Every Actor Cast In Venom: The Last Dance

Here is every actor and actress confirmed to be part of Venom: The Last Dance‘s cast thus far. For a long while after Venom’s appearance in the end-credit scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home in 2021, news on the future of the character on the big screen was sparse. However, Sony’s presentation at CinemaCon 2022, in which the studio confirmed the production of Venom 3, and news regarding the movie – including the reveal of its official name, Venom: The Last Dance, and the Venom: The Last Dance trailer – have come in waves since then.

With the upcoming Marvel movie on the horizon for an October 2024 release, more than ever has become clear about the film and its story, including the actors who are set to appear within it. Though the full roster isn’t yet known, the selection of faces confirmed for the Venom: The Last Dance cast certainly suggest the Marvel antihero trilogy will be able to go out in suitable style, properly commemorating the series’ six-year history.

Tom Hardy As Eddie Brock/Venom

Returning Actor

Eddie Brock as the host of Venom in Venom The Last Dance

Naturally, Tom Hardy will be returning to the franchise in Venom 3. Since the release of Venom in 2018, Hardy has played the role of Eddie Brock. Brock was a down-on-his-luck reporter who discovered the Venom symbiote during an investigation into a company called the Life Foundation. After bonding with Venom, the extra-terrestrial being and his new human host began protecting Earth from criminals and villains, only in a much more antihero fashion than the likes of Spider-Man.

Hardy then appeared in Venom: Let There Be Carnage which furthered the story of Brock and Venom. The duo went up against Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kasady who bonded with the Carnage symbiote. The film ended with Venom defeating Carnage, before being sucked into the Marvel Cinematic Universe by the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home. This film saw the last official appearance of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, who appeared in a humorous end-credits sequence coming to terms with his new surroundings. Brock is then sucked back to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, unknowingly leaving a sliver of the Venom symbiote behind.

This sets up Hardy’s return for Venom 3. The trailer for Venom: The Last Dance suggests the movie will be Eddie and Venom’s biggest challenge yet, facing off against both a symbiote monster and a mercenary team who is hunting him down. Given Venom 3 will be the final chapter of the franchise according to Sony, it’ll be interesting to see how the story closes the book on the antihero duo, especially since the trailer teases a potential death for one or both of them.

Peggy Lu As Mrs. Chen

Returning Actor

Venom Dancing With Mrs. Chen

Having appeared in both Venom movies and Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, there were expectations that Mrs. Chen would appear in Venom: The Last Dance in some capacity, especially since it’s set to close up the film trilogy that first introduced the character. However, few were likely expecting Mrs. Chen to appear in the dramatic fashion she does in the Venom: The Last Dance trailer, which shows her in a fashionable red dress at a casino, before cutting to her dancing with Venom while looking remarkably unperturbed.

 Supporting Cast & Characters

Rhys Ifans as an indisclosed character in Venom The Last Dance

Venom: The Last Dance has also revealed a selection of other actors set to be part of the final movie in the trilogy’s cast. Cristo Fernández is shown in his role as The Bartender in the movie’s trailer, dealing with the unfortunate circumstances of having his bar interrupted by symbiote shenanigans. Rhys Ifans, Alanna Ubach, and Clark Backo are also confirmed for the cast, with Ifans’ casting getting some considerable media attention due to his role in The Amazing Spider-Man as The Lizard, meaning his appearance in the Venom finale could either confirm or disprove theories regarding the series sharing a universe.

Venom Franchise Actors Whose Returns Are Unknown

Anne Weying and Dan Lewis talking to Eddie Brock in Venom

An interesting aspect of the confirmed cast for Venom 3 so far is that none of them include former Venom actors besides Hardy. A notable absence from the cast of Venom: The Last Dance is Michelle Williams as Anne Weying. Williams played Weying in the first two installments of the franchise, a defense attorney and Brock’s ex-wife. Similarly, Reid Scott’s role as Dan Lewis from the first two movies – Weying’s fiancé – is unconfirmed.

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