“If true this is why Feige needs to go”: Not All MCU Fans Are Happy About Kevin Feige Allegedly Trying to Make Eternals 2 Happen

Eternals may have had a pacing problem in the past but Kevin Feige could solve that problem by developing it as a series on Disney+.

Kevin Feige and Eternals 2

Despite Kevin Feigeʼs tireless efforts to keep the cogs of the megalomaniacal Marvel universe running, some of the products like the star-studded Eternals come out a bit worse for the wear and bear the brunt of the fans who remain dejected with the performance of the Phase Four era.

The quality of projects originating in the post-Endgame saga of the MCU have performed categorically worse in the recent past. Regardless, not many original projects coming out of that Phase have received the sequel treatment.

Tiamut in Eternals (2021) [Credit Marvel Studios]

With plenty of Marvel films and television projects now facing criticism over their deteriorating quality, it is only fair for audiences to feel nervous after receiving news about a sequel to a Phase Four film. Moreover, the studioʼs stagnating state of work neither shows improvement nor the desire to achieve it, making it difficult to accept Marvelʼs decision regarding a Phase Four film sequel.

Kevin Feige Intent on Bringing Eternals 2 to the Big Screen

At the time of its announcement, Eternals was decidedly a hit straight off the bat by virtue of its star-studded cast, comprising Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, and Barry Keoghan, to name a few. Directed by Marvel debutante Chloe Zhao, the creative endeavor failed shortly after its premiere for reasons attributed to the screenplay, pacing, and predictable plot points.

Richard Madden as Ikaris in Eternals [Credit Marvel Studios]

3 years after the filmʼs swift demise, rumors swirl about Marvel President Kevin Feigeʼs efforts to green-light a sequel to the first film. With how Zhao left things at the end of the first film, Eternals 2 might have to do with the arrival of Eros aka Starfox, brother of the Mad Titan Thanos, who could play a central role as the antagonist to the heroes, given his complex dual nature in the comics.

Eternals 2 could also pick up the thread of Kit Haringtonʼs character arc as Dane Whitman aka Black Knight and unfold the narrative around his role to show the aftermath of his transformation upon accidentally discovering the Ebony Blade at the end of the film.

Moreover, Eternals also left its finale open-ended due to Sersi destroying Tiamut and thwarting the Celestialsʼ plans by choosing Earth over her original mission. The implications of such an action could bring chaos of such scale that could be worthy of being the central plot of Eternals 2. Despite the subpar outcome of the 2021 film, there are myriad reasons why Eternals 2 can be a smart call on Kevin Feigeʼs part.

Fans Protest Against Kevin Feigeʼs Eternals 2 Decision

Angelina Jolie in Eternals [Credit Marvel Studios]

Despite being the creative genius behind the largest interconnected live-action cinematic universe in the history of films and the most prominent billion-dollar industry in Hollywood to date, Kevin Feige still has a lot to prove when it comes to making executive calls at the helm of Marvel Studios. After the consistent blunder of Phases Four and Five, fans are easily alarmed about each new update and announcement made by the studio, let alone one that seeks to expand on an already flop film.

As such, protests, dissent, outcries, and disagreements have filtered into social media platforms after the rumors of Feigeʼs alleged efforts to bring Eternals 2 to the big screen.

Despite the resounding NO echoing among the Marvel fandom, there also lies an alternate option that serves as an easy fix to the Eternals 2 problem. Instead of fitting such a larger-than-life plot into a 2-hour narrative, an Eternals story would be better portrayed as a Disney+ series where each character gets more screen time to flesh out their backstories and arcs.

Given the rushed pace of the first movie, arcs like Angelina Jolieʼs Thena, the beloved pairing of Druig and Makkari, and Kingo and Gilgameshʼs storyline were barely touched upon, thus leaving much to be desired by the fans. A 2-hour film doesnʼt do justice to an extensive cast such as this and the news of Eternals 2 would be much better received if it was greenlit as a Disney+ series.

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