Is Hugh Jackman Playing Logan from X-Men ’97 in Deadpool & Wolverine? No One is Ready for Industry Insider’s Answer

X-Men ’97 creator Beau DeMayo has spoken about the show’s connections with the MCU in the past.

hugh jackman as logan, x-men ’97, deadpool & wolverine

Hugh Jackman will be returning to the role of Logan a.k.a Wolverine and will be making his MCU debut with the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine. The actor shares the screen with Ryan Reynolds and it will be the first official appearance of mutants in the MCU. Jackman was last seen in 2017’s Logan, after which he retired from the role.

Since the trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine dropped, fans have been speculating which variant of Logan Jackman will be playing. The trailer hinted at Wolverine being from a universe that let his world down and Jackman can be seen being regretful for the wrongs he has done. While fans speculated if he played the Logan from X-Men ‘97, an industry insider had a different answer.

Fans Speculate That Hugh Jackman’s Logan Is The Same From X-Men ‘97

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds walk to battle in a still from Deadpool & Wolverine

Ever since the trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine dropped, many fan theories have been circulating about who Hugh Jackman’s Logan is. While Logan of the X-Men films passed away in Logan, the trailer for the upcoming film hinted Wolverine is from another universe, who crosses paths with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.

Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Paradox, mentions that this Wolverine had let his whole world down and Jackman is seen troubled by his past and does not wish to be a hero. An insert also reveals Jackman confronting his troubled past in a dream-like sequence where he is in a barren land.

Hugh Jackman in a moment of weakness in the trailer of Deadpool & Wolverine

While fans waited for Deadpool & Wolverine, another Logan has been on screens for the past few weeks. X-Men ‘97 sees Wolverine from X-Men: The Animated Series go through a mutant massacre in Genosha, a safe haven for mutants. The show sees how the X-Men grapple with the grief of the death of their kinsmen.

According to a Reddit user, the Logan seen in X-Men ‘97 and Deadpool & Wolverine were the same and the incident that the MCU film speaks about is the Genosha massacre. The user mentioned how Morph says in the Disney Plus series that Wolverine would be the only survivor at the end of Utopia and that was something that would happen to Logan in the movie.

Industry Insider Debunks Fan Theories About Deadpool & Wolverine

Cal Dodd voices Logan a.k,a Wolverine in X-Men '97

Hugh Jackman played Logan for seventeen years and still remains the only actor in live-action to portray the character. Cal Dodd voices the character in X-Men ‘97, reprising his role from the original series. While fans speculated that both the Wolverines were the same, an industry insider debunked the theory.

Popular scooper MyTimeToShineHello mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that Logan from Deadpool & Wolverine was a variant that fans had never seen before, thus debunking the theory that he was the same one from X-Men ‘97. Though this does not rule out a Genosha-esque massacre being MCU Logan’s past, the theory confirms that the show and film take place in different timelines.

X-Men ‘97 creator and writer Beau DeMayo reportedly mentioned that the show was separate from the MCU but the two universes could crossover at any point. While the show still comes under Marvel Studios and is streaming on Disney Plus, it is still not part of the MCU (via GamesRadar).

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