“I’m shocked it’s gone on as long as it has”: Star Wars Actor Compares Marvel and DC Movies to Herpes But it Isn’t What You Think

Kevin Smith hilariously compared the vast superhero franchises of Marvel and DC to herpes, though not intended as an insult.

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Undoubtedly, the superhero genre has become oversaturated. Whether it’s Marvel or DC, the sheer volume of content they churn out is astounding. With a plethora of options and an expansive ocean of material, audiences have begun to experience what’s known as superhero fatigue.

Star Wars' actor Kevin Smith

In light of this, Kevin Smith humorously likened DC and Marvel to herpes, not as an insult, but for their enduring and everlasting presence. Despite concerns of oversaturation, Smith believes that superhero movies will continue to thrive indefinitely. Here’s why.

Here is Why Star Wars Actor Kevin Smith Compared DC and Marvel to Herpes!

Despite the overcrowding and lukewarm critical reception, many have begun to speculate that the superhero genre has run its course. While it’s true that the genre has been prevalent for quite some time, traceable back to the inception of Iron Man in 2008, the initial fervor and excitement seem to have waned.

Kevin Smith, in an episode of his Inside of You podcast, drew parallels between the superhero movie phenomenon and the trajectory of franchises like Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. While these franchises also faced saturation and dwindling interest over time, they persisted. Smith asserts that just like herpes, superhero films will remain ingrained in popular culture, continuously entertaining comic book enthusiasts. He explained,

This has all happened before, it will all happen again. In the 70s, there’s a motion picture called Star Wars that kicked open the door for sci-fi films left and right, and then at a certain point, people were like, nobody wants to watch this sci-fi stuff anymore, and they thinned out and kind of things went back to normal. I’ve enjoyed the run of comic book movies as a big comic book fan and stuff as enthusiasts not — of all them — I think Iron Man is a perfect film. 

Robert Downey Jr. suiting up as Iron Man in Iron Man 2 | Marvel Entertainment

He further added in the conversation, I’ve loved this period. I’m shocked, it’s gone as long as it has. I don’t think it’s ever going to disappear. I think comic book movies, like herpes, will be with us always — superhero stories are perfect for the movie because it’s three-act structure. You got heroes and villains, that’s what movies are about. I think they are going to have to be more selective in what they put out.

Watch the clip here:

He further emphasized that for success in this genre, Marvel and DC must exercise extreme selectivity in their choices of content to spotlight and engage audiences. It’s essential for these films to remain accessible to a wide range of viewers, ensuring enjoyment for all.

DC and Marvel’s Damage Control Efforts in Full Swing

It appears that both Marvel and DC are diligently working to navigate the saturation and endure the superhero fatigue. To tackle the primary issue plaguing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the studio has taken decisive action this year by introducing clear subdivisions for projects. This strategy aims to make content accessible to all and easy to comprehend.

Consequently, viewers no longer need to do extensive homework by watching 30 films and 4 series before delving into a film to grasp its intricacies and motives. Marvel Studios Head of TV, Streaming, and Animation, Brad Winderbaum, revealed some exciting details during Disney’s Upfronts presentation in an exclusive interview with ComicBooks.com.

We want to make sure that Marvel stays an open door for people to come in and explore,On the heels of Endgame, I think there was, maybe, a little bit of an obligation to watch absolutely everything in order to watch anything. As you know, as a comics fan, they’re designed to just pop in, find something that you like, and use that to enter you into the universe, and then you can explore and weave around based on your own preferences.

James Gunn speaking at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con International, for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Gage Skidmore for WIkimedia Commons

DC, too, is actively collaborating with James Gunn to revitalize the DC Extended Universe after a lukewarm reception to its films. With the end of a chapter in the DCEU, Gunn is set to revamp the universe to bring its charm back in a better way. Kevin Smith’s statement holds true, superhero movies are here to stay. While audience interest may fluctuate, the time will inevitably come again when the genre will captivate viewers once more.

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