10 X-Men: The Animated Series Villains We Hope Appear In X-Men ’97 Season 2

Professor X from X-Men '97 with Sabretooth and Juggernaut from X-Men: TAS

Several classic villains were celebrated for their appearances in X-Men: The Animated Series who were not introduced in X-Men ’97 and could make compelling choices for season 2. X-Men ’97 revived Marvel’s beloved 1990s series with a highly successful first season. Throughout this, many X-Men: The Animated Series characters returned for dynamic adventures and thrilling cameo appearances. However, several classic villains from the original series have not yet been adapted to the revival, though they could be perfect for X-Men ’97 season 2.

X-Men: The Animated Series originally ran from 1992 until 1997, and is especially noteworthy for not being afraid to adapt more obscure and unusual figures among both its heroes and villains. Since X-Men ’97 was able to carry the traditions of the original show so well – including adapting many less well-known characters and teasing yet more in the X-Men ’97 season 1 finale – season 2 promises to maintain the impressive legacy established by season 1, and hopefully with some missing X-Men: TAS characters.

10. Juggernaut Had Some Memorable X-Men: TAS Appearances

Juggernaut Appeared In X-Men: TAS Season 1, Episode 8 “The Unstoppable Juggernaut;” Season 3, Episode 5 “The Phoenix Saga, Part III: The Cry of the Banshee;” & Season 4, Episode 1 “The Juggernaut Returns”

x-men the animated series, juggernaut clenches his fists

In X-Men: The Animated Series, Juggernaut stood out as a formidable adversary, serving as the central antagonist in two memorable episodes inspired by early X-Men comics. His immense strength and unstoppable nature made him a challenging villain, pushing the X-Men to their limits. A third appearance in “The Dark Phoenix Saga” further cemented his status as a complex threat, featuring thrilling battles between Juggernaut, the X-Men, and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard.

Juggernaut’s powers often allowed him to easily overpower individual X-Men members in the animated series, providing a compelling exploration of team dynamics and complementary mutant abilities. Revisiting this dynamic with the X-Men ’97 lineup would be captivating. Juggernaut’s imposing presence and unstoppable force would make him an ideal villain for a more mature narrative, offering the opportunity to delve deeper into his complicated and conflicted history as Charles Xavier’s stepbrother.

9. Lady Deathstrike Is Teased In The X-Men ’97 Opening Credits

Lady Deathstrike Appeared In X-Men: TAS Season 3, Episodes 1-2 “Out Of The Past”

Lady Deathstrike holding up her hands and looking evil in X-Men the animated series

Lady Deathstrike left a lasting impression on X-Men: The Animated Series, serving as the main antagonist in a thrilling two-part episode. Her formidable combat skills and adamantium enhancements posed a significant challenge to the X-Men while delving into Wolverine’s mysterious past. Despite her captivating debut, Lady Deathstrike did not appear in later episodes, but her intense presence remains a standout moment.

Including Lady Deathstrike in X-Men ’97 season 2 would address her limited appearances in the original series. Teased in the X-Men ’97 opening credits and briefly portrayed by Morph in episode 2, she’s poised for a comeback. Moreover, Deathstrike is a character who would flourish with X-Men ‘97’s more mature tone. Alongside her recent appearance in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, X-Men ’97 could offer a more comic-accurate, modern rendition of this compelling character.

8. Sabretooth Was A Prominent Foe In X-Men: TAS

Sabretooth Appeared In 11 Episodes Of X-Men: TAS

Sabretooth looking scary in X-Men The Animated Series

Sabretooth’s presence in X-Men: The Animated Series was terrifying and vital, anchoring pivotal narratives such as Wolverine’s enigmatic past and the chilling rise of the Friends of Humanity. His early introduction in X-Men: TAS established him as a dynamic villain, appearing in numerous episodes with his ferocity and cunning. His role in shaping Wolverine’s character and highlighting the bigotry of the Friends of Humanity underscored his significance, leaving an indelible mark on the series’ intricate tapestry of heroism and conflict.

