reminded them of the intensity and the rage with which the character is known. Additionally, Bruce Banner’s complex dynamic with his monstrous alter ego was what compelled audiences to the character, and The Avengers brought some elements of The Incredible Hulk which properly dealt with this dilemma.

The iconic Battle of New York in the first Avengers film had one of the greatest lines in the MCU, as Banner says, “That’s my secret Cap, I’m always angry” and transforms into the Hulk. The raging brutality and monstrosity of the Hulk helped in destroying the Chitauri. The scene is still etched into the minds of MCU fans.

Age of Ultron further continued Banner’s struggles with his monstrous side, and the MCU still kept the wild nature of the Hulk intact, especially with the Hulk vs Hulkbuster scene. However, from the point they fused the two personalities in Avengers: Endgame, the character has never been the same.

The character never felt interesting after that, with many fans hating on the decision to introduce Smart Hulk. In Phase 4, Hulk was reduced to an inconsequential side character in She-Hulk which is baffling, as he is an OG Avenger who showed a lot of promise in his first two appearances. The rage and fear that he evoked with his unpredictable demeanor in the first Avengers is now gone.

Ruffalo is reportedly returning as the character for the upcoming Avengers films. With She-Hulk‘s dismal reviews and the complaints about Hulk over the years, fans hope that the MCU brings back the version of the character they loved back in the day and integrates an interesting article for the character going forward.

Shawn Levy Promises Marvel Fans Will Go Crazy While Watching Deadpool & Wolverine

Deadpool & Wolverine is the only theatrical MCU release of the year | Marvel Studios

The upcoming MCU film Deadpool & Wolverine led by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman promises to save Marvel from their deteriorating reputation after recent flops. The film is set to have some great surprises and cameos that the marketing has thankfully not spoiled. These elements are indeed what fans have been talking about.

In an interview with SFX Magazine, director Shawn Levy teased that the film will have moments in the film where fans will lose their minds out of pure excitement and joy. The director also states that audiences won’t even be able to hear the dialogue as they will be constantly laughing throughout the film. That way, they will come back to watch it again to see what parts they missed. Levy said (via GamesRadar),

There are going to be moments that the audiences are going to love, but I’ll also say there are moments where they are going to lose their damn minds – like that times ten billion. Which is not a number, but I’m using it for hyperbole.

We went through this in the edit room, when I’m telling Ryan that every time we show a certain scene you can’t hear the three lines because the audience is still laughing at the line that came before. Every time we had this very brotherly debate. Ryan usually won. He’s like, ‘Great, they’ll have to see the movie again.

These are big words from the director and will definitely increase the hype of the film even more. The cast is currently on the promotional tour of their film and have been enjoying themselves fully.

It remains to be seen whether Deadpool & Wolverine lives up to the hype when it hits theatres on July 26, 2024.

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