“Biggest fumble of all time”: Marvel Studios Has Reportedly Broken its Deal With Jordan Peele for X-Men Movie That Leaves Fans Furious

Marvel Studios’ alleged split with Jordan Peele for X-Men movie sparks backlash.

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Following Jeff Sneider’s recent reports on Jordan Peele meeting with Marvel Studios for an upcoming project, another renowned scooper outlet revealed that the actor-director met with the studio to allegedly discuss their upcoming X-Men movie. However, amid this rumor sparking headlines and discussions on social media, there came an upsetting update.

Jordan Peele

According to OTN, while sources confirmed Jeff Sneider’s reports about Jordan Peele meeting with Marvel Studios, they also noted that the discussion didn’t work out. In a shocking turn of events, Marvel apparently severed ties with the acclaimed filmmaker, which led to a wave of disappointment and anger among fans.

Marvel Studios’ Reported Deal With Jordan Peele is No Longer Functional

Considering the current slate of Marvel Studios being filled with potential projects, Jeff Sneider reported a few days back, how the studio had a meeting with acclimated actor-director Jordan Peele for an upcoming project. Although Sneider didn’t specify which one, OTN recently reported after gathering information from sources that Peele and Marvel met over an upcoming X-Men movie.

However, since the meeting took place a long time ago, and there were no further reports or confirmation about Jordan Peele associating with Marvel, sources revealed that the meeting didn’t work out. Although the insiders confirmed that Peele would likely want to write the script on top of directing, even though this X-Men deal failed, they didn’t reveal the reason behind the fallout.

Jordan Peele via Late Night with Seth Meyers

Speculating the reasons behind Marvel Studios’ breakup with Jordan Peele, the outlet noted that perhaps the actor-director’s vision for the movie didn’t fit with the studio’s demand. Or maybe, Peele didn’t get the creative freedom from Marvel, he prefers when working on a project. Further speculations suggested scheduling issues, with a lot being on Peele’s plate.

Fans are Upset With Marvel Studios’ Report of Breaking Ties With Jordan Peele

Meanwhile, as DiscussingFilm shared the alleged report with netizens on X, it led to a tidal wave of disappointment and outrage among fans. With this particular move being described as Marvel’s “biggest fumble of all time” by some fans, others questioned the studio’s decision-making and the future of the beloved X-Men franchise.

Stating how the alleged collaboration between Marvel Studios and Jordan Peele would have saved the franchise from further mess, considering Peele’s groundbreaking work in Hollywood, fans express their frustration over the Studio. Indeed, Peele’s unique storytelling approach and creative direction would have been a perfect fit to breathe new life into the X-Men universe.

Nonetheless, the alleged reports of a broken deal between Marvel and Jordan Peele now suggest uncertainty looming over the franchise. While Peele’s ability to tackle complex themes could have offered a fresh perspective on the mutant struggle for acceptance and equality, fans now wonder what the future might hold for the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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