Is the Whole World Assuming Taylor Swift as Travis Kelce’s Wife? What’s Her Reaction?

The NFL commentator made the same mistake during the Bills-Chiefs game

Looks like Tony Romo just referred to Taylor Swift as Travis Kelce’s wife … again.

During the second quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day, the NFL commentator accidentally called the singer-songwriter by the wrong title. Instead of referring to her as Kelce’s girlfriend, he called her his wife. Again.

ESPN posted a video of the mixup on Instagram. In the video, Swift, 34, stands up cheering on Kelce. Then, the camera flashes to Kelce.

“And his wife loves it, I mean, girlfriend,” Romo said in the video posted on Monday.

“You’ve been down that road with that before,” play-by-play broadcaster Jim Nantz responded.

Romo, 43, made the same mistake during the Bills-Chiefs game last week. As the camera focused on Kelce, 34, during the game, it then transitioned to show Swift smiling and sitting in the stands.

“As you see, Kelce’s wife, Taylor Swift, in the audience,” Romo said, before quickly catching his mistake and correcting himself, adding, “Er, I’m sorry. Girlfriend!”

“Not yet,” another commentator then replied while laughing at Romo’s blunder.

Following the incident on Monday, fans took to social media to share their reactions to the situation.

One X user said: “@tonyromo know something we don’t? Or care about really but he just called #TaylorSwift @tkelce‘s wife #ChiefsKingdom”

“Tony romo gotta be manifesting something based on how many times he’s referred to Taylor swift as Travis kelce’s wife,” another person wrote.

“Someone needs to tell Tony Romo that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift aren’t married,” an additional tweet read.

The pop superstar, 34, spent her holiday in Kansas City, where boyfriend Travis’ Kansas City Chiefs took on the Las Vegas Raiders — and Taylor brought her family along for the fun.


Mom Andrea, 65, and dad Scott Swift, 71, joined the “Anti-Hero” singer as she walked into Arrowhead Stadium on Monday. Her brother, Austin Swift, also made an appearance secretly dressed as Santa Claus. As Swift made her way into the stadium, she walked with her brother by her side. Her parents followed behind them.

The musician supported Super Bowl champion Kelce as his team took on the Las Vegas Raiders at home Monday. Swift wore a black and gray plaid miniskirt from Hill House, red sweater, black tights, black heeled loafers and a black bomber jacket (from bestie Gigi Hadid’s brand Guest in Residence).

She wore her hair pulled half up in a sweet black bow and showed off a “T” earring. Once she got into her suite, though, she capped off her look with a very festive Santa hat with an “87” on it — Kelce’s number.

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