Exciting Update: Main Villain Confirmed for Fantastic Four Adventure

The Fantastic Four reboot may not have cast him yet, but the main antagonist has been confirmed in a new report as Galactus is on his way to the MCU.

Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer concept art for Galactus

Galactus is reportedly set to be the main villain in The Fantastic Four reboot as a new Marvel Cinematic Universe report discusses his role in the movie. Marvel’s First Family is on their way to the MCU, as Marvel Studios finally has the character rights back. Set to be a major upcoming MCU movie in Phase 6, the Fantastic Four will be arriving in the final chapter of The Multiverse Saga.

As The Fantastic Four movie will be filmed later this year, the project is still tapping new actors for the reboot. Following his exclusive reporting of Julia Garner joining The Fantastic Four cast as the Silver Surfer, Deadline’s Justin Kroll added another tidbit about the MCU reboot.

The trade reporter mentioned that Galactus is expected to be the main villain in The Fantastic Four reboot and that the role is “currently open with no one in talks or holding offer for role.” At the time of this story’s publication, Marvel Studios and Disney have not commented on the Galactus report.

What Galactus Being The Villain Of The Fantastic Four Means For The MCU Movie

Galactus eating planets in Marvel Comics

While time will tell who ends up playing Galactus, the fact that he is going to be the main threat in The Fantastic Four says a lot about Marvel Studios’ direction for him. Galactus has, to this point, only been explored in one live-action adaptation, as a variation appeared in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. However, that incarnation was not well received with fans, as this Galactus was made into a hurricane-like being, which was a huge departure from the comics.

Making Galactus the main antagonist for The Fantastic Four may already show that Marvel Studios wants to use the movie to set up for bigger plotlines down the line, potentially even foreshadowing the character being the biggest major villain of the Multiverse Saga. The rumored 1960s setting of the film would allow the MCU to show a major threat all the way back in the past before the current era of villains that exist in the franchise. This may also explain why Galactus hasn’t been around in the present, justifying a potential return in the timeline.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the MCU tackles an iconic villain like Galactus, as many likely assumed he would be saved as a future villain for the Avengers down the line. To have the reboot start with Galactus rather than Doctor Doom is also a fascinating choice, as it leaves the door open for him to be a crucial part of future Fantastic Four sequels. Hopefully, more details on the Fantastic Four reboot will come out very soon as Marvel Studios gets ready to bring Marvel’s First Family into the MCU.

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