VIP Access: Superfan Discloses All About Taylor Swift’s $50M NYC Home

A Taylor Swift superfan spilled the details on everything he saw when he was invited inside the pop star’s $50 million New York City home.

In a new interview, Tyler Conroy recalled sipping on Diet Cokes from Swift’s fridge, checking out her personal library filled with “Harry Potter” books and listening to her 2014 hit “Shake It Off” in her townhouse in the Tribeca neighborhood.

The “Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song” author explained to the Daily Mail Monday that the “Tortured Poets Department” artist once let him and a few other fans wander around the lower floor of her sprawling property.

Taylor Swift performing onstage.
A Taylor Swift superfan revealed what he saw in the pop star’s $50 million home in New York City.Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Tyler Conroy posing on a red carpet.
Tyler Conroy shared his experience of wandering around Swift’s Tribeca townhouse.Stephanie Augello/PictureGroup for National Geographic/Shutterstock

Taylor Swift's New York City apartment

He said the 14-time Grammy winner had an award on her toilet.Erik Thomas/NY Post

Conroy shared that Swift’s dad, Scott Swift, was present during the visit and told him, “‘When Taylor went to look at her apartment, [former resident] Ian McKellen was sat there at the dining table in his pajamas.’”

Scott, 72, also told the group that he and his daughter, 34, watched “Frozen” together at her place, according to the Swiftie, who thought the anecdote “was so cute.”

Some of Taylor’s beloved cats also joined the superfans, but Conroy did not clarify how many or which ones.

tyler conroy - the taylor swift reporter who was invited to her nyc home
Swift’s fridge was stuffed with Diet Cokes, according to Conroy.tyler conroy/Instagram

Taylor Swift's cat
Her cats also made an appearance during the visit.Taylor Swift/Instagram

“I played with her pet cats, and it was then I noticed that there was a birdcage with a broken Grammy Award in it. Taylor had broken it [after dropping it at the 2010 ceremony], and she wanted to look after it by putting it in the cage,” he told the outlet.

As for the home itself, the content creator — who recently became a Taylor Swift correspondent for ITV’s “This Morning” — described it as “brown,” “rustic” and “in an old New York style.”

Conroy also disclosed that Taylor had a secret “speakeasy” bathroom that was only accessible via a “secret door behind a bookcase.” He said the room included towels with “TS” monogrammed on them.

Taylor Swift's living room in New York City.
Conroy disclosed that the superstar has a secret bathroom.Taylor Swift/Instagram

tyler conroy - the taylor swift reporter who was invited to her nyc home
He said the room had towels with “TS” monogrammed on them.tyler conroy/Instagram

The devoted fan noted that Taylor’s countless awards were “all over the place” — even on her toilet.

“There were a couple on the fireplace. There was even one on the top of the toilet; I have never seen anything like that before. Most people have some potpourri or some flowers, but she had a Grammy Award on her loo,” he said.

Conroy also noticed a Polaroid camera in the “Lover” singer’s lounge that her family and friends could use to take pictures and hang them on her walls.

While Taylor was not home during the once-in-a-lifetime tour, she had met Conroy prior to that and even wrote the title of her 2008 album, “Fearless,” on a piece of paper for him so he could get it tattooed on his foot.

Taylor Swift posing with her friends at her NYC apartment.
The superfan added that Swift had a Polaroid camera to take candid photos of her family and friends.Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift cooking in her kitchen and sitting at her dining room table.
The “Cruel Summer” singer bought the property in 2014 and has since shared a few snaps inside.Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor bought her Tribeca pad for $18 million in 2014 and later expanded the space by purchasing the three units above her –– for roughly $10 million each –– and renovating them to create an 8,300-square-foot duplex.

The “Cruel Summer” singer, whom Forbes recently named a billionaire, mostly tries to keep her private life out of the spotlight, but she has occasionally shared some photos inside her Big Apple abode.

Some of her past social media posts have featured her dining room, which was painted red and had a long, wooden dining table in the center. She also added some vintage red rugs and velvet couches to give it a warmer feeling.

Meanwhile, her kitchen appeared to be more modern with bright yellow tiles on the walls and white cabinets outlining the room.

Taylor Swift sitting on a pool table
Swift even has a pool table in her pad.Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift walking
She has a slew of massive properties across the country.Jose Perez /

Her compound also included a bar area, a pool table, an indoor swimming pool and her neutral-toned bedroom complete with a light wood vanity and matching TV cabinet.

Taylor has been photographed entering and leaving her multimillion-dollar townhouse several times over the years, most recently while hanging out with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

The global superstar also has properties in Beverly Hills, Calif. ($25 million), Watch Hill, RI ($17 million) and Nashville ($2 million).

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