Kevin Feige May be Saving Marvel by Setting up the Darkest, Bloodiest MCU World War Arc With Tons of Deaths after Secret Wars – Theory

After Avengers: Secret Wars, Earth might find itself radically changed by the past few Phases of the MCU, which could prompt global conflict.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading towards Secret Wars, a crossover that is sure to bring in a slew of characters from all over the Marvel Multiverse into the film. While little is confirmed about the film, rumors have been circulating that the film might bring in veteran and new actors into the MCU to reprise their roles from Marvel movies past, whether they were a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not.

Kang the Conqueror was plotted to be the big bad in the upcoming Avengers 5 and Secret Wars || Marvel Studios

While the Avengers will face Kang (as far as we know) in Avengers: Secret Wars, what comes after is completely up for speculation. However, there are certain indications in the current phases that could point towards what is coming post-Secret Wars, and it could set up one of Marvel’s bloodiest storylines to date, pitting the Avengers against former allies, and turning one of the most influential heroes of the franchise into a villain.

In the wake of Avengers: Secret Wars, we could see the Siege storyline play in the MCU

New Asgard in Thor: Love and Thunder
In the comics, the Siege storyline relies heavily on Loki manipulating Norman Osborn into invading Asgard with the Dark Avengers. However, given that the story that Loki has had in the MCU is much different than what the comics have been saying, and the fact that Dark Avengers and Norman Orsborn might not exist in the MCU, The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of the story might have borrowed something from similar storylines.

To begin with, there are other super-powered nations that have come in the public preview and have already been labeled as nuisance. Several countries have already tried to make moves against Wakanda, as seen in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. New Asgard has also become a hub of alien activity at a time when they are not very welcome on the planet, as seen in the Secret Invasion show.

This could mean that international sentiment could turn against these nations, which could cue government-sponsored superheroes, like the Thunderbolts and any other teams that might pop up down the line, to find themselves in conflict with the Avengers as the superhuman arms race akin to the second world war breaks out as more and more supers stray from American interests.

This storyline could also borrow bits and pieces from World War Hulk

The Hulk
The Hulk will probably not get any solo films in the near future. Just like certain events of the Planet Hulk storyline adapted as a part of Thor: Ragnarok. The story that immediately followed this, World War Hulk, could be a storyline that is adapted after the MCU is done with Kang and the Multiverse Saga.

The amount of Hulks has been increasing in the MCU. Thunderbolt Ross will probably get his time to shine as Red Hulk in Captain America: Brave New World. She-Hulk and Skaar have also been introduced as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. World War Hulk was originally Hulk’s roaring rampage of revenge against the Illuminati, who he held responsible for the murder of his wife and child. However, in the MCU’s iteration of the story, the Hulk could be housed in one of the countries of interest (just like Bucky Barnes was), which could put that nation in conflict with the United States.

This version of the World War Hulk storyline could be a manhunt for Hulk and his son in a bid to create a new race of super-soldiers, not that they know that the Hulk can reproduce, something that was previously established to be impossible. This could be beneficial for the United States, as more and more countries produce standing armies with super-human abilities.

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