Marvel’s Multiverse Explored: Unveiling Every Confirmed Realm

Since the beginning of the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, many alternate universes have been introduced into Marvel Studios’ live-action and animated stories.

Doctor Strange, Loki and Captain Carter across the MCU's multiverse

Marvel Studios has debuted many alternate universes since the beginning of the Multiverse Saga, expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe more than ever before. For the entirety of the MCU’s Infinity Saga, Marvel Studios only explored storylines in the primary universe of Earth-616. Following the Infinity Saga’s conclusion with Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home, however, the MCU began to branch out into new territories, expanding the franchise massively by focusing on the concept of the multiverse and alternate worlds. This has opened many doors for Marvel Studios, though is expected to come to an end with Avengers: Secret Wars.

The MCU’s Multiverse Saga kicked off in 2021 with Phase 4’s WandaVision, marking an evolution for Marvel Studios as the company began developing its own MCU-set TV shows for Disney+ alongside its feature films. Projects such as Loki, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and What If…? have explored the multiverse more than any other, but this is expected to grow even further in upcoming storylines. Exploration of the multiverse has introduced significant threats to the heroes of Earth-616, but has debuted some fantastic variant characters in the MCU, and showcased many vibrant alternate universes.

14. Earth-616

Earth-616 Is The MCU’s Main Reality

Original Avengers team fighting in New York in The Avengers

Earth-616 is the universe that the MCU’s main adventures have all been set in, and the one that was being explored long before the concept of the multiverse was introduced. This universe saw Steve Rogers become Captain America, Tony Stark become Iron Man, the Avengers form in 2012, the Guardians of the Galaxy form in 2014, and the Mad Titan Thanos wage war on the cosmos with the Infinity Stones. All the adventures in the Infinity Saga are set in Earth-616, though Endgame did branch out into alternate timelines.

The MCU’s Universe Designation Has Been Disputed

Although Marvel Studios has confirmed the MCU’s main continuity as Earth-616, this designation has been disputed. Before Multiverse of Madness confirmed this numbering, the consensus was that the MCU’s universe was Earth-199999, which kept it separate from Marvel Comics’ Earth-616. However, this designation still works, as the MCU is adapted from the comics, rather than taking place in an alternate universe.

13. Loki’s Many Alternate Timelines

Loki & The TVA Explored Many New Timelines

Time Keepers crafting the Sacred Timeline in Loki season1

Loki seasons 1 and 2 released on Disney+ in 2021 and 2023, respectively. Loki season 1 was the first MCU project to introduce the idea of the multiverse, as the titular God of Mischief found himself taken captive by the Time Variance Authority following his escape during the Avengers’ Time Heist in Endgame. This variant of Loki explored many new worlds with the TVA, and met a number of his own variants throughout Marvel Studios’ Loki series, and eventually even became the guardian of the multiverse himself.

Everyone Working At The TVA Is A Variant

Ravonna Renslayer as a TVA judge in Loki season 1

There are simply too many universes confirmed in Loki to count, as every single staff member working in the TVA is a variant from an alternate timeline. This means that every judge, Minute Man and analyst has roots in billions of alternate universes, created because of the choices they made. Some of these, such as Hunter C-20’s and Ravonna Renslayer’s, have been visited.

Loki’s Variants Come From Different Universes

Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, Alligator Loki and Classic Loki in the Void in Loki season 1

As well as meeting Sylvie, who came from a timeline where Loki had been born female, Loki also came into contact with many more of his variants in Loki season 1. Residing in the Void at the End of Time, Boastful Loki, Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Alligator Loki, President Loki, and many others, all come from alternate universes. Some of these alternate worlds have been explained, though many remain a mystery.

The TVA Interferes On Many Different Timelines

TVA screen showing branching timelines in Loki season 1

Throughout Loki seasons 1 and 2, the TVA have been shown to interfere in a huge number of realities that have no connection to Loki or his variants. When Nexus events – those that cause the Sacred Timeline to branch – are created, the TVA enter this new timeline and prune everything, sending all its matter to the Void. This occurs in 1985 Wisconsin, 2077’s Lamentis-1, and in France in the Middle Ages, just to name a few.

