Taylor Swift Surprises Fans with Intimate Home Video Featuring Travis Kelce

Dancing — and kissing — ’round the kitchen.

Taylor Swift showed off a sweet, intimate moment with her beau, Travis Kelce, in a new clip posted Friday.

In a video on YouTube celebrating the release of her “Fortnight” music video, Swift posted a series of snippets including one of the Kansas City Chiefs player giving her a quick kiss on the cheek as she cooks dinner.

The second-long clip shows the “Tortured Poets Department” singer stirring food in a simple black tank top with jeans and a gold necklace.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kissing and cooking.
Taylor Swift gave fans a glimpse at an intimate moment with Travis Kelce.Taylor Swift/YouTube

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kissing and cooking.
The quick clip shows the football player giving her a kiss on the cheek.Taylor Swift/YouTube

Kelce, wearing a black cardigan over a collared shirt, then swoops in from the side to give her a peck on the cheek.

Swift, 34, seems shocked by the move and begins to giggle at Kelce, also 34, as the video cuts to the next clip.

The compilation video also included clips of the singer exercising at a gym, sewing, doing arts and crafts while wearing a Kansas University sweatshirt, making cinnamon buns, playing pickleball and hanging out with friends on a boat.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kissing and cooking.

Swift was cooking when Kelce surprised her with a kiss on the cheek.Taylor Swift/YouTube

Taylor Swift dancing.
The video was posted in celebration of her new music video “Fortnight.”Taylor Swift/YouTube

Swift’s cat Benjamin Button also makes a cute cameo in the video.

“Share your ‘fortnight’ recap with #ForAFortnightChallenge 🤍 brought to you by YouTube Shorts,” she captioned the clips, which were presumably shot in the last two weeks.

Fans flocked to the comments to praise Swift for showing off moments from her daily life.

“im so happy for taylor that she feels comfortable to be so personal and vulnerable for us! thats so great for her,” one fan wrote.

Taylor Swift playing pickleball
“Share your ‘fortnight’ recap with #ForAFortnightChallenge 🤍 brought to you by YouTube Shorts,” she captioned the clips.Taylor Swift/YouTube

Taylor Swift doing arts and crafts.
She also posted herself doing arts and crafts and playing pickleball.Taylor Swift/YouTube

Taylor Swift blowing out a bubble on a drink.
In another vid, she blows a bubble off a drink.Taylor Swift/YouTube

Another added, “Taylor and Travis have the best chemistry. Taylor we are all so happy for you!”

A third wrote that it was a “treat” to see Swift “carefree” and “happy.”

Swift released her new album, “The Tortured Poets Department” on Friday, as well as her new music video “Fortnight,” starring Post Malone.

Taylor Swift and Post Malone in "Fortnight."
Swift released her music video with Post Malone on Friday.Taylor Swift/YouTube

Taylor Swift and Post Malone with Josh Charles and Ethan Hawke in "Fortnight."
Josh Charles and Ethan Hawke made a surprise appearance in the video.Taylor Swift/Twitter

The cover of "The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology."
Her album, which included 15 bonus tracks, also dropped on Friday.BETH GARRABRANT

In the video, which included a surprise appearance from actors Josh Charles and Ethan Hawke, Swift and Malone play lovers as they sing to each other in a black-and-white backdrop.

Swift spared no one’s feelings in her latest album, with songs about ex Joe Alwyn and her short-lived romance with The 1975’s Matty Healy.

She also once again took aim at Kim Kardashian, who seemingly didn’t care about the diss track.

Swift even included songs about her current romance with Kelce.

The singer’s relationship with the NFL tight end has been a far cry from her private relationship with Alwyn.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on a date.
Swift took aim at her exes on her new album, but even included songs about Kelce.BeautifulSignatureIG / SplashNews.com

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on a date.
The couple began dating last summer.GC Images

The couple — who began dating last summer — have been in the public eye since Swift first attended his football game in September 2023.

Since then she’s been to many of his games, including the Super Bowl.

Kelce has also been in attendance at her blockbuster Eras Tour. In fact, the first time fans saw the couple kiss was during one of her shows in South America.

Swift has admitted in past interviews that she doesn’t like hiding her relationships, despite how she behaved with Alwyn, 33.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift kissing.
They haven’t been shy about PDA over the course of their romance.Instagram/patty_cuts

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift kissing.Swift has previously said she doesn’t like hiding her relationships.REUTERS

“It all depends on who you’re with,” she said in an interview that has since gone viral.

“If they have a serious issue with it, then you, I guess, hide or whatever. But I don’t really like that.”

“It makes me feel like I’m running from the law or something. I don’t want to feel like I’m like a fugitive. Like, ‘Oh, my God, we’re having a relationship. Better put on a mask and stuff.’”

Swift added that her ideal romance would be “normal.

“That would be good. … I’d just rather live my life.”

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