“I’d gladly trade whatever $100 Million I’d Have Made”: Terrence Howard Has No Hard Feelings For MCU and Robert Downey Jr. After His Iron Man Exit Anymore Because of His 1 Invention

Terrence Howard did acknowledge the disappointment with MCU but ultimately shifted his focus toward his passion for innovation and invention!

Terrence Howard with Robert Downey Jr.

With Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. became an A-list star and the face of one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters ever in 2008. Of course, there was one actor who left the superhero flick feeling completely let down by Marvel Studios. Yes, we’re talking of Terrence Howard, who donned the role of James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes; but was later replaced by Don Cheadle in the sequel, Iron Man 2.

But don’t worry, it seems Howard has moved on and has no ill will toward the franchise or his former co-star, Downey Jr., despite his initial shock and disappointment at not being cast as Rhodes in the later films.

Terrence Howard previously played James Rhodes in the 2008 MCU film Iron Man.

During the recent 3-hour chat on The Joe Rogan Experience, the Oscar-nominated actor, 55, delved into several of his theories about life and how we understand and interact with it as humans.

Even though his theories seem improbable at first, Howard has a ton of patents to support them.

Decoding Terrence Howard’s Theories on Life, Logic, and Physics

During a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Terrence Howard delved into his unique ideas about science and the universe, shedding light on his past experiences and the journey that led him to where he is today.

The actor started off by candidly describing how the breakup of his collaboration with Marvel caused him to look for greater meaning in life. As you may remember, Don Cheadle replaced Howard when the latter was cast as James Rhodes alongside Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 2.

Regarding the mistreatment he endured at the hands of the comic book movie creators, as well as the financial losses, Howard explained: I was doing Iron Man, out of nowhere that gets taken away. We did a three picture deal with Marvel. $4.5 million for the first one, $7.5-8 million for the second one, $12 million for the third. We signed it. They come back to me the week that my mother died…They said we want Terrence but we want him to come back for $1 million instead of the $8 million that we had agreed to.

The Four Brothers actor revealed that he went through a period of introspection and rage after being fired from the franchise and experiencing unresponsiveness from his co-star, Downey Jr. During their conversation, he admitted to Joe Rogan, “I was angry, I was really angry”.

During a conversation on The Joe Rogan Experience, Terrence Howard shared his theories about his invention, life and mankind.

“I was going to use all of the knowledge I had and I was going to destroy mankind”, said the Chicago-born actor. Additionally, he spoke about how, in the end, his scientific studies gave him solace and a fresh sense of purpose.

Howard claimed that he and his team have created a “new hydrogen technology”, which he called, The Lynchpin.

I’d gladly trade whatever $100 million I’d have made doing that for this right here.

Over the course of the interview, Howard talked about how he started delving deeply into the study of logic, math, and physics. He claimed to have discovered information that might alter how specialists perceive the laws of gravity, light, sound, and a host of other subjects.

How Did Fans React to Terrence Howard’s Groundbreaking Hydrogen Technology?

Terrence Howard has devoted many years to his studies in engineering and logic. It was during a 2015 Rolling Stone interview that the actor first brought attention to his studies by talking about his work on a system of symbols he developed to record his logic.

Some fans are confused by Terrence Howard’s groundbreaking Hydrogen technology.

Joe Rogan himself admitted before The Joe Rogan Experience episode aired that the subjects he and Howard covered would take listeners on a “wild” ride. The host captioned a promotional photo of the episode that he shared on Instagram, saying:

One of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had, with the great and powerful @theterrencehoward. It’s a wild one, and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of mixed reviews, but as crazy as some of the things this man is saying are, he’s clearly brilliant, and if he’s right it’s going to change the world.

Social media users appeared to have a range of opinions on the subject, as Rogan had predicted. Here are some comments left by fans via X:

Some were left “confused” by Howard’s interview, while others thought it was fascinating and full of gems. While some questioned whether the actor might be a quiet “genius”, others expressed interest in and support for his theories.

Through his journey of self-discovery and invention, Howard has found peace and fulfillment, ultimately allowing him to let go of any lingering resentment towards past experiences.

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