Sylvie Finds A New Home In Loki Season 2

Sylvie at McDonald's on a new timeline in Loki season 2

After killing He Who Remains and freeing the Sacred Timeline, Sylvie made her way to a new branched timeline, and made it her new home. She was found by Loki and Mobius working in a 1980s-themed McDonald’s in Loki season 2, but was convinced to join Loki’s cause when her new reality began to unravel. This was due to complications with the Temporal Loom, which Loki ended up solving, perhaps allowing Sylvie to return to her new timeline.

Loki’s Team Returned To Earth After The Temporal Loom’s Destruction

Loki and co. returned to the timeline in Loki season 2

After the Temporal Loom exploded in Loki season 2, episode 4, “Heart of the TVA,” Loki’s new family members were all sent back to their original timelines. Mobius becomes Don in 2022 Cleveland, Hunter B-15 becomes Verity Willis in 2012 New York, Casey becomes Frank Morris in 1962 Alcatraz, and Ouroboros becomes A.D. Doug in 1994 Pasadena. Loki eventually brings his friends back together and returns to the TVA after learning how to control his time-slipping.

12. Kang The Conqueror’s Alternate Universes

Kang The Conqueror Is A Huge Multiversal Threat

Kang the Conqueror getting angry in Ant-Man 3

After the Mad Titan, Thanos, was killed (twice) in Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios introduced Kang the Conqueror to the MCU as the new overarching villain of the Multiverse Saga. Initially portrayed by Jonathan Majors, Kang’s future in the MCU is uncertain following the actor’s 2023 arrest and conviction. However, Kang poses a big enough threat to the multiverse that it would make sense for him to be recast for a new actor, allowing the supervillain to explore even more realities in the MCU’s future.

He Who Remains Spoke About His Universe In Loki Season 1

He Who Remains smiling in the finale of Loki season 1

The first variant of Kang the Conqueror introduced to the MCU was He Who Remains, revealed as the TVA’s creator in Loki season 1’s finale. He Who Remains wanted Loki and Sylvie to replace him, and maintain the Sacred Timeline. He explained the history of his reality, and his discovery of the multiverse and the subsequent Multiversal War, in an effort to convince them, but was ultimately killed by Sylvie.

Kang The Conqueror Was Exiled To The Quantum Realm

Kang the Conqueror speaking to Scott and Cassie Lang in Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumani

Following He Who Remains’ debut in LokiAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania introduced Kang the Conqueror himself. Kang was revealed to have been exiled to the Quantum Realm by his other variants, but he built his own empire in the Quantum Realm with the help of Janet van Dyne. Not much is yet known about Kang the Conqueror’s original universe, but his violence seems to suggest he may have already destroyed it.

Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania Debuted The Council Of Kangs

Rama-Tut, Immortus and Centurion angry in the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania

As well as introducing Kang the Conqueror, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s mid-credits scene also introduced many of his variants, comprising the Council of Kangs. Though there were hundreds of variants introduced here, each coming from their own timeline, the Council of Kangs was led by Immortus, Rama-Tut and a version of the Scarlet Centurion. It’s possible that future MCU projects could explore these variants’ universes further.

Victor Timely’s Life Diverged After TVA Interference

Victor Timely presenting his loom in Loki season 2

Loki season 2 introduced yet another variant of Kang the Conqueror, 19th Century inventor Victor Timely, despite releasing in the wake of Jonathan Majors’ arrest. Ravonna Renslayer and Miss Minutes interfered in Victor Timely’s timeline when he was young, gifting him a TVA guidebook that allowed him to advance his inventions. This eventually brought him to the TVA to help solve the problem with the Temporal Loom, though this ultimately turned out to be impossible.

11. Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Universe

Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker Became Spider-Man In 2002

Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker coming through a portal in Spider-Man No Way Home

Tobey Maguire debuted as Peter Parker in Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie back in 2002, produced by Sony Pictures. In his subsequent trilogy, Maguire’s Spider-Man fought the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman and Venom, while developing his relationship with Mary Jane Watson. 14 years after after 2007’s Spider-Man 3 ended his story, Tobey Maguire returned in the MCU proper, proving that his Spider-Man universe is now a part of the MCU’s multiverse.

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man & His Villains Returned In The MCU’s Phase 4

Phase 4’s Spider-Man: No Way Home saw Peter Parker approach Doctor Strange in the hopes of making the world forget him. However, this spell was botched, and those who knew Peter Parker from other realities were pulled into the MCU’s Earth-616, including Spider-Man’s own variants. Tobey Maguire’s wall-crawler was one of these, reprising his role many years after his final adventure in 2007, but providing advice to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man that will prove crucial to his future adventures.

10. Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Universe

Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker Became Spider-Man In 2013

Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker coming through a portal in Spider-Man No Way Home

Following Tobey Maguire’s spin as Marvel Comics’ iconic wall-crawler, Andrew Garfield assumed the role for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, and its 2014 sequel. Despite releasing in 2012, Garfield’s Peter Parker became Spider-Man in 2013, and went on to battle the Lizard, Electro and Rhino. Unfortunately, this version of Peter Parker also tragically lost his love, Gwen Stacy, which had a huge impact on his future career as Spider-Man, as detailed with his return in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man & His Villains Returned In The MCU’s Phase 4

As well as Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and his villains returning in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker also joined the MCU in Phase 4, cementing the Amazing Spider-Man universe as part of the MCU’s multiverse. Doctor Strange’s spell also saw both Maguire and Garfield’s enemies come into the MCU, but this provided the opportunity to finally cure them of their inflictions before everyone was sent back home.

9. Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Tom Hardy’s Venom Appeared In Spider-Man: No Way Home

Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man No Way Home

More recently, Sony Pictures has been developing a new franchise focused on Spider-Man’s villains from Marvel Comics, dubbed Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Venom, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Morbius and Madame Web have all introduced characters to this franchise, while Venom: The Last Dance and Kraven the Hunter are on the way in 2024. Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock, a.k.a. Venom, is the cornerstone of the SSU, and his appearance in the mid-credits scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home proves the SSU and MCU are connected.

More Crossovers Between The MCU & Sony’s Spider-Man Universe May Have Been Set Up

While Tom Hardy’s Venom didn’t play an actual role in Spider-Man: No Way Home, his appearance could tease more crossovers between the two franchises. The relationship between Sony and Marvel Studios is still strong, and new projects featuring Tom Holland’s Spider-Man are being developed for the MCU. There has also been talk of Holland’s Spider-Man appearing in the SSU, though this is yet to be seen.

8. Earth-838

Earth-838 Is Very Similar To The MCU’s Main Reality

Doctor Strange and America Chavez in Earth-838 in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

By far, the project that has explored the multiverse more than any other live-action MCU installment has been Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In total, Multiverse of Madness confirmed almost 100 alternate universes, but Earth-838 was the most explored of all. Doctor Strange and America Chavez found themselves in Earth-838 after their universe-hopping montage. Earth-838 is very similar to Earth-616, though there is more greenery and nature, red means go, and pizza balls are a thing.

Earth-838 Was Protected By The Illuminati

Perhaps the biggest difference between Earth-616 and Earth-838 is the existence of the Illuminati on the latter. This superhero team comprises the leaders of several separate teams, including Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, Professor X of the X-Men, Captain Carter of the Avengers, Black Bolt of the Inhumans, Baron Mordo, the Sorcerer Supreme, and Captain Marvel, Protector of the Cosmos. Earth-616’s Illuminati is yet to form, but could come together soon.

