The Boys Season 4: Unraveling the Mystery Behind Why Frenchie K*lled Colin’s Family

The Boys Season 4 Episode 3, we got to know that Frenchie is gay. In the previous episode, it was shown that Frenchie was responsible for the death of Colin’s family. Initially, we did not know that there is that kind of a history between Frenchie and Colin and it is pretty evident that Colin has no idea about it. Episode 3 revealed the history of Frenchie and Colin but did not tell us the reason for Frenchie murdering his family. This reason was revealed to us in Season 4 Episode 4 and here’s why Frenchie killed Colin’s family.

Frenchie Killed Colin’s Family for Nina Namenko

The Boys Season 4: Why Did Frenchie Kill Colin’s Family

In a scene where Colin tells Frenchie that his mom was a Federal Judge who used to persecute violent crimes, he also tells us that she was after a Russian mafia woman. This woman is without a doubt Nina Namenko, the former employer of Frenchie.

It seems that when Colin’s mom was getting closer to Nina, she got Frenchie to break into Colin’s house and kill his mom. So, Frenchie killed Colin’s mom and his entire family for Nina. We have already learned that Frenchie worked as a hired assassin for Nina.

However, it seems that he is drowned in regret and guilt for what he has done since he finally told Colin that he is the one who killed his family. After this, Colin tries to kill Frenchie for killing his family but stops himself from committing the murder.

So, where is their relationship headed? I guess we will find out in The Boys episode 5. Till then, stay tuned!

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