Deadpool & Wolverine Join The MCU’s Biggest Battle In Gritty Endgame Art

Captain America in Avengers Endgame with Deadpool in Deadpool & Wolverine

Recent speculation suggests that Deadpool & Wolverine will feature its titular returning heroes journeying to some of the biggest moments in the history of the MCU, perhaps even revisiting the final moments of 2019’s Avengers: Endgame. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman were confirmed to be reprising their roles from 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise following Disney’s acquisition of Fox in 2019. Marvel Studios’ upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine will mark their debut in the MCU proper, and the titular mutant heroes are expected to embark on an epic journey across a variety of universes and alternate timelines.

After a recent synopsis reveal for Deadpool & Wolverine (via Twitter)Reynolds and Jackman’s heroes are thought to be revisiting some major moments in the MCU’s history. One popular theory shockingly brings Deadpool and Wolverine into Avengers: Endgame’s final battle, which pitted the returned heroes of Earth against the Mad Titan, Thanos, and his massive armies. This epic moment has now been imagined in incredible new fan art shared by pvilly_artist, featuring Deadpool and Wolverine on the battlefield alongside the likes of Captain America, Spider-Man, Smart Hulk, Iron Man, and the Scarlet Witch, as they prepare to battle Thanos.

Deadpool and Wolverine joining the Avengers in Avengers Endgame's final battle

Why Do We Think Deadpool & Wolverine Will Revisit Avengers: Endgame?

Deadpool and Wolverine jumping in Deadpool & Wolverine

The first official trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine, which was released in April 2024, ended with the titular heroes jumping through a portal which appears to have been created by one of the MCU’s Masters of the Mystic Arts, perhaps even Doctor Strange himself. This creates a clear connection to the MCU proper, proving that at least Deadpool, if not Wolverine too, will find himself permanently in the MCU by the end of Deadpool & Wolverine. However, the scene of Deadpool and Wolverine jumping through a portal has spurred major theories regarding their journey into the MCU.

Most notably, Avengers: Endgame saw all the returned heroes of the MCU join Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor in their battle against Thanos by coming through portals. Doctor Strange, Wong, and the other Masters of the Mystic Arts created these portals, making it easy for heroes from Wakanda, Titan, and deep space to join Earth’s Mightiest. It’s very possible that Deadpool and Wolverine could be jumping through one of these portals in the eponymous movie’s first trailer, which could see them end up surrounded by some of the MCU’s most iconic superheroes in their battle against the Mad Titan.

The revealed Deadpool & Wolverine synopsis suggests the pair will be revisiting some of the audience’s “favorite moments from Phases 1-4,” and Avengers: Endgame’s final battle is by far the most impactful and powerful of the moments available. Deadpool and Wolverine could visit other MCU events, such as the Avengers’ battle in Captain America: Civil War, the Hulk’s gladiator matches on Sakaar, or Avengers: Age of Ultron’s opening fight against HYDRA. However, Avengers: Endgame featured perhaps the biggest moment in the MCU’s history, so it would make sense for Deadpool & Wolverine to revisit this incredible sequence.

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