7. Utopian Parallel

The Utopian Parallel Was America Chavez’s Home Reality

America Chavez playing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

America Chavez standing on the Memory Lane platform on Earth-838 gifted viewers some insight into her own history, and her childhood in the Utopian Parallel. In Marvel Comics, the Utopian Parallel is a dimension set outside the multiverse, which explains how there is only one America Chavez in Multiverse of Madness. The emergence of Chavez’s universe-hopping ability thrust both of her mothers and herself out of the Utopian Parallel, beginning her journey that would take her to Doctor Strange.

America Chavez Has Visited Over 73 Universes Since Leaving The Utopian Parallel

After inadvertently leaving the Utopian Parallel, America Chavez confirmed in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that she had traveled to at least 73 alternate universes. It’s unclear which realities these are, as she doesn’t go into much detail, but does joke about how food is free on most of them. This ultimately means there are many more alternate universes that the MCU hasn’t even scratched the surface of exploring.

6. Defender Strange’s Universe

Not Much Is Known About Defender Strange’s Universe

Defender Strange using magic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Defender Strange is the variant of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Master of the Mystic Arts who is first seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ opening moments. Little is known about his home universe, as he is introduced running through the Gap Junction, the space between realities, with America Chavez, hoping to acquire the Book of Vishanti. It’s possible Defender Strange’s universe is Spanish-speaking, as he is shown to be fluent. Doctor Strange later dream-walks into Defender Strange’s corpse in Earth-616.

Defender Strange Almost Betrayed America Chavez In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

When America Chavez first met Earth-616’s Doctor Strange, her desire to escape made complete sense, as the previous variant of Doctor Strange she had met wanted to kill her and steal her power for himself. Defender Strange came close to stripping America of her remarkable abilities, but was killed by the Scarlet Witch-controlled demon in the Gap Junction. This made his corpse available for Doctor Strange’s use later on.

5. Sinister Strange’s Universe

Sinister Strange’s Universe Was Ravaged By An Incursion

Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer in Sinister Strange's universe in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

After coming face-to-face with the Scarlet Witch on Earth-838, Doctor Strange and Earth-838’s Christine Palmer were thrust into a new universe, with no means of escape. This reality was in the middle of being ravaged by an incursion event, with buildings toppling, cars floating midair, strange lights zooming past, and floods occurring far inland. The center of this incursion was this universe’s Sanctum Sanctorum, which housed the villainous Sinister Strange, a Doctor Strange variant who had traveled the multiverse killing his other selves.

Sinister Strange’s Universe Could Be A Sign Of Things To Come

Incursions have become a real threat in the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, particularly since every excursion into the multiverse so far has been full of trouble, turmoil and devastation. This means that viewers could soon witness Earth-616 suffer the same fate as Sinister Strange’s reality, perhaps in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Secret Wars, which may mark the multiverse’s destruction, if it takes inspiration from Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars event.

Earth 838’s Reed Richards explained incursions to be events that occur “when the boundary between two universes erodes, and they collide, destroying one or both entirely.”

4. Doctor Strange & America Chavez’s Multiverse Journey

Doctor Strange & America Chavez Traveled Through 19 Confirmed Universes

America Chavez activating her universe hopping power in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Before finding themselves in Earth-838, Doctor Strange and America Chavez uncontrollably fall through 19 alternate universes, some of which are completely outlandish. This montage introduced worlds made of paint, taken over by HYDRA, run by insects or drones, inspired by comic book art, inhabited by dinosaurs and comprised fully of skeletons, among many others. This was a vibrant sequence that showed the incredible potential of exploring the multiverse, so hopefully some of these worlds, and others, will be examined in the future.

