Hugh Jackman Was the Nicest Guy on the Planet to Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Universe But He Didn’t Get the Same Treatment in Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman celebrates 17 years of friendship.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are undeniably the hottest movie tandem today and all thanks to their upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine film. The project has been a long-gestating one, and it’s quite clear that the chemistry between the two remains unmatched.

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The great thing about Jackman and Reynolds is that they are best friends in real life so it wasn’t difficult to convince people that they are the baddest pair of anti-heroes in the comic book world. For one, they love trolling each other the same way their characters would.

Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Celebrate Their Everlasting Friendship

In an interview with People, actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman talked about their 17 years of friendship. This is quite impressive as it is truly difficult to find genuine friends in the movie industry. Jackman admitted: There’s probably fewer friends in our life that you can say anything to, the stuff you’re ashamed, embarrassed, anything.

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This statement is indeed true, and finding one that you can be comfortable and silly with can feel like a quest. The Wolverine star further added, “Ever since I’ve known you… we’ve had more time where we go for our walks because you’re an unbelievable listener.”

The actor praised Reynolds for being the person he can rely on without giving any judgment. The Free Guy actor said that friendship and marriage aren’t so different. “I think the secret sauce to a long-lasting Hollywood friendship is not too dissimilar to having a partner or a marriage,” Reynolds quipped.

He meant that he’s always rooting for Jackman the same way he’s rooting for his wife, Blake Lively. “I am genuinely rooting for you, all the time. I want you to win. It’s the same way I feel about Blake,” the actor added.

Their deep connection started after they met on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Reynolds recalled how Jackman called him by his first name, gave him a big hug, and said, “Welcome aboard.”

Ryan Reynolds Continues To Troll Hugh Jackman

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There’s no denying that fans are so entertained with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ constant trolling on social media. When one makes a post, the other replies with the most hilarious comment.

After the announcement of Deadpool & Wolverine, the duo continued their pretend feud online with Jackman even posting a photo of his scratched hand on Instagram saying, “The first time I’ve played Wolverine… and, actually bled. Clearly, it’s [Ryan Reynolds] fault.” The latter replied, “I just don’t think you’ve been practicing enough.”

Reynolds greeted Jackman on his birthday via TikTok by showing his socks with the face of his friend printed on them to the tune of A Million Dreams. He also wrote in the caption, “Socks to be Hugh.”

It’s quite funny how Reynolds was warmly welcomed to the X-Men team by Jackman, and now that they are starring in Deadpool & Wolverine, the Logan star gets trolled a lot.

Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 26, 2024.

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