A dozen snapshots of royal family life, captured by Kate Middleton

Prince William leans on a rock and looks to the distance. Snow-capped mountaintops can be seen behind him.

Catherine, Princess of Wales is no stranger to getting behind the camera.

She’s become known for snapping — and sharing — rare insights of the royal family at home and abroad over the years.

The tradition began in 2015 when the royal family released portraits the Princess of Wales had taken of Princess Charlotte.

Catherine, who is commonly referred to as Kate, issued an apology earlier this year for causing confusion after releasing a manipulated photo taken by her husband, Prince William.

But the incident hasn’t deterred her from continuing to share her snaps with the public.

The latest addition to her portfolio came overnight, marking her husband, Prince William’s birthday.

Prince William jumps into the air with his three children as they hold handsThe image of the children with Prince William was posted by Catherine to celebrate William’s birthday.(Twitter: The Prince and Princess of Wales)

Royal fans were treated to another of Kate’s photos earlier this week as the UK celebrated Father’s Day.

Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince LouisA photograph of Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis on the beach, taken by the Princess of Wales.(Kensington Royal: The Princess of Wales)

Here are some of Kate’s family photos from over the years.

Elizabeth with some of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, 2022

Elizabeth and her grandchildren, 2022

A family portrait of late Queen Elizabeth II with some of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.(The Princess of Wales)

Camilla, 2022

Camilla Parker Bowles sits on a bench in a lush, green garden. She holds a basket of freshly-cut flowersThe then-Duchess of Cornwall told Country Life editor Mark Hedges she’d “quite like for Catherine” to take the cover image.(The Princess of Wales via Clarence House)

Philip and Mia Tindall, 2021

A young girl and an older man sit outside a log cabin, warmly dressed.Mike Tindall, husband of Princess Anne’s daughter Zara, shared this photo of his daughter Mia with the late Prince Philip, taken by Princess Kate, to his Instagram.(Instagram: @Mike_Tindall12)

Philip and George, 2021

Princes Philip and Louis sit on the seat of an open top carriage. George holds open a picture book

This shot of Prince Philip and Prince George, taken years prior, was shared upon the Duke of Edinburgh’s passing.(The Princess of Wales)

Charles and Louis, 2020

Princes Charles and Louis hugPrince Louis embraces his grandfather, then-prince Charles.(The Princess of Wales via Clarence House)

Louis, 2020

Prince Louis reaches toward the camera. The palms of his hands have been painted with rainbow coloursThis candid shot was shared to mark Prince Louis’s second birthday.(The Princess of Wales)

William and Charles, 2019

Charles rests his head on Prince William's shoulder as the pair pose for a photo.This shot of Charles and William was shared for Father’s Day in 2019.(The Princess of Wales)

William, 2019

Prince William leans on a rock and looks to the distance. Snow-capped mountaintops can be seen behind him.William in front of the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan in 2019.(The Princess of Wales)

William with his three children, 2019

William kisses Louis on the cheek as Charlotte and George stand nearby, posing for a photoThis candid family shot was released in 2019.(The Princess of Wales)

Charlotte and Louis, 2018

A young girl kisses the foreheed of a sleeping baby.Princess Kate shared this photo following the birth of her youngest son, Prince Louis.(The Princess of Wales)

Elizabeth and Philip with their great-grandchildren

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip sit on a sofa surrounded by young children.Elizabeth and Philip were photographed with their great-grandchildren at Balmoral Castle.(The Royal Family)

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