3. The Marvels’ X-Men Universe

Monica Rambeau Became Stuck In A New Reality At The End Of The Marvels

Beast at the end of The Marvels

2023’s The Marvels was primarily set in Earth-616, as Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan teamed up to take on Kree villain Dar-Benn. However, when Dar-Benn acquired both Quantum Bands, she inadvertently tore a hole in the fabric of reality, which Monica Rambeau, empowered as Photon, entered to seal from the other side. This unfortunately trapped her in a new universe, but one inhabited by the X-Men, including Kelsey Grammer’s Beast and Lashana Lynch’s Binary, a variant of Rambeau’s deceased mother.

Monica Rambeau’s New Universe Will Be Revisited In The MCU

Of course, Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau will need to return to the MCU’s main timeline at some point. She is one of the franchise’s most exciting new heroes, so The Marvels’ X-Men universe will be revisited in the future, though it’s unclear when. This could debut even more X-Men variants in the MCU, which is hugely exciting, as Marvel Studios is building towards the X-Men’s official MCU debut.

2. What If…?’s Many New Realities

What If…? Has Introduced Many Variant Characters & Alternate Worlds

The Watcher in space in What If...?

While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness explored more live-action universes than any other project, Marvel Studios’ What If…? series has had this honor in animation. Each episode of What If…? centers on a different alternate reality, where pivotal decisions in the MCU’s history had been taken very differently. Jeffrey Wright’s Watcher narrates these stories, and is set to continue to in the MCU’s upcoming What If…? season 3, which will include variants of Sam Wilson, Monica Rambeau, Bucky Barnes and Alexei Shostakov’s Red Guardian.

Peggy Carter Became A Super Soldier In A New Universe

Captain Carter with shield in What If...? season 1

What If…? season 1’s premiere episode took audiences back to the time period of Captain America: The First Avenger. However, instead of Steve Rogers getting the super soldier serum, Peggy Carter received it, becoming Captain Carter, the world’s first Avenger. Carter and Rogers’ HYDRA Stomper fought the Red Skull and the interdimensional creature he’d summoned, though Carter became lost in the Red Skull’s portal, and exited decades later. Captain Carter later battles the HYDRA Stomper in What If…? season 2, though Rogers ultimately sacrifices himself to destroy the Red Room.

T’Challa’s Star-Lord Protected A Different Reality

T'Challa's Star Lord in What If...? season 1

On another new world in What If…? season 1, a young T’Challa was abducted from Earth in 1988 instead of Peter Quill. This meant that the late Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa became Star-Lord instead, and actually had a much more positive impact on the galaxy. T’Challa’s Star-Lord transformed the Ravagers into a force for good, and even convinced Thanos to abandon his Infinity Stone conquest, though later returned to Wakanda to reunite with his real family.

Hank Pym Killed The Avengers Candidates

Hank Pym as evil Yellowjacket in What If...? season 1

This new universe in What If…? season 1 featured Hope van Dyne as a former SHIELD agent who had been killed in battle. This devolved her father, Hank Pym, into a villain who sought vengeance on SHIELD for his daughter’s death. Operating as the Yellowjacket, Hank Pym killed notable Avengers candidates Tony Stark’s Iron Man, Bruce Banner’s Hulk, Thor, Clint Barton’s Hawkeye and Natasha Romanoff’s Black Widow, but Nick Fury still brought together a team of Avengers for future battles, proving how unstoppable the superhero team is.

Doctor Strange Supreme Destroyed His Home Reality

Strange Supreme destroying his world in What If...? season 1

What If…? season 1, episode 4, was one of the most emotional of the series, as a variant of Doctor Strange, who had managed to successfully enter a relationship with Christine Palmer, unfortunately lost his love during a car accident. Strange soon found out that Christine’s death is an Absolute Point, meaning it can’t be broken, but his research into how to potentially reverse an Absolute Point corrupts him completely. He eventually succeeds, but reversing Christine’s death leads to the destruction of his entire reality.