Given his iconic rivalry with Wolverine, it is likely that Sabretooth will appear in X-Men ’97. His presence would add a dynamic layer to the ongoing Friends of Humanity narrative established in X-Men ’97 episode 1, “To Me, My X-Men,” and seen in subsequent episodes. Sabretooth’s fearsome demeanor would work well with X-Men ‘97’s updated animation technique, making him a thrilling potential foe.

7. Shadow King Could Return To Torment The Revitalized Storm

Shadow King Appears In X-Men: TAS Season 2, Episode 3 “Whatever It Takes” & Season 4, Episode 5 Xavier Remembers”

Shadow king surrounded by purple energy in x-men the animated series

In X-Men: The Animated Series, Shadow King, a villainous psychic entity, made chilling appearances in two standout episodes. His ominous presence delved into the tumultuous pasts of Storm and Xavier, revealing intricate backstories. With striking visuals and psychedelic animation, these episodes offered a gripping exploration of the characters’ psyches. Shadow King’s fearsome visage and menacing aura added depth to the series, showcasing his profound impact on the X-Men’s world.

Shadow King could enhance X-Men ‘97’s animation sequences by thrusting the team into a psychic confrontation on the Astral Plane. With Storm’s place in the mutant world reaffirmed when she regained her powers, Shadow King could further explore her character and her complicated relationship with him as seen in the comics. As one of the most fearsome and dynamic X-Men villains, Shadow King’s inclusion in X-Men ’97 offers boundless possibilities.

6. Mystique’s Absence Is Particularly Conspicuous

Mystique Appeared In 10 Episodes Of X-Men: TAS

Mystique and Rogue talking in X-Men The Animated Series

Mystique was a captivating and enigmatic villain throughout 10 X-Men: The Animated Series episodes. Her versatile abilities and shapeshifting prowess propelled her into pivotal roles within central narratives. Collaborating with formidable forces like Apocalypse and the Brotherhood of Mutants, Mystique wove intricate webs of intrigue and deceit. Her appearances were often crucial threads in the series’ overarching narratives, adding depth, tension, and complexity to the X-Men’s ongoing struggle against adversaries both familiar and entirely new.

Despite this longstanding history, Mystique has yet to make an official debut in X-Men ’97. However, a prevailing theory suggests she may have already appeared. In X-Men comics, Mystique disguises herself as CIA agent Valerie Cooper. Valerie has appeared throughout X-Men ’97, often during crises. Notably, Valerie’s eye color changes from blue to yellow in these moments, hinting she may, in fact, be Mystique in disguise.

5. The Nasty Boys Frequently Accompanied Minister Sinister

The Nasty Boys Appeared In 8 Episodes Of X-Men: TAS

Mister Sinister talking to Gorgous George in X-Men the animated series

In X-Men: The Animated Series, the Nasty Boys serve as Mister Sinister’s elite strike force. Comprising members like Gorgeous George, Ruckus, Hairbag, Slab, and Vertigo, the Nasty Boys made memorable appearances in episodes where they clashed with the X-Men, particularly in missions aimed at capturing Cyclops and Jean Grey. Their unique powers and fierce loyalty to Sinister provided exciting and dynamic battles, showcasing the X-Men’s need to strategize against coordinated and powerful adversaries.

However, in X-Men ’97 season 1, the Nasty Boys were conspicuously absent from Mister Sinister’s appearances. This omission is notable, given their significance in the original series. Their presence would enhance Sinister’s narrative, adding depth to his schemes and presenting a greater challenge to the X-Men. Following the villain’s defeat in the X-Men ’97 finale, the Nasty Boys could be instrumental in assisting Mister Sinister’s resurgence.

