Joseph Quinn’s Human Torch Ignites Marvel Fans in Fantastic Four Poster

Marvel Studios has released a new official look at The Fantastic Four, with a character poster for Joseph Quinn’s Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch.

Chris Evans' Human Torch flying in Fantastic Four movie

The first look at The Fantastic Four‘s Johnny Storm in Human Torch form has been released. After a long process, The Fantastic Four‘s cast has been found. Stranger Things‘ Joseph Quinn will give life to Johnny Storm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. While filming has yet to start, fans can now get a good look at the new Human Torch in an exciting official poster.

On Twitter, Marvel Studios shared an official The Fantastic Four poster showing Joseph Quinn’s Human Torch to celebrate the special date — 4/4.

The poster shows the Human Torch with the same vintage-style Fantastic Four suit that the characters had on when Marvel revealed the movie’s cast, cementing that those are the suits the team will have in the film. A cityscape can be seen in the background, and it looks like a futuristic setting could be in play for the film, which contrasts the idea that The Fantastic Four‘s story will be set in the 1960s.

How The MCU’s Human Torch Compares To Chris Evans And Michael B Jordan’s Versions

Marvel Studios’ Johnny Storm Shows A Classic Detail In The Art

Johnny Storm flaming on as the Human Torch in Marvel Comics

Before Quinn was cast as Marvel Studios’ Johnny Storm, there were two movie versions of the Human Torch. MCU Captain America star Chris Evans gave life to the character in two Fantastic Four movies in the early 2000s. Then came Michael B. Jordan’s version of Johnny Storm in the disastrous reboot movie of the team directed by Josh Trank.

As The Fantastic Four has yet to begin filming, there is no way to compare Quinn’s performance as the Human Torch to that of Evans and Jordan. However, there are already some interesting differences between the characters visually, with Marvel Studios having released official The Fantastic Four concept art to announce the movie’s cast, and that, allied to the new Human Torch poster, painting a picture of what the MCU’s Johnny Storm will look like.

The first major difference between the three versions of the Human Torch comes from their suits. Evans wore a sleek classic blue Fantastic Four jumpsuit. Jordan had a more modern astronaut-like technological suit. Now, The Fantastic Four will have Quinn’s Human Torch and the rest of the team in retro-style outfits. Adding to that feel, the Human Torch poster shows Quinn’s character has the lines the hero classically had in the comics all over his body when he enters the Human Torch state, differing The Fantastic Four’s Johnny from the others.

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