Marvel Zombies Reality Will Be Revisited In The MCU

Zombie Iron Man in What If...? season 1

What If…?’s adaptation of Marvel Comics’ Marvel Zombies storyline focused on an alternate Earth that had seen its society fall due to a zombie virus outbreak. Janet van Dyne brought this virus back with her from the Quantum Realm during the time of Ant-Man and the Wasp, and this led to many notable heroes being transformed. What sets these zombies apart, however, is that they can still use their superhuman abilities, making them, particularly the Scarlet Witch, even more terrifying. This reality will be explored further in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Marvel Zombies series.

Killmonger Saved Tony Stark In A New Universe

Killmonger saving Tony Stark in What If...? season 1

In a reality where Killmonger saved Tony Stark before he was taken captive by the Ten Rings, the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist never became Iron Man. Instead, Killmonger manipulated Stark to create battle-ready drones, which he used to stage an attack on Wakanda after killing his cousin, T’Challa’s Black Panther. Killmonger becomes the Black Panther, but without anyone to oppose him, making him even more formidable than his Earth-616 counterpart.

Thor Almost Destroyed The World With A Party

Thor and Jane Foster partying in What If...? season 1

This fun variant of Thor actually posed a significant threat to the safety of the Earth, as Thor’s monumental party in What If…? season 1 had the potential to destroy the planet. This version of the Asgardian God of Thunder was raised as a spoiled only child, as Loki was left with the Frost Giants, so he never had his brother to challenge and soften him. Luckily, however, Jane Foster managed to accomplish this instead, and Thor’s own actions saved the day after an epic battle against Captain Marvel.

Ultron Claimed The Infinity Stones In His Home Reality

Infinity Ultron as the main villain in What If...? season 1

The primary threat in What If…? season 1 was Infinity Ultron, a version of Avengers: Age of Ultron’s villain who successfully uploaded his consciousness into Vision’s body, and later claimed all six Infinity Stones after swiftly killing Thanos. Ultron set out to eradicate life in the universe, and after his mission was complete, he set his sights on destroying all life across the multiverse. This brought him into battle with the Watcher and the Guardians of the Multiverse, who ultimately defeated the villain.

The Guardians of the Multiverse consists of variants from throughout What If…? season 1, including Captain Carter, Doctor Strange Supreme, Party Thor, Gamora, Killmonger’s Black Panther, T’Challa’s Star-Lord and Black Widow.

Tony Stark Became The Champion Of Sakaar

Tony Stark in Sakaar armor in What If...? season 2

Tony Stark almost didn’t make it back through the portal in The Avengers, and What If…? season 2 detailed what would have happened if he hadn’t. Stark found himself on Sakaar, where a lot of lost things end up, challenging the Grandmaster for rule of Sakaar while Gamora had been sent by Thanos to kill Stark. The Grandmaster was quickly defeated, with Valkyrie becoming King of Sakaar, while Tony Stark and Gamora team up to confront Thanos and forge their own path.

Nebula Worked For The Nova Corps

Nebula with the Nova Corps in What If...? season 2

On a dark alternate Xandar that had been sheltered from Ronan the Accuser in a world far different from Earth-616, Nebula had become a member of the Nova Corps. Nebula soon realizes her own boss, Nova Prime, is corrupt, and plans to give up Xandar to Ronan. This prompts her to build a team of her own, comprising Howard the Duck, Groot, Miek and Korg, and kit herself out with Yondu’s fin and Yaka arrow, to take on Nova Prime and destroy Ronan, bringing peace back to a free Xandar.

Ego & Peter Quill Wreaked Havoc On Earth

Young Peter Quill as a villain in What If...? season 2

In Earth-616, Yondu and the Ravagers kept Peter Quill, but What If…? season 2 saw him deliver the child to his father, the Celestial Ego. This accelerates Ego’s expansion plan, and Peter Quill’s attack on Earth forces a group of unlikely heroes to come together as the Avengers of 1988. This team consists of six superpowered individuals from the time, brought together by Peggy Carter and Howard Stark of SHIELD. By the end of this adventure, 1988’s Avengers team decides to remain together and embark on new missions, so they could return in the MCU’s future.

