How MCU’s Canon Shift Could Resurrect Netflix’s Abandoned Superhero Ensemble

The MCU’s recent canon change could allow the franchise to include an exciting superhero team that the shows of Netflix’s Defenders saga set up.

The posters for Daredevil and Iron Fist from the Netflix Defenders Saga

The biggest recent canon update of the Marvel Cinematic Universe could revive a superhero team that Netflix’s Defenders shows teased. Since the production of Daredevil: Born Again‘s MCU story restarted, the debate over whether the Netflix shows are canon to the MCU was reignited. The story elements of Echo that seemed to link to Netflix’s Daredevil added fuel to the fire of debate until Marvel Studios’ Head of Streaming, Brad Winderbaum, confirmed that Netflix’s Defenders saga is canon to the franchise.

There has long been a debate about the MCU canon status of the Netflix Marvel shows, and that has now finally been resolved with a definitive answer.

This means that both the best and worst-ranked Netflix Marvel shows are now canon to the MCU, from Iron Fist to Daredevil. The confirmation of this is certainly exciting and tracks with updates about Daredevil: Born Again that the likes of Karen, Foggy, and The Punisher from the original show will be involved. Moving beyond the world of Daredevil, this canon update allows the MCU’s upcoming TV shows or movies to revive a lost superhero team first teased in other shows of the Defenders saga.

Marvel’s Canonization Of Netflix’s Shows Could Revive Daughters of the Dragon

A dynamic Marvel duo from the Netflix shows could make their way to the MCU.

Misty Knight and Colleen Wing getting ready to fight in Defenders Saga

The canonization of the Marvel Netflix shows naturally means that the various ensemble casts of each series now exist in the MCU. This includes some of the more compelling side characters of Iron Fist and Luke Cage, specifically Colleen Wing and Misty Knight. At the end of their respective shows as part of the Defenders saga, Colleen and Misty were positioned as the protectors of different areas in New York City.

This led to Netflix developing a Daughters of the Dragon series, based on the comic book storylines of the same name. The Daughters of the Dragon refers to Colleen and Misty, teaming up to fight crime. However, this show was canceled when the Netflix universe fell apart, though Marvel Studios could now revive the concept.

How The Daughters of the Dragon Could Fit Into The MCU’s Future

The street-level stories of the MCU could involve Colleen and Misty.

Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin in Daredevil and Tom Holland's Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War

Regarding how the Daughters of the Dragon could be part of the MCU, they would fit perfectly into the burgeoning street-level section of the universe. It is expected that Daredevil: Born Again and Spider-Man 4 will kickstart an extensive street-level storyline in the MCU. The other members of the Defenders saga would perfectly fit into this, including Colleen and Misty.

The MCU could easily make Kingpin the primary villain of the franchise’s street-level heroes. Kingpin’s plans could involve several underlings for the various street-level heroes to overcome. Colleen and Misty as the Daughters of the Dragon could be two of these heroes, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe having the opportunity to revive the compelling premise.

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