Marvel Theory: Pedro Pascal’s Fantastic Four Being the Timeline of a Forgotten 90’s Animated Series Breaks an MCU Curse That Brings X-Men ’97 to Live Action

Fantastic Four in 2025, X-Men after that?

pedro pascal, fantastic four, x-men 97

Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot has rightly generated hype considering the kind of updates that have come out thus far. While the characters were previously featured in the 20th Century Fox series, perhaps the most accurate depiction from the comics happened in 1994’s Fantastic Four: The Animated Series, as it featured multiple narratives taken straight from various traditional DC arcs.

The titular theory, which suggests that the upcoming movie might as well feature the same characters from the timeline seen in the animated offering makes sense on various fronts. Furthermore, it will also pave the way for the potential inclusion of the X-Men ‘97 characters in a future live-action movie.

Raplh Ineson is set to portray the role of Galactus in Fantastic Four

That in itself appears to be something the MCU is inadvertently heading towards, considering the kind of developments that have happened via the various TV series that Marvel has released in recent years.

Can 2025’s Fantastic Four feature the superheroes from 1994 Animation?

The new Fantastic Four cast.

2025’s Fantastic Four is confirmed to have Galactus as its big villain, set to be played by Ralph Ineson, and rumored to evolve into the MCU’s next big baddie. It also includes H.E.R.B.I.E., Fantastic Four’s robot ally who was seen ambling around in the first image released on Valentine’s Day.

It is also expected to be set up on an alternate Earth, one which does not include the superheroes seen in Marvel thus far, or at least feature different versions of them, even if they do not end up being shown in the movie itself. All of those elements are already well and truly present in the 1994 Animation series arc, which also included multiple cameos from other superheroes including Iron Man and Hulk.

This means that rather than setting up the movie in a completely new universe, the creators have an opportunity to simply inculcate the same narrative in the live-action. Considering the sheer semantics of bringing forth an altogether new narrative which will need to be set up right from the start, the MCU can easily give this universe its live-action debut, via 2025’s Fantastic Four.

That not only follows the recent trend of combining narratives across TV series with movies, but will also set up a potential live-action iteration of X-Men ‘97, another sureshot treat for fans.

The MCU will only be making its job easier by inculcated 1994 Fantastic Four via live-action

There are several ways in which TV series have grown more important in the overall MCU. Jonathan Major’s Kang was introduced via Loki, and would have had a huge future had it not been for the accusations against the actor. Scarlet Witch went villainy in The Multiverse of Madness after the events of WandaVision.

However, not too many characters from animated narrations have made it to live-action, barring perhaps Peggy Carter’s Captain America who was in some ways introduced first in What If…?, although there was no real connection between the two narratives.

This trend, in addition to the fact that the X-Men ‘97 proved to be a major hit, and there is a clear opportunity for Marvel to find further success by bringing them to live-action, means that such a move with respect to Fantastic Four makes perfect sense. X-Men ‘97 in itself was not only perfectly delivered, its characters also surely deserve a live-action future, something which is certain to delight fans.

There is absolutely no reason for Marvel to continue this unsaid demarcation, and not bring its successful animated offerings to live-action, considering the formulae are tried and tested. The process can start off with Fantastic Four, and can continue with the X-Men, which will also effectively take away the pressure that exists around the franchise.

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