Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian Face Massive Online Backlash: Fans Block Celebs in Droves Over Controversial New Gaza Trend

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are among the biggest celebs being blocked en masse on social media — and it all has to do with the Israel-Palestine war, among other issues.

The two superstars — who are, coincidentally, archenemies — have been losing a crap ton of followers on Instagram and other platforms over the past several days, which is in line with a broader trend that’s sweeping the internet right now … namely, boycotting celebs.


You might’ve heard about this, at this point — especially after the Met Gala … when the whole movement kicked into high gear, and normies mobilized to block A-listers far and wide.

The reason fans are unfollowing their favorite celebs now mostly has to do with the situation in Gaza — where there’s an ongoing conflict and lots of death and destruction … and where many believe Hollywood’s elite haven’t shed enough light, or spoken up in favor of Palestine.

Reports citing social media trackers claim in the wake of this campaign — which is all over TikTok now, and trickling into Instagram — Kim and Taylor have lost the most followers among A-listers … we’re talking upward of 100,000 each.

Now, considering they both have millions upon millions of people following their accounts … it’s relatively small potatoes — but the longer it goes on, the more it might have an effect … which is what these people are hoping for as a long-term goal.

They’re thinking that if these celebs lose a bunch of followers, it’ll ultimately impact the amount of money they receive for sponsored posts, etc. To be frank though, it remains to be seen if this will actually work.

Another layer to this is regular folks protesting against class disparity in general — and calling out celebs for not using their platform/resources enough to help the world … so there’s that.



In terms of how Kim and Taylor have both reacted to the war in the Middle East … it’s mostly been crickets from each of them — although Kim recently chirped up and said everyone deserves to be free when a pro-Palestine protester interrupted her event in Germany.

Kim said, “It’s ok, ‘Free everybody. ‘I sympathize with the people of Israel and with those in Palestine. I sympathize with everybody. All we want is for everyone to feel safe and free. Feel safe. And be good people and treat them in the same respectful way you want to be treated. These are definitely scary times.”

Taylor, meanwhile, really hasn’t said a damn thing either way — although, her “Eras” tour movie continued playing in Israel after the Oct. 7 attacks and the ugly fallout thereafter.


It seems both of their reactions (or non-reactions) to the turmoil isn’t sitting well with a lot of young people online — and now, they’re trying to hurt them with a lowered follower count.

Israel Palestine War Photos



Like we said … both ladies probably aren’t even aware of this. Have at it, we suppose. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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