Everything We Know About Agatha All Along – The MCU’s WandaVision Spin-Off Explained

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After stealing the show in WandaVision, the Agatha Harkness spin-off show, Agatha All Along, is one of the most intriguing releases in the upcoming MCU roster. Kathryn Hahn’s character was initially introduced as Wanda’s neighbor Agnes in Westview, only to reveal that she is actually the witch Agatha Harkness. Though she is a magic user who has been alive for centuries, Agatha meets her match with Wanda, who truly becomes the Scarlet Witch for the first time in the MCU to defeat her. However, as the upcoming Agatha Harkness spinoff show reveals, the villain is not yet done in the MCU timeline.

Agatha Harkness is also the one who brings Wanda and the Darkhold together, setting in motion the events that eventually led to Scarlet Witch’s death in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. After Agatha’s defeat in WandaVision, Wanda traps Agatha in the Agnes persona that Agatha assumed while infiltrating Westview. Agatha All Along‘s trailer confirms the show will reveal what happened to Agatha Harkness following the events of WandaVision, which also raises promising prospects for what characters will appear in the Agatha show cast.

Agatha All Along Latest News

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Agatha All Along is finally set concretely on the MCU release roster, as it has been announced that it will debut on September 18 2024, following a series of delays and setbacks. The show will begin with a two-episode release on its initial debut, and then release an episode weekly from that point onward, with the finale releasing on November 6. This time slot appears perfect for Agatha All Along, as it means the show will be releasing around Halloween, matching its horror-inspired and gothic flair.

Other than this, the largest piece of news for the Agatha Harkness spin-off has been that it has undergone another name change, going from Agatha: House of Harkness to Agatha: Coven Of Chaos in July 2022, then to Agatha: Darkhold Diaries in September 2023, and finally to the seemingly final name of simply Agatha All Along in May 2024. Agatha has also announced its directors with Rachel Goldberg (Resident Evil), Gandja Monteiro (Wednesday) and showrunner Jac Schaeffer helming the episodes.

Agatha All Along ‘s delays are one of many MCU scheduling changes, that have come about in part because of production delays, and seemingly in part because of restructuring to the overall franchise, especially in regards to MCU shows.

Agatha All Along Release Date

Rio Vidal holds a green torch in a forest in Agatha All Along trailer

May 2024 brought new announcements for several MCU shows, including the reveal that the first two episodes of Agatha All Along will be debuting on September 18, 2024. This aligns with the previous discussions of the WandaVision spinoff being set to release towards the end of 2024, and ensures that the series is finished by the end of the year, even if it releases weekly for a month or two.

Given Agatha All Along was first announced in 2021, this has led to a considerable production process from start to finish for the series. However, given the upheavals MCU shows on the whole have had since their Disney+ debut, this longer period of time may well result in Agatha All Along being all the more promising.

Agatha All Along Continues WandaVision’s Story

Agatha Winking Meme

Following the success of WandaVision and Kathryn Hahn’s breakout character, rumors began about a possible Agatha Harkness spin-off show. Hahn herself denied any knowledge of the show happening even as the rumors gained traction.

Eventually, by November 2021, it was confirmed that the MCU villain would get her own show, with Hahn returning in the series, which was initially titled Agatha: House of HarknessWandaVision writer Jac Shaffer was also confirmed to be returning as the showrunner as part of a deal to develop new Disney+ projects, with the show being announced as one of the Phase 5 shows premiering on Disney+.

Agatha All Along’s Cast

Agatha coven of chaos joe locke

It’s been confirmed that the Agatha Harkness spin-off show will feature several actors who already appeared in WandaVision, including Emma Culafield, Debra Jo Rupp, and David Lengel, all of whom played Westview residents in the show. Also returning is Kate Frobes who played Agatha’s mother, Evanora Harkness, in a flashback scene. Aubrey Plaza is the biggest new addition, and she is joined by other MCU newcomers, including Joe Locke, Maria Dizzia, Sasheer Zamata, Patti LuPone, and Ali Ahn.

Adding to this cast is Sasheer Zamata and Patti LuPone, who have been revealed to be playing Marvel comic witches Jennifer Kale and Lilia Calderu, respectively. The Agatha All Along trailer appeared to reveal that Agatha’s coven will accompany her throughout the show, supporting the idea that the series will in many ways be an ensemble story despite its clear focus on Agatha Harkness herself.

Marvel viewers have also heavily speculated about the possibility of Joe Locke being Wiccan in the Agatha Harkness spin-off, especially now that the trailer and preview material has teased him as a main character with a prominent role. The official description for the show also describes Locke’s character as helping breaking Agatha out of the spell controlling her left over from the Scarlet Witch, and encouraging to take The Witch’s Road to restore her powers.

