I’m Furious All Over Again About Scarlet Witch’s MCU Fate After New Marvel Show Footage

The Agatha All Along trailer finally confirms in-universe that Scarlet Witch died during the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness, and I’m angry all over again about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe handled Elizabeth Olsen’s character. Wanda Maximoff was part of the MCU for nearly 10 years, since her debut in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it wasn’t until 2021’s WandaVision that she was given the spotlight in a starring role. WandaVision remains one of the MCU’s best TV shows, due in part to how well it humanizes Wanda while depicting her transformation into Scarlet Witch.

However, Wanda again took a backseat in Multiverse of Madness when the movie turned her into a one-note villain hellbent on getting her children back, no matter the cost. The MCU all-but wasted Scarlet Witch’s character development in WandaVision, and then at the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, her version of redemption is bringing down the Darkhold Castle, destroying the dark magic book and killing herself in the process. Since Wanda didn’t die on-screen, there was some hope she survived, but we now know differently, and I’m angry all over again.

I’m Angry All Over Again About How The MCU Handled Scarlet Witch’s Death

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Squandered Wanda’s Character Development

Wanda Maximoff about to kill Vision in Avengers Infinity War

One of the best things about the MCU, especially now that we’re 16 years into the franchise, is how Marvel develops characters across multiple projects and crafts immensely satisfying storylines for some of its most beloved heroes. The Loki season 2 ending is so satisfying because it calls back to the original Thor movie, bringing Loki’s story full circle after 10 years of twists and turns. Scarlet Witch’s ending in Multiverse of Madness is nothing like Loki’s ending. It’s rushed because the movie is, ultimately, about Doctor Strange, not Wanda.

Leaving aside the fact that Wanda was turned into a villain and promptly killed all to serve the storyline of a male character, which is atrociously sexist, Scarlet Witch’s death felt like a betrayal of her character, and a betrayal of me as a fan. I was made to sympathize with Wanda during the events of WandaVision – that was the whole point of the show, to unpack and humanize the trauma Wanda experienced, so I and all viewers could understand her actions. And then watching her storyline in Multiverse of Madness felt like Marvel said, “Forget that you like this character, she’s evil now.”

But that’s not how this works. I watch the MCU for the characters. If Marvel is going to betray those characters, if they’re going to undo compelling storytelling just for a less interesting hero (sorry, Doctor Strange, but you’re not Loki or Scarlet Witch – not yet, at least), then not only am I furious with the franchise, but I’m finding it hard to care anymore. The Agatha All Along trailer confirming Scarlet Witch’s death brought all those emotions back, but I still believe there’s hope for the MCU.

The MCU Needs To Resurrect Scarlet Witch To Redeem The Franchise

Revealing Scarlet Witch’s MCU Story Isn’t Over Yet Is The Only Way To Fix Her Character Arc

Wanda Maximoff in a Scarlet Witch costume in WandaVision

Scarlet Witch’s death is arguably one of the most unsatisfying endings in the MCU, largely because it feels rushed. Ending a storyline that spanned nearly a decade with a death that happens off-screen is, I believe, one of the worst storytelling choices Marvel has made in the last 16 years. It shows a complete lack of understanding of their own franchise and why their audience tunes in – and again, sacrifices a female character’s depth and development all in service of a male character.

The only way to fix that terrible storytelling choice is to bring back Scarlet Witch. Marvel has done it before – in fact, they brought back Loki so many times, it became a running joke. Wanda deserves the same treatment. She’s an emotionally complex and compelling character whose villain turn was far too quick to be satisfying, and having her return would allow Marvel to continue exploring Wanda’s character, as well as what it means for her to be Scarlet Witch.

It took the MCU six years to introduce the Scarlet Witch title, and then they killed her a year later. If the contrast of those timelines doesn’t drive home how poorly executed Scarlet Witch’s story was in Multiverse of Madness, then I don’t know what will. The only way Marvel can fix this mistake is to bring her back. Thankfully, Agatha All Along provides an avenue to do just that.

I’ll Forgive Marvel If Agatha All Along Actually Brings Back Scarlet Witch

It’s Been Widely Theorized That The WandaVision Spinoff Will Resurrect Wanda

The same Agatha All Along trailer that finally confirmed in-universe that Scarlet Witch is dead also introduced the concept of the Witches’ Road as well as the new character played by Joe Locke, who is heavily speculated to be playing an older version of Wanda’s son Billy. All that’s to say, there are a few ways Agatha All Along could bring back Scarlet Witch, whether resurrecting the main MCU version or by way of the multiverse/timelines. That said, the question remains of whether Agatha All Along actually will bring Scarlet Witch back from the dead.

I believe it would be Marvel’s best course of action, since Wanda has become such a beloved character, and I’m not the only MCU fan who was outraged by her fate in Multiverse of Madness. If Marvel brings back Scarlet Witch in Agatha All Along, and continues her storyline in the MCU, then their mistake of cutting her storyline short will be forgiven. However, if Marvel can’t fix their misstep with Wanda, it will be hard for me to trust the franchise again.

If Marvel can mess up the storyline of such a well-liked, long-standing character, how can I trust that they can do right by all their other characters? The answer is I can’t. So, Agatha All Along is a good opportunity to fix Scarlet Witch’s storyline and gain back some of my trust. I do hope Marvel can redeem themselves and do right by Scarlet Witch, because I’d love to watch more of Wanda’s story develop in the MCU.

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