Happy Hogan Became A Hulk At Christmas

Happy Hogan's Freak in What If...? season 2

In a Christmas-themed episode of What If…? season 2, Happy Hogan tries to protect Avengers Tower from Justin Hammer and his goons, but inadvertently injects the Hulk’s blood into his own system. This transforms him into Freak, a Hulk-like being who eventually manages to use his newfound strength to take down Hammer. This gave Jon Favreau a more substantive role than just the supporting Happy Hogan from the live-action MCU, and would be great to see revived.

Kahhori Became A Powerful New MCU Hero

Kahhori getting power in What If...? season 2

What If…? season 2 introduced Kahhori, an MCU original superhero who became empowered by the Tesseract after falling through a portal into another dimension created by the Space Stone. Kahhori is an incredibly powerful new hero who quickly became the strongest of all her new tribespeople, all of which had also received gifts from the Tesseract. It would be fantastic to see Kahhori return in What If…? season 3, or even in live-action, particularly after What If…? season 2’s finale.

Kahhori in What If...? with the Avengers in the MCU


Where Marvel’s First Original Superhero Could Return In The MCU

Marvel Studios’ What If…? season 2 debuted an original MCU superhero, who could make their next appearance in a live-action MCU adventure.

Hela Transformed Into A Hero In A New Reality

Hela as a hero in What If...? season 2

Instead of banishing Thor from Asgard, this universe’s Odin exiled Hela, who soon met Xu Wenwu, the owner of the Ten Rings. After escaping from Wenwu, Hela finds herself in Ta Lo, where she is trained in martial arts, and gradually transforms into a hero. This means that, when she eventually sports her crown, she becomes a bona fide superhero, prompting Odin to relinquish Asgard’s throne to her, and convincing Xu Wenwu to join her cause to bring peace to the Nine Realms.

Marvel’s 1602 Universe Marked The Return Of Captain Carter

Wanda Merlin in 1602 in What If...? season 2

What If…? season 2 featured a universe in the midst of an incursion, as Steve Rogers was thrown into an alternate timeline after battling Thanos during the time of Avengers: Infinity War. Captain Carter helped Wanda Merlin and Sir Nicholas Fury find the “forerunner”, Rogers, and eventually manages to return him to his own time and prevent the incursion. This episode was inspired by Marvel Comics’ Marvel 1602 series, though made several changes to some notable heroes and villains.

Doctor Strange Supreme Captured Characters From Many Alternate Realities

Strange Supreme as a villain in What If...? season 2

What If…? season 2’s finale managed to confirm dozens of alternate realities in one go, as Doctor Strange Supreme was shown to have collected variant villains from across the universe. These variants acted as food for the Forge, a contraption of Strange’s own design which could resurrect his dead universe from What If…? season 1, and Christine Palmer with it. This episode saw Captain Carter and Kahhori team up to battle Strange Supreme and his villainous captives, with each having their abilities enhanced.

1. Deadpool & Wolverine Will Explore Fox’s X-Men Universe

Deadpool Will Bridge The Gap Between Fox’s X-Men Universe & The MCU

Deadpool with Wolverine in Deadpool & Wolverine's first official image

Marvel Studios’ upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine isn’t set to release until July 2024, but the highly-anticipated project has already been confirmed to be bringing at least one other alternate universe into the MCU: Fox’s X-Men Universe. Fox’s X-Men franchise ran between 2000’s X-Men and 2020’s The New MutantsRyan Reynolds’ Deadpool will be making the move from Fox’s X-Men Universe to the MCU in Deadpool & Wolverine, which will finally introduce the idea of the X-Men in the MCU.

Not only will Deadpool & Wolverine include the titular characters of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, but it’s also possible more X-Men franchise stars could cameo. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have been rumored, as have the original members of the X-Men team, Famke Janssen, James Marsden and Halle Berry. Aaron Stanford’s Pyro has been confirmed, so many more X-Men members could also appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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