NFL Star’s Musical Side: Jason Kelce Reveals Daughter’s Passion for Taylor Swift

The retired NFL pro shares his three girls with wife Kylie Kelce

<p>Kylie Kelce/Instagram; Kevin Mazur/Getty </p> Wyatt Kelce, Taylor Swift

Kylie Kelce/Instagram; Kevin Mazur/Getty

Wyatt Kelce, Taylor Swift

Jason Kelce’s daughters are proving that they’re just as big of Swifties as their uncle Trav.

In a video posted to X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, April 12, Jason and Travis Kelce can be seen dancing around to one of Taylor Swift’s songs, “Shake It Off.”

While recording a live episode of their podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, the retired Philadelphia Eagles center and his Kansas City Chiefs tight end brother dance around on stage as they both share how much they like the song.

“Oh, I know this one,” Travis, 34, says as he begins grooving to his girlfriend’s tune. “That’s one of my favorites right there, ladies and gentlemen.”

“Wyatt’s favorite too!” Jason, 36, adorably adds of his 4-year-old daughter.

Jason shares his daughters Wyatt, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 13 months, with wife Kylie Kelce, 32.

In December, the mom of three shared a heartwarming video on TikTok of daughter Wyatt reading a book, which was set to Taylor Swift’s song “Never Grow Up.”

Wearing striped pajama pants and a Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirt, Wyatt looked lost in thought as she read her book. The video then switched to footage of a much younger Wyatt as she read a picture book by herself, wearing an Eagles long-sleeve shirt in support of her dad.

“If you’re gonna try to make a headline out of this, you better offer a suggestion of a better audio…because there isnt [sic] one. (Eagles gear was a happy accident.),” Kylie wrote in the caption of her video.

Earlier this year, Kylie shared that while her daughters love to get crafty, they haven’t yet tackled friendship bracelets.

“The girls are very into arts and crafts,” Kylie told PEOPLE.

“We will often get little wooden things that we can paint and things like that. They will paint anything you put in front of them, almost to a fault,” she laughed.

“We have not gotten into friendship bracelets at home, only because we have littles, and beads are our worst enemy,” the mom of three noted.

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