“Make the designs work, but don’t change them too much”: Spider-Man ’98 Must Follow a Golden Rule X-Men ’97 Created for Animated Revivals

This golden rule is a MUST-FOLLOW if ‘Spider-Man ’98’ gets greenlit!

Marvel fans seem to be in for something truly great considering how, after X-Men: The Animated Series recently got its blockbuster sequel series, it seems now is the turn for the Spider-Man animated series to get its succeeding show. However, that is yet to be officially greenlit, with only cameos supporting fans’ hope of getting a subsequent series.

Spider-Man. (1994-1998) | Credit: Fox Kids Network.

Nonetheless, with the ex-showrunner of the latest fan-favorite sequel series to The Animated Series (i.e. Beau DeMayo) confirming just which Spidey it was who made a cameo in X-Men ’97, the stakes are high and fans’ heartiest expectations could be met. In the case of that happening, the sequel web-slinger series needs to follow ’97‘s golden rule for animated revivals.

Warning: X-Men ’97 Spoilers Ahead! Read at your own risk!

Spider-Man ’98 Happening More Probable After Beau DeMayo’s Statement

Just like how X-Men: The Animated Series was unexpectedly (and devastatingly) canceled after being on air for five seasons until 1997, 1994’s Spider-Man animated series faced the same fate as it got canceled after five seasons in January 1998, without fans even being able to figure out if the web-slinger indeed ends up finding his MJ.

X-Men: The Animated Series. | Credit: Disney+.

However, it seems fans just might end up seeing more of Christopher Daniel Barnes‘ Peter Parker after all (he voiced the character in the 1994 series, for those who may not know), considering how Beau DeMayo, the ex-showrunner of X-Men ’97, recently admitted how it was indeed the web-slinger from the ’90s animated series who appeared in the cameo in his latest show.

This happened when a fan (@eddie_roche) asked the mastermind on X: “Is the Spidey here Christopher Daniel Barnes’ Spidey from the 94 series? Or would answering that be a spoiler?” To this, DeMayo had the most direct response as he wrote from his X handle @BeauDeMayo: It is indeed that Spider-Man.

The web-slinger in a cameo in Beau DeMayo's sequel X-Men series. | Credit: Disney+.

Needless to say, this cameo was most certainly a visually-driven Easter egg that no one was expecting but is grateful to have gotten nonetheless (just like @Spidey_pte on X). Moreover, since DeMayo has himself confirmed that it was indeed Barnes’ web-slinger, there is now a higher chance for the ’94 series to get its revival show — just like ’97.

All of this being said, assuming that this does end up happening, the sequel series to 1994’s show on Peter Parker needs to follow a golden rule: Stick to old animation, just like the sequel series to X-Men: The Animated Series did.

Spider-Man ’98 Needs to Follow This One Golden Rule Like X-Men ’97

X-Men '97. | Credit: Disney+.

As fans already know, the sequel show for X-Men: The Animated Series became an immediate success with its release, and a major reason behind this was not only because it continued the storyline of the original series from the ’90s but also because it had traces of the original series’ animation in it as well; getting fans on a nostalgic mystery ride.

This was because, as director Jake Castorena confirmed in an interview with Discussing Film, they used the designs from the original series. And while they did get creative with it and modernized it a bit, they didn’t exactly change it, leading to a “fresh but familiar” take that would deliver the ultimate connected experience fans wanted all along.

A still from Peter Parker's animated series. | Credit: Fox Kids Network.

As Castorena explained how they managed to make it “producible and more manageable in this day and age” during the interview: Make the designs work, but don’t change them too much. It all came down to one of the phrases that I know got me the job: “Fresh but familiar.” It’s not the same show verbatim, it’s got to be the show you remember but in 4K. It was taking that fundamental rule of thought and asking, “What does that look like?”

Needless to say, that is an incredible take on how to bring back those old shows with a fresh take that doesn’t leave out the essence of those original shows.

That being said, this golden rule is one that needs to be stuck to by whoever helms Spider-Man ’98 if they wish to preserve the animation style, theme, and vibes of the original series from 1994 — assuming that the sequel series does get greenlit and ends up happening.

Until then, you can stream X-Men ’97 and Spider-Man (animated series) on Disney+.

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