“I’m getting old”: Marvel and DC Fans Waiting to Watch Antony Starr as a Superhero After Homelander’s Retirement Will be Disappointed

Despite various fan-casting in Marvel and DC, Antony Starr may be done with superhero roles.


Antony Starr has become synonymous with the character of Homelander in Amazon’s The Boys. The character’s complex and increasingly diabolical nature has been one of the major strengths of the show and Starr’s committed performance elevates it tenfold. The series is currently in its fourth season and Starr continues to push the edges with the extent Homelander goes with his atrocities.

Antony Starr as Homelander in season 4 of The Boys | Prime Video

Seeing Starr’s incredible performance in the show, fans have wanted him to play in the theatrical superhero sandbox as a major character in either Marvel or DC. However, those possibilities now look slim as the actor recently talked about how he wants to slow down on action-oriented roles.

Antony Starr Claims He’s Too Old To Start Playing Another Major Superhero Role

Antony Starr wants to reduce action oriented roles in the future after The Boys | prime Video

Since the first season of The Boys, people have loved Antony Starr’s sinister and intimidating portrayal of Homelander. The character has become a sensation in modern pop culture and Starr’s performance has made him one of the best superhero casting ever. The series is ending soon with its fifth season and fans have already fan-casted him in other superhero roles in Marvel and DC.

There have been rumors that Starr is in the running to play Booster Gold in James Gunn’s DCU. While fans loved the choice for the role, Starr does not seem to be aware of these rumors as was seen in his latest appearance on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast. When host Josh Horowitz told him about the rumors, Starr was visibly surprised and dumbfounded.

When asked about playing Booster Gold or other superhero characters, The Boys star revealed that he is getting old and does not want to do physically challenging action sequences anymore. He now prefers stunt doubles to do most of the heavy lifting during those scenes. Starr said,

I’m getting old, and my body doesn’t want to do much action anymore. I want to sit and go, ‘Hey, you go and do that stuff’. I want to sit behind a desk on a CSI show and, you know, ‘You shouldn’t have done that, go back and try harder’. 

Considering his performance as Homelander, Starr would have done a great job playing villainous Marvel characters such as Norman Osborn, Dracula, and Dr. Doom (via ScreenRant). He would also have nailed Booster Gold in the DCU. However, the actor does not seem to be interested in another superhero role and wants to do something more dramatic with less action.

Eric Kripke Praises Antony Starr’s Astounding Ability To Give Multiple Facial Expressions

Antony Starr has been showing his range as anc atcor though playing Homelander in The Boys | Prime Video

Antony Starr‘s Homelander has become increasingly volatile with each season of The Boys, leading to Starr getting to show more facets of the character that fans haven’t seen before. The character is frequently seen looking into the mirror and talking to himself (signifying his fractured state of mind).

It is during these scenes that Starr shows his great ability to show multiple facial expressions showing his multiple fractured personalities. Showrunner Eric Kripke is in awe of this ability of the actor and claims that Starr deserves an Emmy for this admirable feat. He told Variety,

Ant’s ability to give 16 facial expressions when another person gives one is just so astounding. Give that guy an Emmy already. I don’t understand why it hasn’t happened yet.

Episode 4 of the latest season was one of Homelander‘s best episodes where Starr got to go all out with the diabolical nature of the character. Fans hope to see more exciting sides of Homelander in future episodes. The first six episodes of season 4 of The Boys are streaming on Prime Video.

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