Fallout 4 Cut Content Looks Absolutely Terrifying & Has An Interesting Backstory

A Deathclaw and Super Mutant Hound from Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 has a handful of challenging enemies around the Commonwealth, but one terrifying cut creature with an interesting backstory would’ve raised the bar. Fallout 4 was the first game in the franchise to move to a more modern combat system, and while that made it more engaging, it also raised the difficulty. Without proper preparation, some of the strongest enemies, like Mirelurk Queens or Deathclaws can be long and frustrating encounters. Regardless, these larger fights are some of the most memorable events throughout the game.

The best way to be prepared for these encounters is with armor and weaponry. The T-60 or X0-1 power armor are the best options for defense as they boast high stats in each category. However, the latter set can be much harder to gather, so the T-60 is the more time-efficient option. Weapons-wise, outside the best weapons in Fallout 4, the majority of weapons are viable with the modding system. Thus, players can choose whatever they feel most attached to and carefully craft it into one of the wasteland’s most powerful armaments.

The Enormous May-Pole Ghoul Would’ve Been A Terrifying Encounter

One Ghoul To Rule Them All

Fallout 4 May-Pole model standing in Concord.

This terrifying giant Ghoul miniboss cut from Fallout 4 is known as the May-Pole. This 300-foot-tall Glowing One Ghoul was created by character artist Jonah Lobe, who discussed the creature in a Reddit AMA. The main inspiration for this behemoth is Shadow of Colossus and Alberto Giacometti’s Walking Man I sculpture. Unfortunately, the May-Pole was cut from the game due to technical issues with its mechanics and stature.

May-Poles would have appeared without others of their size but would have a horde of feral ghouls with them. These feral ghouls would not be any stronger than usual, but the massive number of them could pose a great issue. In addition, the May-Pole would be able to heal feral ghouls as long as they are alive. Thus, players would have to juggle keeping the horde of ghouls in check, while trying to whittle down the May-Pole.

The May-Pole gets its name inspired by the maypole. This was a large pole that people would dance around while holding ribbons that would connect to the top. In Fallout 4‘s case, the people are replaced with feral ghouls that follow the May-Pole. This is a nice touch for the creature, in line with the traditional theme many of the game’s features have due to the history of the Commonwealth area.

How The May-Pole Could Have Been Implemented Into Fallout 4

One-Time Boss Versus Random Encounter

The Sole Survivor walking with Dogmeat in Fallout 4

If the May-Pole was added to the game, there are two ways it would fit best. Option one would be a one-time boss. This could be a random encounter or part of a Fallout 4 side quest. Having the encounter in an enclosed arena would also greatly heighten the difficulty of the fight, because the biggest weakness of the May-Pole and its ghoul horde is how it can be easily avoided or funneled in the open world.

Even though it would be the weaker option, open-world encounters would be more random and keep players on edge. Fast traveling to a location or turning a corner in the city and being met by a horde of ghouls and their behemoth general would be terrifying. Encounters would then vary based on the surrounding environment and could make the May-Pole an easier or harder fight.

To balance out the likely difficulty of the May-Pole, it would be wise to give it good loot rewards. If it was a one-time encounter, it could drop something specialized, perhaps a piece of armor that makes feral ghouls ignore or even help the player. Now, if the May-Pole was a random encounter, that would likely still only be seen a handful of times per playthrough, the best course would be to guarantee a legendary drop. Thus, the time and effort spent on dealing with this towering ghoul would be well rewarded.

Other Ideas For Fallout 4’s May-Pole

An Elemental Monstrosity

Fallout 4 - Brotherhood of Steel in fog

Though no other abilities were ever discussed, a handful of ideas come to mind for the May-Pole. The obvious one is a powerful stomp easily capable of one-shotting a player. The caveat to this would be a slow travel attack speed and obvious buildup giving one the time to avoid it. However, this is where the feral ghouls come into play, being able to limit movement and make this attack more efficient.

Another idea takes form from the concept art of the May-Pole, which showcases it more as a lava-filled ghoul described as a “melting elemental of agony.” In this form, the May-Pole could have a set of fire abilities that did low initial damage, but a heavy amount over time. The easiest way to do this would be to launch fire out of itself in a spray to hit players. With this fire theme, another way to make the feral ghouls around the May-Pole threatening is by allowing it to infuse them with fire damage.

This last idea would have been the least likely but is perhaps the coolest. The May-Poles could have been a series of ghouls experimented on with natural elements. Each one would have a different element: fire, water, electricity, etc., that would define its playstyle. This would make each one a vastly different encounter while making them memorable. Each one could also have a different gear drop based on its element.

Unfortunately, the May-Pole never saw real gameplay, but it does make sense. Even in its simplest form, it would have been a massive undertaking and open the door to many issues. Jonah Lobe has said they hope to bring the terrifying behemoth ghoul to players in the form of a mod, which would likely be one of the best mods for Fallout 4, but even that will be a challenge. Thus, for the foreseeable future, the May-Pole will remain a cut piece of Fallout 4 content with large potential.

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