“I’d have to talk with Tobey”: Sam Raimi’s Plans For a Spider-Man 4 With Tobey Maguire Proves He is the Best Man Marvel Can Hire For the Job

Sam Raimi once again proves he is the man Marvel needs for the ‘Spider-Man’ saga.

"I'd have to talk with Tobey": Sam Raimi's Plans For a Spider-Man 4 With Tobey Maguire Proves He is the Best Man Marvel Can Hire For the Job

Sam Raimi has been one of the biggest fan picks when it comes to helming for the MCU, and the Spider-Man trilogy he helmed for Tobey Maguire’s superhit saga is one of the major reasons why. Not only does the filmmaker have incredible ideas for his projects, but his mere creative way of operating while working is what sets him apart from all the other masterminds in Hollywood.

Sam Raimi at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con | Credits: Wikimedia Commons
Sam Raimi.

This stands even stronger after Raimi recently, once again, shared his plans for a fourth film of Maguire’s iconic web-slinger, leaving fans more impressed than ever before. If anything, this latest pitch of his just proves that not only does he deserve to make another Peter Parker film with Maguire, but also that he is quite literally the best man Marvel can hire for the job.

Sam Raimi Once Again Proves He is Perfect for Helming The Spider-Man’s Saga

After developing the blockbuster film trilogy of the friendly neighborhood web-slinger starring Tobey Maguire in the lead, Raimi seems to be much more than just eager to finally bring that fourth unfinished movie in the series with the beloved actor to life. This comes after the filmmaker recently, once again, shared his plans for this film that never came to be.

Raimi's Spider-Man.
Raimi’s Spider-Man.
During an interview with The Wrap, discussing the prospect of making another Peter Parker film with Maguire, he said:

“We’d probably have to figure out the journey that Tobey Maguire’s character would be going on, and what obstacles he had to overcome to achieve that growth personally. And I hope that the villain would be chosen based on a representation of that obstacle.”

Judging from his words, it sounds like Sam Raimi would focus more on the personal growth of Maguire’s superhero in his story. But what would those obstacles be? Has he thought about that?

“I haven’t,” Raimi admitted, “because I’d have to know what the next thing that character has to learn. I’d have to talk with Tobey and the writers and really figure out what his personal growth for this episode would be.”

Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker.Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.

Needless to point out, this very focus of Raimi’s more on the character and how he evolves rather than focusing more on the villains and the threats he would have to face is what sets Maguire’s superhero trilogy apart from Andrew Garfield‘s and Tom Holland’s. Plus, this also makes it evident why fans love Maguire’s saga so much, even to this date.

That being said, we think it’s time MCU brought The Evil Dead director back on board — if not for the fourth installment in Maguire’s iconic saga, then perhaps for Holland’s, keeping in consideration the reports from The InSneider claiming that Holland’s fourth film as Peter Parker is still yet to have a filmmaker at its helm.
Tom Holland as Peter Parker.Tom Holland as Peter Parker.
Plus, Raimi himself mentioning that he “[doesn’t] have any plans [with MCU, as of now], but I would love it” is a further sign that the MCU should really, really consider casting him at the helm of the fourth film in Tom Holland‘s film series as Peter Parker.

Fans Want Sam Raimi Back On Board with the MCU

While fans have long been campaigning for another MCU-Sam Raimi collaboration, this latest pitch from the filmmaker for the web-slinger’s story has only further intensified their desires for the same. Taking to X, here’s how they’re reacting to this news:

Keeping both the passion that Raimi displays while talking about Spider-Man and all of these fan reactions, it is more than evident that the one MCU desperately needs right now to continue the saga for the friendly neighborhood superhero is none other than Raimi.

But for now, all fans do is hope that Marvel actually ends up going forward with him for Peter Parker’s saga — be it Maguire’s or Holland’s.

Both Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland Spider-Man movies are available on Disney+.

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