Interestingly, these descriptions don’t mention the name of Locke’s character, further supporting the idea he is none other than Wiccan, and that this is being kept secret for a later in-show reveal. Apart from being a setup to the MCU’s Young Avengers, Wiccan’s proper MCU debut could also lead to Wiccan and Hulkling’s comic book romance being adapted in MCU Phase 5.

There is also the question of whether or not Wanda Maximoff will make an appearance in the show. Elizabeth Olsen denied that she is appearing in the show, but that doesn’t completely remove the possibility of the Scarlet Witch appearing in some capacity. However, the future of Wanda in the MCU is uncertain at the moment, as she is presumed to be dead. That said, theories have suggested the dead body shown in the Agatha All Along trailer could be Wanda herself, making a potential resurrection story not impossible.

Agatha All Along’s Story Details

Kathryn Hahn in her Agatha Harkness costume in Agatha Darkhold Diaries promo

The Agatha All Along trailer finally has allowed audiences to get an understanding of what the upcoming Marvel show will definitely be about, promising to expand the world of MCU witchcraft exponentially for the franchise. The story of Agatha All Along will cover the titular character breaking free of the mind control spell placed on her by Wanda at the end of WandaVision – though it appears she’s been stuck in a detective-based fantasy based on the show’s opening – only for her to discover she has lost all of her magical abilities.

As such, Agatha prepares to take on The Witch’s Road, a challenge shown to be very dangerous in the trailer, and that is officially described as “a magical gauntlet of trials that, if survived, rewards a witch with what they’re missing.” This description may serve to explain why a coven of characters agree to tackle this life-threatening undertaking with Agatha, as the other members of the group may also be provided with “what they’re missing” should they make it to the end.

Apart from continuing Agatha’s WandaVision arc, it seems Agatha All Along could also dive deeper into the character’s comics origin, which could introduce many long-awaited Marvel characters into the MCU. This includes Franklin Richards, Sue and Reed Richards’ cosmic-level and reality-altering son, for whom Agatha served as a nanny. The Agatha Harkness spin-off could also reveal more about Agatha’s past working with teams like the Daughters of Liberty or the Department of the Uncanny.

Harkness has additional connections to X-Men’s Firestar and even Dr. Doom, meaning theoretically the potential for at least teases is incredibly high. The show also seems set to tackle the matter of Wanda’s death, with the trailer teasing several details that make a Scarlet Witch revival not impossible.

Not only does Agatha appear to be potentially investigating Wanda’s murder in her detective fantasy, but Aubrey Plaza also tells her “that witch is gone“, a line that could suggest in a multiversal story that the Scarlet Witch is simply elsewhere rather than definitely dead, since her Doctor Strange in The Multiverse Of Madness fate left her in another universe. While Agatha All Along would be the perfect place to concretely confirm that Elizabeth Olsen’s character is dead for good, it would also be the perfect place to sow seeds of a return, with either being a fascinating prospect.

Agatha All Along Teaser Trailer Details

Along teaser trailer was released on 8 July 2024, two months after it was shown to audiences at May 2024’s Disney Upfront event, alongside preview footage for Daredevil: Born Again and Ironheart. The trailer shows Agatha’s time stuck in the spell that Wanda trapped her in after defeating her in WandaVision, which has seemingly left the witch believing she is a detective – though this may be but one of several delusions, since she also takes on the form of the classic WandaVision Agnes partway through the trailer.

Excitingly, the rest of the Agatha All Along trailer is committed to what the main character gets up to after breaking free of this spell and discovering she’s lost her magical abilities. This sees her and her hastily gathered coven taking on The Witch’s Road, which is a series of trials witches can undertake in order to be rewarded with “what they are missing“, as per official descriptions. As such, this undertaking is sure to be important for not just Agatha but her entire team.

Prior to this, the WandaVision BlueRay DVD release provided a surprise bonus feature for audiences, revealing the origins of the spinoff show, and shedding a little more light on what it will look like. The Agatha teaser is likely to be the only thing close to a trailer for the Disney+ series for some time, based on its current late 2024 release date.

Why Agatha Is Getting Her Own MCU Spin-Off

Agatha Harkness in WandaVision in her Agnes persona

Wanda might not have realized her full potential as the Scarlet Witch were it not for Agatha Harkness, who is actually one of the oldest characters in Marvel Comics. Agatha Harkness’ long comic history means that she’s connected to a host of Marvel characters yet to make their MCU debut, which means that Agatha could become a potential bridge between other corners of the MCU. Moreover, considering how Agatha’s villainous but charming fourth-wall-breaking antics in WandaVision have resulted in several viral memes, it’s no surprise that she has become popular enough for Marvel to greenlight her own spinoff in Agatha All Along.

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