The Boys: Who Are The New Members Of The Seven In Season 4?

Split: Sister Sage (Susan Heyward), Homelander (Antony Starr), and Firecracker (Valorie Curry) in The Boys Season 4

Prime Video’s The Boys is back for its fourth and penultimate season, bringing back many of its most popular characters for another action-packed, bloody adventure. After the groundbreaking events of Season 3, the latest season of The Boys sees Homelander now fully in control of Vought and, by extension, the Seven.

After losing several important Supes and potential members of the team over the last few seasons, including Queen Maeve, Soldier Boy, Black Noir, Stormfront, and Starlight, the Seven is in a period of reconstruction under Homelander’s rule. With the help of new member Sister Sage, Homelander is putting together one of the most formidable lineups of the Seven of all time.

7Homelander Is Still The Leader Of The Seven

The Boys' Homelander (Antony Starr) with a blank look in his live birthday speech

Homelander (Antony Starr) using his laser vision on innocent people in The Boys

Homelander is played by Antony Starr.

Homelander is the most powerful Supe in The Boys and the current leader of the Seven. A dark parody of DC Comics’ Superman, Homelander has a wide array of overpowered abilities, including flight, super strength, laser vision, super hearing, X-ray vision, and even delayed aging.

Not only is Homelander the most physically powerful Supe of all time, but he is also the most dangerous. While many Supes take advantage of humans because of their powers, Homelander takes things to another level. He sees himself as superior to all humans, who are little more than toys to him. As a result, he has no problem killing people when he feels like it, making him the biggest threat facing humanity in The Boys Season 4.

6A-Train Is Questioning His Membership On The Seven

A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) smiling with glasses on in The Boys

A-Train is played by Jessie T. Usher.

A-Train is a Supe who possesses the ability to run at superhuman speeds. He is one of the characters to remain a member of the Seven since The Boys‘ first season, but constantly fears being cut from the team because of his waning speed. His inferiority complex leads him to follow Homelander’s every order to stay on his good side, even if it means killing innocent people.

By Season 4, A-Train is growing tired of Homelander’s circus. Disillusioned with life as a member of the Seven, especially its many nonsensical and inaccurate biopics (including one where he is trained as a young Supe by surprise guest star Will Ferrell), A-Train secretly defects from Vought and offers valuable information to Hugie, Starlight, and the rest of the Boys.

5The Deep Is Still Struggling To Find His Place In The Seven

The Deep (Chace Crawford) with his hands up in surrender in a scene from The Boys.Image via Prime Video

The Deep is played by Chace Crawford.

The Deep is an original member of the Seven who is a parody of DC Comics’ Aquaman. The king of the seas who can communicate with (and has a secret sexual attraction to) marine life, including Ambrosia, an octopus played by Tilda Swinton. In addition to being able to speak to ocean animals, the Deep is an adept swimmer and possesses gills to help him breathe underwater.

As is typically the case with the character, the Deep remains insecure about his place in the Seven in The Boys Season 4. He feels particularly threatened by the arrival of Sister Sage, who shakes up his responsibilities on the team. However, he warms to her when she seduces him in Episode 3, though this is undoubtedly a part of her larger scheme to consolidate control over the Seven.

4Black Noir II Needs More Direction To Find His Character

Black Noir stands in the Seven's meeting room within Vought Tower from Prime Video's The Boys.

Black Noir is played by Nathan Mitchell.

Black Noir makes a surprise return in The Boys Season 4 despite his gruesome death at the end of the previous season. It appears that, after Homelander murdered the original Black Noir, Vought hired an actor to play the Supe, therefore keeping the hero’s death from the public.

The Boys hasn’t revealed who the new Black Noir is, but the actor is struggling with the role. He consistently asks for better direction from Homelander and the other Supes, wondering how he can step into the role of Black Noir without being able to talk. It is unclear if Black Noir II has any powers, or if he is just an actor warming a seat in the Seven.

3Sister Sage Is The Brains Behind The Seven

Sister Sage (Susan Heyward) poses for the camera in The Boys Season 4

Sister Sage is played by Susan Heyward.

Sister Sage joins the Seven in The Boys Season 4, shaking up the entire team as a result. Sage is an unusual choice for the team, as her powers are less flashy than those of Homelander or A-Train. Her powers make her the smartest person in the world, giving her acute planning and strategic skills.

Despite her unassuming skill set, Sister Sage is one of the most dangerous members of the Seven. She is the smartest person in the world and unafraid to use this position for her self-gain. After being recruited by Homelander, Sage fully takes over the strategic side of the Seven’s war with the Boys, cornering the heroes at every turn.

2Firecracker Is The Seven’s Newest Member

Firecracker (Valorie Curry) looking at someone with a vacant expression from The Boys

Firecracker is played by Valorie Curry.

The Boys Season 4 introduces the new Supe Firecracker, a conspiracy theorist with a specific vendetta against Starlight and her followers. Firecracker has superstrength and can generate sparks by snapping her fingers. Her generally lackluster skill set, however, is overshadowed by her sheer hatred for Starlight, which Sister Sage recognizes as an essential trait in the coming war against the Boys.

Previously known as Sparkler, Firecracker was on the same pageant cycle as Starlight when they were children. When the young Annie January spread a vicious rumor that ruined Firecracker’s career, the lesser-known Supe vowed revenge. Now, Firecracker is obsessed with ruining Starlight’s image, which Homelander and the Seven have been trying to do for quite some time.

1Ryan Is Set Up To Be The Final Member Of The Seven

Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) uses his laser vision in The Boys

Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) chooses between Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Homelander (Antony Starr) in The Boys

Ryan is played by Cameron Crovetti.

Ryan Butcher is the son of Homelander who is discovered to have superhuman powers similar to his father’s. Raised by Billy Butcher’s late wife Becca, Ryan is far more human than his Supe father, whose sociopathic tendencies make him a threat to innocent people everywhere. However, Ryan may be following in Homelander’s footsteps as he becomes one of the strongest Supes in The Boys.

There remains one empty seat on the current lineup of the Seven, which Homelander has strongly suggested belongs to Ryan. The boy may not be ready for a career as a Supe, but he is certainly on that path as his father and the other members of the Seven work to set up his alternate identity. However, if Billy Butcher and the Boys have anything to say about it, Ryan will never join Homelander as a member of the Seven.

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