Captain America 4 Will Continue The MCU’s Civil War 5 Years After Iron Man Died

Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers' Captain America React to Red Hulk and the Leader in Brave New World

Sam Wilson’s MCU story in Captain America: Brave New World will tie directly into the events of Captain America: Civil War and its aftermath. Sam Wilson’s blooming career as Captain America is inherently defined by the legacy of his predecessor, Steve Rogers. Years before his retirement, Steve Rogers refused to sign Thaddeus Ross’ strict Sokovia Accords and became a fugitive as a result. Yet, the original Captain America was proven right after the universe needed the Avengers to act on their own, and the victory of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes over Thanos finished confirming that superheroes need independence to accomplish their duties properly.

Although Steve Rogers’ journey ended on a high note, his Captain America legacy still needs to be defended. Former Falcon Sam Wilson is taking on that mission in the MCU Phase 5’s Captain America: Brave New World, where Sam finds himself acting as Captain America under the command of the United States government. With bigger threats than most of the ones Steve Rogers faced throughout the years, Sam Wilson is likely to understand why Captain America can’t be restrained by any entity other than himself in order to accomplish his duty.

Captain America: Brave New World Confirms The MCU’s Civil War Never Ended

Civil War And Brave New World Share The Theme Of Freedom Vs Security

Sam Wilson as the Falcon and Steve Rogers as Captain America in their superhero suits in the MCU

Nine months ahead of Captain America: Brave New World‘s release, Empire Magazine provides some narrative context around Sam Wilson’s main conflict in the Phase 5 movie. Director Julius Onah explains that Sam Wilson will not only have to face clear-cut villains like Samuel Sterns a.k.a. The Leader and the Serpent Society, but also the person commanding him, President Thaddeus Ross. With Captain America now finding himself forced to oppose the president himself in certain situations, it’s safe to say that Captain America: Civil War‘s political conflict has returned. Read Julius Onah’s comments below: “Part of the challenge for Sam as Captain America, working within the government, is the way he’s going to make decisions.” (…) “The point of view he’s going to have will at times put him at odds with the President.“

Producer Nate Moore also explains to Empire why villain Samuel Sterns is involved in Captain America: Brave New World‘s plot, revealing that The Leader seeks something that he believes he deserves, which puts Sam Wilson in an uncomfortable position with the government. Since Sam is now tied to the government’s decisions due to his duties as Captain America, it seems like Samuel Sterns’ goals will serve as the trigger of Captain America: Brave New World‘s conflict, similar to how Helmut Zemo’s quest for revenge against the Avengers led to the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War. Nate Moore says: “The Samuel Sterns you met in The Incredible Hulk is a bit different now.” (…) “Sam finds himself almost standing between Samuel Sterns and what he thinks the government owes him, and how he wants to go about getting that.”

Team Iron Man’s Real Leader Is More Powerful Than Ever

President Ross Insists On Exerting Control Over Superhuman Matters

General Ross Iron an war machine captain america civil war

Producer Nate Moore confirms to Empire Magazine that it was always the plan to have Ross become the president. Ross went from being the Lieutenant General of the US Army in The Incredible Hulk to President Matthew Ellis’ Secretary of State in Captain America: Civil War. Now, Thaddeus Ross has managed to succeed Matthew Ellis and amass more political power than ever before. With such achievements on his record, Ross is unlikely to be satisfied with the presidency; all the opposite — President Ross may now attempt to gain more control over what superheroes and vigilantes can and cannot legally do.

By Phase 4, Captain America: Civil War‘s Sokovia Accords were officially abandoned. However, while Thaddeus Ross was climbing up the political ladder, various events cast a shadow over superhumans and vigilantes. For instance, Scarlet Witch took over Westview, Thor failed to defend New Asgard from Gorr, and a Celestial came out of the Earth’s core. The last straw definitely came courtesy of the Skrulls, who led President Ritson to declare war on all extraterrestrial life on Earth. Ross must have taken advantage of events like these to paint himself as a president who will bring peace back to regular humans.

Civil War’s Baggage Can Explain Red Hulk

President Ross Will Do Whatever It Takes To Retain Control

Iron Man and Captain America's teams staring each other in Captain America: Civil War poster

Commanding Captain America himself sounds like a perfect plan for President Ross. Steve Rogers defied the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War, but he has officially retired. Steve Rogers’ absence allows Ross to manipulate Rogers’ successor, as Ross can exploit Captain America’s iconography to gain credibility for himself. However, Sam Wilson doesn’t follow orders blindly either, and it’s just a matter of time until he rebels against President Ross and the government. Hence, without an Avenger to control, Ross may take it upon himself to shape superhuman affairs to his will.

From his personal hatred towards the Hulk to his contempt for Steve Rogers’ team in Captain America: Civil War, President Ross has always showcased a certain disdain for superhumans. But Ross’ scorn can also be read as envy. With Samuel Sterns’ return providing a perfect chance, President Ross could let his instincts run wild and try some of the Gamma-infused Super Soldier serum that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk. Once transformed into the Red Hulk in Captain America: Brave New World, Ross won’t have to manipulate anybody else anymore. Now the power he always sought would be his and his only.

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