4. Graydon Creed’s Fate Was Left A Mystery

Graydon Creed Appeared In 6 Episodes Of X-Men: TAS

Graydon Creed looking evil and talking X-Men The Animated Series

Graydon Creed in X-Men: The Animated Series stands out as a compelling and terrifying villain. As the leader of the anti-mutant group, the Friends of Humanity, Creed’s intense hatred for mutants drives several memorable episodes. His calculated schemes and charismatic manipulation made him a significant threat to the X-Men. The complexity of his character is highlighted in his last appearance, which ends on a dramatic cliffhanger as his mutant father, Sabretooth, confronts him.

This revelation added complex layers to Creed’s motivations and his deep-seated animosity towards mutants. Graydon Creed’s return in X-Men ’97 season 2 would be a powerful addition, especially with the Friends of Humanity already established in the revival. His character could further explore the themes of prejudice and family conflict, providing rich, nuanced storytelling and intense conflicts for the X-Men to face – while also revealing what happened when he reunited with his father.

3. Pyro Was A Prominent Member Of The Brotherhood

Pyro Appeared In 4 Episodes Of X-Men: TAS

Pyro coming on to Rogue in X-Men the animated series

In X-Men: The Animated SeriesPyro was a prominent member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, known for his fiery abilities, flamboyant personality, and questionable English accent. He first appeared on Muir Island during “The Cure” storyline, attempting to investigate a supposed mutant cure. Pyro also plays a significant role in “Days of Future Past,” working under Mystique in her assassination plans.

Pyro’s fiery powers and dynamic combat style made him a memorable adversary for the X-Men, showcasing the series’ ability to blend character-driven plots with action-packed sequences and making him a potentially thrilling addition for X-Men ’97 season 2. Teased in the revival’s opening credits, Pyro’s powers would adapt well to the series’ advanced animation techniques, creating visually spectacular battles. His presence could also trigger the Brotherhood’s first appearance in the revival, adding further complications to the ongoing conflict between mutants and their adversaries.

2. The Brood Appeared As The Colony In X-Men: TAS

The Colony Appeared In X-Men: TAS Season 3, Episode 19 “Love In Vain”

the brood aka the colony talking to each other in x-men the animated series

For X-Men: The Animated Series, the Brood were reimagined as the Colony, introducing a chilling extraterrestrial threat while adhering to the era’s strict censorship guidelines. Despite these changes, the storyline remained thrilling, delving into Rogue’s backstory and adding greater insight to her character. The narrative’s tension and suspense captivated audiences, showcasing the series’ ability to blend character development with action and horror elements, even within censorship constraints.

With X-Men ’97 targeting a more mature audience, the Brood could be reintroduced with all their horrifying potential as depicted in the comics. Their terrifying nature and parasitic abilities would provide a gripping and intense storyline, allowing for some darker prospective narratives. This would not only honor the original source material but also elevate the stakes for the X-Men, offering fans a more authentic and dynamic experience.

1. Fabian Cortez Was Last Seen Possessed By Apocalypse

Fabian Cortez Appeared In X-Men: TAS Season 4, Episodes 6-7 “Sanctuary,” & Season 5, Episode 9 “The Fifth Horseman”

Fabian Cortez smirking in X-Men the animated series

Fabian Cortez appeared first in X-Men: The Animated Series as a prominent member of Magneto’s Acolytes, initially serving as a loyal follower. However, his treacherous nature is revealed when he betrays Magneto, seeking power for himself. Cortez’s storyline took a dramatic turn as he became entangled with Apocalypse and was made his fifth Horseman, ultimately ending with his form being possessed by the ancient mutant.

With Apocalypse’s imminent arrival in X-Men ’97 season 2, it is logical for Fabian Cortez to reappear or have his fate addressed. His complex character and past associations with Magneto and Apocalypse provide rich narrative potential. Revealing Cortez’s fate or reintroducing him could add layers to the unfolding conflict and continuity, bridging the original series with the revival. Cortez’s return would enhance the intrigue and stakes, offering fans continuity and compelling character arcs comparable to the celebrated X-Men: The Animated Series.

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