“Did you finally write the new Blade script?”: Beau DeMayo Hints New Project at Work and Marvel Has the Perfect Chance to Save Mahershala Ali’s Vampire Hunter

Fans are speculating that Beau DeMayo’s recent update hints at his involvement in writing the script for the MCU’s highly anticipated film.

beau demayo, mahershala ali’s vampire hunter

Mahershala Ali is gearing up to make his debut as Eric Brooks in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Blade reboot. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige announced Mahershala Ali’s casting as Blade back in 2019. However, the development of the film has faced numerous setbacks, including departures, delays, and script rewrites.

Beau DeMayo

Despite these challenges, progress is finally being made on Marvel Studios’ Blade reboot. Rumors are swirling that the creator of X-Men ’97, Beau DeMayo may be penning the script for this project. A recent update from the writer has fans eagerly anticipating more details.

Beau DeMayo’s Latest Update Has Fans Excited

A recent X (formerly known as Twitter) update by writer Beau DeMayo has the fans excited. The story shows him lounging by a pool in Palm Springs, California with “writing” overlaid on top, leading many to speculate that DeMayo may be hinting at having joined Mahershala Ali‘s Blade project as a scriptwriter.

Beau DeMayo

DeMayo is quickly becoming a Marvel Studios favorite, contributing to projects like Moon Knight and serving as head writer and executive producer for X-Men ’97, and the revival of the iconic X-Men: The Animated Series.

Given his track record, it’s plausible that DeMayo could have joined the crew of Blade, one of Marvel Studios’ most anticipated feature films. Here is what the fans have to say,

While other Marvel projects are in the works, it’s unlikely that DeMayo would join one already deep into production as a writer leaving this to the ultimate choice. With filming for Blade delayed multiple times, the recent shift from an October to November 2025 start could potentially allow DeMayo to lend his expertise to the script.

MCU’s Ongoing Quest to Bring Blade to Life Have Been Going On For Quite Sometime Now

Despite not being one of the most popular characters in the comics, Blade holds a special place in Marvel’s history. He starred in the first successful film back in 1998 and remains one of its most beloved characters.

With the character’s film rights returning to Marvel Studios in 2012, paving the way for new stories, now is the time for Blade to shine.

Marvel's Blade

Since 2013, Marvel Studios has had its sights set on a Blade-focused project for the MCU. Mahershala Ali is thus now ready to make his debut in Phase 6. Despite facing challenges, Ali maintains his optimism, particularly with the confirmation of an R-rating for Blade. With a new release date set for November 7, 2025, significant progress is finally being made on the highly anticipated Blade film.

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