10 Villains from Daredevil Who Would Shake Up the MCU

Now that Daredevil is canon to the MCU, there’s no better time than now to bring some of his most iconic yet underrated villains to live-action.

After years of waiting and praying, fans of Daredevil and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) Netflix era finally got what they’ve been hoping for. Through the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again, not only will Matt Murdock plus his friends and foes join the MCU, but their hit Netflix series (and, by extension, the other Netflix MCU shows) will also become canon.

Daredevil’s formal entrance into the MCU also means that many of his most iconic and overlooked supervillains will have the chance to finally make their live-action debuts. Some should be adapted as is, while the shift to live-action could greatly improve others. Either way, these Daredevil villains deserve to appear in Born Again, or later on.

10. Stilt-Man Will Benefit Immensely From the MCU Treatment

Stilt-Man is one of (if not) the biggest jokes in the entire Marvel Universe. Stilt-Man was a supervillain who used powered stilts, and his only claim to fame was being killed by The Punisher. This, however, doesn’t mean he can’t be done justice in the MCU. Whether he keeps his pathetic status or is rewritten into an actual threat, Stilt-Man can shine in the MCU.

The MCU famously turned some of Marvel’s lamest villains into legitimate foes. Cases in point, Batroc the Leaper and Mysterio. It also helps that Daredevil’s 2019 comic run famously featured a truly terrifying and updated Stilt-Man. What’s more, Stilt-Man was already teased in Daredevil Season 1, making his MCU debut all but inevitable.

9. The Owl Was Daredevil’s Classic Mob Boss Rival

Back when Kingpin was primarily a Spider-Man villain, The Owl was Daredevil’s archenemy. The Owl was Daredevil’s physical match: he also had heightened senses, only now empowered by an owl’s genes. The Owl may have been usurped by Kingpin and demoted to the B-list, but he’s still one of Hell’s Kitchen’s most monstrous crime lords.

The Owl technically appeared in Netflix’s Daredevil, but he was just an old mob boss. Kingpin threw him down an elevator shaft. The Owl was one of many minor Marvel characters who were unfortunately wasted by Netflix for the sake of “realism.” The MCU can do him justice by properly adapting him, especially now that Kingpin is currently out of power.

8. Bullet Was One of Daredevil’s Most Underrated Enemies

Bullet may not exactly be the deadliest mercenary Daredevil fought, but he was easily one of the most memorable. Bullet was best known for living up to his codename as a nigh-unstoppable brute, and for being protective of his son Lance. This made Bullet one of Daredevil’s toughest yet humane foes yet.

A villain as dangerous yet sympathetic as Bullet wouldn’t feel misplaced in Netflix’s Daredevil. Bullet could present Daredevil with another moral quandary while providing some potentially stellar fight scenes. Bullet was set to appear in Daredevil: Born Again but following the production overhaul, it’s unclear if he’ll join the MCU or not.

7. Bushwacker Can Challenge Daredevil Physically & Religiously

Bushwacker is a classic Daredevil villain who rarely (if ever) got the respect he deserves. Besides being a literal living weapon whose fighting style and bloodlust opposed Daredevil’s nonlethal approach, Bushwacker was Matt’s underrated foil. Both were religious, but Bushwacker took this further by being a priest turned government assassin.

Given the Netflix series’ focus on how religion influenced Matt’s moral code for better and worse, having him fight someone like Bushwacker makes a lot of thematic sense. Where Matt remained faithful despite some hardships, Bushwacker rejected religion to relish cruelty. This is a moral conflict that would do wonders for Daredevil’s MCU run.

6. Mr. Fear III Can Turn Daredevil’s Life Into a Living Nightmare

It’s hard to deny the fact that Mr. Fear’s third and current incarnation is a blatant Scarecrow rip-off. Both skeletal supervillains used fear toxins and tactics to overpower their physically superior foes. This, however, didn’t diminish the fact that Mr. Fear III was one of Daredevil’s deadliest supervillains who went as far as driving his wife, Milla Donovan, mad.

