Marvel Fans Hoping For Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Movie May Face Another Disappointment Even After Latest Switch of Power in Sony

Marvel fans continue to be disappointed as there is no update on Andrew Garfield’s TASM 3.

andrew garfield's spider-man

Andrew Garfield is one of the best film stars of this generation, who has always captivated his audience. Throughout his career, his work has been recognized and praised, as he consistently and dedicatedly displayed his passion for acting by taking on different roles in various genres of films. He first caught the attention of the public when he did a phenomenal job in David Fincher’s The Social Network.

Andrew Garfield brought a lot of emotionality to the character of Peter Parker

Though Garfield has a ton of successful films in his stellar career, he is arguably best known for his portrayal of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man duology. His commitment to the role and his return in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: No Way Home made fans launch a campaign to give the actor his much-needed third sequel to complete his trilogy. However, things continue to look grim, as even the change in Sony’s power hierarchy gives them no hope.

Hope For Andrew Garfield’s TASM 3 Remains Unchanged Despite Sony’s Change in Power Dynamics

After Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy came to an end, a brand new franchise of the Web-head was announced, featuring Andrew Garfield in the titular role. The plot told the classic origin story of the superhero and how he was inspired to save the day by fighting thugs and supervillains. The duology created a buzz all over the world.

Andrew Garfield bewitched his viewers with his outstanding portrayal of the Web-head

Sadly, the franchise received a ton of mixed reviews from its viewers, and soon, he was replaced by Tom Holland. Fans of Garfield were excited when he made his return in the titular role in Holland’s No Way Home. The actor’s return was overwhelmingly loved by the fans, and what followed was the teases of his much-anticipated sequel to complete his trilogy.

However, things look grim despite the recent change in the power dynamics of Sony. As per reports from THR, Amazon’s Silk: Spider Society, produced by Sony Pictures Television, is no longer moving forward. The sources close to them state that Sony TV owned the rights to a “fraction of the Marvel universe that features more than 900 characters.”

A still from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Angela Kang, the former showrunner of The Walking Dead, also departed with the company. Merely two days later, the decision to scrap the show was announced by Amazon. On the other hand, Nicolas Cage’s Noir will continue, and they will keep the room open for shows based on the Sony Pictures universe of Marvel Characters.

As things stand, the potential news of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 looks grim because Phil Lord and Chris Miller were “handed control of the studio’s Marvel slate,” when joined Sony in April 2019, and news or scoops of a potential sequel would’ve been all over the internet

Can Fans Expect Andrew Garfield’s Much-Deserved Spider-Man Trilogy?

The news of a potential sequel for the 99 Homes actor looks low, because as things stand with Sony, who have the rights to the Web-slinger, a potential sequel looks impossible. Lord and Miller are following in the footsteps of James Gunn and Peter Safran as they want to build a much bigger franchise for all of their characters.

Andrew Garfield's TASM 3's possibility looks quite grim despite fan support

Even though the actor’s return in 2021 was met with overwhelming positivity by the fans, his actions reminded them how he was best out of the three variants of the same hero. Moreover, a potential could be seen in how he could fight Venom if a sequel takes place, as he changed after the death of Gwen Stacy.

BLURAYANGEL (@blurayangel) shared this news on X, how Lord and Miller can win the fans’ vote of approval as they can green-light Garfield’s TASM 3 for Sony and Tobey Maguire’s 4th film as the Web-head.

Nevertheless, it is too early for the fans to hope for a third film, as it has been too long, and fans have been teased too many times on how a third film can take place.

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