The Boys Season 5: Jared Padalecki Offers Encouraging Response to Potential Final Season Cameo

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester stands in a forest looking confused in Supernatural

Jared Padalecki offers an encouraging response to the possibility of appearing in The Boys season 5. The potential for the actor to appear in the superhero series has been discussed for years, given that he boasts a significant connection to the showrunner, Eric Kripke. Kripke is also the creator of Supernatural, which Padalecki starred in for 15 years. Given that the showrunner has since offered The Boys‘ roles and cameos to several other Supernatural stars, it wasn’t surprising to learn he was open to Padalecki appearing, too.

In an interview with Deadline, Padalecki had a positive update on his potential cameo in The Boys season 5. The Supernatural star confirmed he and Kripke have talked about his role and that he is still open to appearing. He went on to describe his incredible connection with the showrunner and how it’s hardly a question of whether he wants to do it. At this point, he is ready for the role and simply waiting for Kripke to give him the call that season 5 is filming, so he can fly over to set. Check out his statement below:

The answer is yes. We have talked [about a role]. As a matter of fact, we talked today. I think at this point in my acting life, I only want to work on projects that I really care about or with people that I really care about, and, obviously, Eric and I are indelibly connected forever. I mean, he created Supernatural. He created Sam Winchester. He created Ruby [Genevieve Padalecki], who I ended up marrying and starting a family with. I adore him. I adore his humor. I adore him as a person, his storytelling. So I can’t wait. I don’t think [Season 5] films until next year, but I will be ready when he makes the phone call. I’ll just say, ‘Okay, when am I flying out?’

Why Jared Padalecki’s The Boys’ Cameo Needs To Happen in Season 5

Sam (Jared Padalecki) staring intensely in Supernatural

There are a few reasons why Padalecki’s cameo in The Boys season 5 should happen. For one, Kripke has officially confirmed that the show will end with season 5, meaning next season is the Supernatural star’s final chance to appear in the series. Secondly, there have been so many teases of a cameo that his entrance almost feels inevitable. If his cameo doesn’t work out, he could always appear in the spinoff series Gen V, given that the franchise has plans for expansion. However, he and Kripke have repeatedly raised anticipation specifically for his potential appearance in The Boys.

The idea of the cameo took hold in 2022 when Kripke confirmed that Padalecki was always welcome on his show, given their extensive work history together. However, there has always been an obstacle to his appearance, as he has held the titular role in Walker since 2021. Since the show was recently canceled, now is the right time for Padalecki to appear in The Boys, especially before another project comes. Upon learning of the cancelation, Kripke commented it would be a “bummer” not to have the cameo at this point.

In addition to the timing and need to deliver on the teases, The Boys season 4 has applied further pressure for the cameo by casting yet another Supernatural star. Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently made his debut as Joe Kessler, joining a long list of Supernatural actors who have appeared on the show, including Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, and Gattlin Griffith. It only seems fitting that the next star to appear would be one who has long talked about and shown enthusiasm for the show. Fortunately, the prospects of Padalecki’s The Boys‘ cameo becoming a reality are looking strong.

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