Minus The Hand’s supernaturally enhanced ninjas, Daredevil hasn’t fought a super-powered supervillain in both Netflix and the MCU. Mr. Fear III and his fear toxins would spice up Daredevil’s grounded physical brawls. It also helps that Mr. Fear III was Matt’s envious classmate in law school, giving him a personal edge that would work well in the MCU.

5. Gladiator Was Already Set-up During Daredevil’s Netflix Series

Gladiator was one of Daredevil’s first supervillains, but he never escaped relative obscurity. Although he was an imposing physical threat, Gladiator also troubled Daredevil’s morals because he was a mentally troubled person who was often forced into villainy and violence. It’s also worth noting that Gladiator’s work is already halfway done in the MCU.

Netflix’s Daredevil introduced Melvin Potter as Daredevil’s armorer, but he had yet to don the Gladiator’s identity. He was last seen being arrested after he and Daredevil were forced to fight. The MCU could finally pay off what the Netflix series set up by not only bringing back Melvin but by having him embrace the Gladiator mantle to avenge himself.

4. Richard Fisk Could Upend the Status Quo as Himself or Blood Rose

Richard Fisk was both an aspiring gang boss and the son of Kingpin. Early on, Richard tried to make a name for himself as the masked boss known as The Rose. Depending on his goals, Richard either aided his father or schemed against him. Different people took up The Rose’s mantle, but Richard was the only one worth Daredevil’s time.

As of this writing, Kingpin and Vanessa don’t have a son in either the Netflix or MCU continuity. However, Richard could still be introduced as a latecomer and throw a wrench into his father’s plans. Kingpin’s personal life was one of the backbones of Netflix’s Daredevil, and bringing in Richard and/or The Rose can make it even more dire.

3. Lady Bullseye Was Daredevil’s Modern Evil Counterpart

Lady Bullseye was so inspired after seeing Bullseye kill people to become as deadly as him. However, she also dedicated her life to making both Daredevil and Matt suffer. When she wasn’t one of The Hand’s deadliest students, Lady Bullseye was Maki Matsumoto, Matt’s rival lawyer who outmaneuvered him legally.

The Netflix series did a great job of balancing Matt’s job as a lawyer and Daredevil’s vigilantism. Introducing both Maki and Lady Bullseye can give Daredevil a difficult challenge on two fronts. Lady Bullseye’s ambitions of becoming The Hand’s leader would also serve the MCU well, as she could help expand The Hand’s lore and purpose in the shared universe.

2. Typhoid Mary Needs to Torment Daredevil & Kingpin

Typhoid Mary was interesting because she tormented and tempted both Daredevil and Kingpin. Typhoid Mary was born when Daredevil accidentally knocked her out of a building, and she’s been a thorn in his conscience ever since. She later worked as a hired assassin for Kingpin, before the two fell in love and began a relationship.

Netflix’s Daredevil gave audiences the best incarnations of Daredevil and Kingpin yet. It would be a pity if Typhoid Mary didn’t interact with these versions of the characters in the MCU. Besides having the potential to haunt the MCU Daredevil, Typhoid Mary could also give the MCU Kingpin a new emotional conflict now that Vanessa Fisk is in prison.

1. Bullseye Can Finally Be Adapted Properly by the MCU

One of the most frustrating things about Daredevil’s third and final Netflix season was how it teased Bullseye’s arrival through Benjamin Poindexter, only for him to be an evil Daredevil. Despite his impeccable aim, sadism, and the bullseye logo in his eyes, Poindexter was really more of an original character than Netflix’s version of Bullseye.

Poindexter suffered from Netflix’s dedication to “realism” and habit of making comic characters earn their iconic outfits and powers. The MCU is more open to its comics’ inherent creativity than it used to be, meaning it can finally do Daredevil’s nemesis justice. The recent announcement that Wilson Bethel would be returning for Daredevil: Born Again has reignited the fan’s demand for his proper return as Bullseye.

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