Deadpool & Wolverine Warn of Looming Threat Before Kang’s Emergence

Deadpool & Wolverine’s recently confirmed variants suggest that the Multiverse Saga’s most powerful weapon was introduced back in Phase 4.

Deadpool Reacts to Kang the Conqueror with Loki and Lady Deadpool in the Background

Deadpool & Wolverine theory suggests that the movie is turning a Phase 4 villain into the MCU’s biggest multiversal threat. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s MCU arrival comes accompanied by Deadpool & Wolverine‘s packed cast, which not only includes characters from Fox’s previous two Deadpool movies but also cameos by multiple X-Men movie heroes and villains, new MCU characters like Matthew MacFadyen’s TVA agent Paradox, and a new powerful villain. Like Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of MadnessDeadpool & Wolverine may also surprise audiences with appearances by alternate-universe variants of one or more MCU icons.

Prior to Deadpool & Wolverine‘s May 2025 release, promotional merchandise has slowly unveiled major details about the movie. Wolverine’s full suit and mask appeared on an official Deadpool & Wolverine cup, and just a couple of days before, Deadpool & Wolverine merchandise confirmed the introduction of four new Deadpool variants. What role these Wade Wilson variants play in the plot may only be known once the movie is released, but their comic book origin might already suggest where Deadpool & Wolverine‘s multiversal conflict is heading, as explained by a fan theory.

Deadpool & Wolverine Is Adapting The Deadpool Corps

Deadpool & Wolverine’s Wade Wilson Variants Are All Members Of The Deadpool Corps

Deadpool Corps Variants Wade Wilson, Dogpool, and Kidpool

Deadpool & Wolverine‘s merchandise reveals four Deadpool variants: Kidpool, Babypool, Dogpool, and Headpool. In the comics, the Elder of the Universe Tath Ki orders Earth-616’s Deadpool to stop the Awareness — an incorporeal entity that seeks to consume the entirety of the multiverse’s consciousness. To achieve this, Prime Deadpool recruits these variants from other universes, with whom he defeats the Awareness and humiliates the Champion twice. Unfortunately, the Deadpool Corps are later destroyed by the most powerful Deadpool: Dreadpool, the variant who kills every hero in his home reality in the comic storyline Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.

The only member of the Deadpool Corps who hasn’t appeared in Deadpool & Wolverine‘s official merchandise so far is Lady Deadpool. However, a pair of gloves wielding dual uzis appears briefly in the first Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, which has led fans to theorize that Lady Deadpool’s introduction has already been teased. If true, Lady Deadpool would complete the Deadpool Corps. line-up in the MCU. Although the movie’s main focus will likely remain on the two titular heroes, it’s possible that Wade Wilson will first try to recruit other Deadpool variants, but then seek Wolverine after they all die.

Deadpool And Wolverine’s Main Villain May Be Weaponizing The Awareness

The Awareness Is Deadpool’s Multiversal Enemy In The Comics

Deadpool Reacts to the Awareness in Marvel's Deadpool Corps

If Deadpool & Wolverine adapts the Deadpool Corps. in live-action, it’s also possible that their first enemy, the Awareness, will also be integrated into the movie’s plot. In the source material, the Elder of the Universe Tath Ki chooses Deadpool to fight the Awareness because Wade Wilson is the only individual whose unique consciousness is immune to the Awareness’ all-consuming power. Likewise, Deadpool’s self-awareness may be the reason why the TVA recruits him in Deadpool & Wolverine after the Awareness begins to threaten every reality in the Sacred Timeline.

Deadpool & Wolverine‘s first trailer featured a brief look at the movie’s main villain, who seems to be Professor X’s twin sister Cassandra Nova. In the comics, Cassandra Nova shares all of Charles Xavier’s powers, but augmented to their full potential, including a powerful form of telepathy. This could be the ability that allows Cassandra Nova to control the Awareness and unleash it upon every timeline, requiring the TVA to intervene. And since Cassandra Nova is inherently connected to the X-Men, all Avengers variants may step aside to allow X-Men characters to save the day.

The MCU May Already Have Introduced A New Version Of The Awareness

Loki’s Alioth Could Be The MCU’s Adaptation Of The Awareness

Cassandra Nova next to Alioth in the Void during Loki

The MCU’s Multiverse Saga is already filled with multiple complex concepts, including but not limited to the Sacred Timeline, absolute points in time, Nexus beings, incursions, and time travel. To avoid complicating the MCU multiverse any further, Deadpool & Wolverine could skip the Awareness and repurpose the Phase 4 villain Alioth as its MCU replacementLoki established that He Who Remains tamed Alioth and gave it the task of safeguarding the Citadel at the End of Time, eating every pruned variant it could find in the Void. Now that He Who Remains is dead, Cassandra Nova could take Alioth for herself.

The most effective way to tame Alioth, as shown by Sylvie in Loki season 1, is by mind-controlling it, whether through magic or telekinesis. Deadpool & Wolverine‘s Cassandra Nova may have been pruned and sent to the Void, where she may have used her telekinesis to tame Alioth and provide it with the Awareness’ ability to consume whole realities. This would explain why Deadpool apparently visits the Void in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, and why TVA agents are pulled away by a dark cloud. Once outside the Void, Alioth could become the biggest threat to the multiverse.

Alioth Could Be The Multiverse Saga’s Replacement For The Infinity Stones

Alioth Could Become The Multiverse Saga’s Main Weapon

Deadpool Thumbs Up and Sylvie Facing Alioth in Loki

Cassandra Nova could be defeated by Deadpool & Wolverine‘s titular heroes, but Alioth could remain a huge threat to the MCU multiverse. In the absence of a well-defined saga-wide McGuffin like the Infinity Stones, Phases 5 and 6 could establish Alioth as the best weapon the Multiverse Saga’s main villain could wish for. Whether that be Kang the Conqueror or a new antagonist, the Multiverse Saga’s big bad could attempt to use Alioth as the ultimate weapon to destroy entire realities. This link between LokiDeadpool & Wolverine, and Avengers: Secret Wars could help the Multiverse Saga feel more connected.

In the comics, Ravonna Renslayer seeks help from the Avengers to stop Alioth after it goes out of control. Ravonna was sent to the Void in the Loki season 2 finale, where she seems to have landed right in front of Alioth. Deadpool & Wolverine‘s scenes in the Void could reveal that Ravonna survived, inspiring her to seek the help of heroic variants in order to exact revenge on He Who Remains’ variants. She could also hold the key to destroying Alioth once and for all after Cassandra Nova releases it from the Void.

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