It: Chapter 3 Looks A Lot More Likely After New Pennywise Update


Though there has been no confirmation of It: Chapter 3, a recent update surrounding the franchise’s new television series, Welcome to Derry, hints that Bill Skarsgård could return for a potential third installment in the horror film series. Since It: Chapter Two was released in 2019, not much has been noted about continuing the franchise, at least in movie form. The upcoming Welcome to Derry showon the other hand, was first announced in 2022 and is slated for release in 2025. The HBO Max series will follow the awakening of the evil clown Pennywise during the 1960s in Derry, Maine.

While Welcome to Derry is already an exciting endeavor for It fans, a recent update makes the series even better. It was reported by Deadline that Bill Skarsgård, who previously played Pennywise in 2017’s It and It: Chapter Two, will reprise his role in Welcome to Derry. Notably, Skarsgård will also take on the role of executive producer. Overall, Skarsgård’s return as Pennywise in Welcome to Derry is exciting because it confirms that Welcome to Derry is a solid part of the bigger film franchise, but more than that, it insinuates that It is far from being over.

Bill Skarsgård’s Return As Pennywise In Welcome To Derry Makes It: Chapter 3 Likely

Skarsgård is not done with Pennywise yet

A Closeup of Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise in It 2017

Bill Skarsgård’s return as Pennywise says a lot about the It franchise. First and foremost, itimplies that Skarsgård has not given up his role as Pennywise, and in fact, wants to continue playing him in the future. Considering that it has been five years since Skarsgård portrayed Pennywise in It: Chapter Two, and Welcome to Derry’s cast is already different from the films, the actor easily could have passed the role to someone new.

While Welcome to Derry is already a continuation of the It franchise, Bill Skarsgård’s participation only further confirms that this franchise could continue. It isn’t uncommon for movies to get spinoff television series that, though they exist in the same universe, feel completely isolated from their source material due to different casts and crews. However, when it comes to Welcome to Derry, this doesn’t feel as true. Skarsgård’s return makes it clear that Welcome to Derry is very much of the same ilk as the movies, and that it could be a stepping stone to a third movie.

How Pennywise Could Return In It: Chapter 3 After Chapter 2

Stephen King’s universe could bring Pennywise back

It Chapter 2 adult Richie Tozier looking confused

Although Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise was killed at the end of It: Chapter 2, that doesn’t mean It: Chapter 3 is off the table, nor that the killer clown is gone for good. There are a few ways in which Pennywise could come back. First, Pennywise exists in a larger Stephen King universe, and it turns out that his return has been hinted at in other King novels. In King’s book, “Dreamcatcher,” Pennywise’s survival after the Ritual of Chüd is hinted at via graffiti on a statue. In this way, Pennywise’s return might have already been set up by King.

Even if this isn’t the case, Pennywise is a villain who can defy the laws of physics and logic. Though the Losers Club believed that they killed Pennywise, the clown is a being that far exceeds the rules of nature. In fact, a whole part of his lore is that he disappears for several years before returning with a vengeance. Therefore, itwould not be too out of pocket to see Pennywise return, perhaps after spending some extra time recuperating from the Ritual of Chüd. He could even return in a different form.

Welcome to Derry’s cast includes Jovan Adepo, Chris Chalk, Taylour Paige, James Remar, Stephen Rider, and Madeleine Stowe.

When Could It: Chapter 3 Happen?

It: Chapter 3 would be far off

Pennywise holds his hand over Bill's mouth in IT's ending.

If It: Chapter 3 were going to happen, it would unfortunately take a long time to develop the film. Since Welcome to Derry is still a full year away from release, a third movie would certainly need time after the series to work out the proper story and find the appropriate cast. On top of that, there are also special effects that need to be added, and that could take extra time as well. In this way, It: Chapter 3 likely would not be released until 2026 or 2027 if it were to happen.

Despite the long wait though, It: Chapter 3 would be a highly anticipated movie, and would create some great competition among the horror movies of the year. Plus, with Bill Skarsgård on board, the film could have the same ambiance as the previous movies from 2017 and 2019, but with an entirely new story and cast involved. Hopefully, Welcome to Derry can keep the It franchise alive, and more than that, maintain interest for a third horrifying installment.

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