Arthur Edwards reveals that King Charles kicked Meghan Markle out of the house after discovering she used a doll to impersonate Archie: “How dare she deceive!”

Hot news: Arthur Edwards reveals that Prince Charles kicked Meghan Markle out of the house after discovering she used a doll to impersonate Archie: “How dare she deceive!”

Hot news: Arthur Edwards reveals that Prince Charles kicked Meghan Markle  out of the house after discovering she used a doll to impersonate Archie: “How  dare she deceive!” - Inspirational Stories

The arrival of Archie, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s eldest child, was deemed a disaster for the press by a royal photographer. Breaking with a long-standing royal tradition, the Sussexes opted out of the customary photo shoot on the steps outside London’s private Portland Hospital following Prince Archie’s birth on May 6, 2019. It wasn’t until two days later that photographers finally captured the first glimpse of the royal baby during a photocall at St. George’s Hall in Windsor Castle.

During an interview with The Sun’s Royal Exclusive, British photographer Arthur Edwards, known for his decades-long work capturing the Royals, criticized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for stage-managing their son’s birth according to their preferences rather than adhering to the postpartum tradition believed to have originated with Princess Anne in the 80s.

“The whole thing was just stage-managed to suit them,” Edwards claimed about Archie’s birth. The well-known Sun photographer suggested that the press was given incorrect information about when Markle had gone into labor and given birth. “Archie was almost teething before we found out he was born, you know,” Edwards sarcastically told host Matt Wilkinson. “We were led to believe that she’d gone into labor at 2:00 when the baby had been born many hours earlier. We were led to believe it was going to be a home birth and it was in a hospital.”

Arthur Edwards reveals disappointment at Harry and Meghan's wedding,  calling it a 'miserable day' | Daily Record - Daily Record

According to Page Six, Markle had originally planned to give birth to Archie at their then-UK home, Frogmore Cottage, with the help of an all-female midwife team. However, when her son was a week overdue, doctors advised the former Suits star to go to the hospital and deliver there.

Twitter is buzzing with speculation that Lilibet and Archie might not be real, with some suggesting that other mothers are lending their children for photo opportunities. A YouTube video drawing over 77,000 views suggests that Archie could actually be a lifelike  doll. On The Daily Empress YouTube channel, a video titled “Meghan Markle’s Fake Baby Exposed” has garnered tens of thousands of views. The channel presents the notion that baby Sussex is a  doll, citing resemblances to doll-like features as evidence.

Another point of contention is that baby Archie appeared motionless in Prince Harry’s arms during the photo op, leading some to conclude that it must be a fake baby. Many viewers echoed this sentiment, with one royal fan commenting that Harry was holding a doll during the photo op, with Meghan allegedly strategically positioning herself to obscure the baby’s face from the camera.

In response to such speculation, others noted stark differences between videos of the Waleses introducing their newborns and Meghan and Harry introducing Archie. Observers pointed out that the Waleses’ babies were visibly active and the parents appeared relaxed, whereas Archie seemed inert, with Meghan showing discomfort and Harry holding onto him tightly. Building on this observation, others remarked that newborns typically move and make noise, unlike the seemingly still Archie.

Some even questioned the timing of Archie’s birth, suspecting that Harry’s comment in an interview indicated that Archie was actually two weeks old at the time of the introduction. During the interview, Harry’s response to a question about Archie’s appearance fueled speculation further. His diplomatic reply, suggesting that babies change rapidly and it’s difficult to determine resemblance early on, was interpreted by some as a slip-up revealing Archie’s true age.

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