After 5 Years, The Boys’ Very First Storyline Is Officially Finished

Hughie (Jack Quaid) gathering courage to attack with a box cutter in The Boys season 4 episode 4

The Boys season 4 may not be the show’s final outing, but it concludes the Amazon series’ very first story after five years. Despite The Boys season 4’s opening episodes unraveling a bit slower than usual, it’s obvious they’re building to something big. The Boys season 5 is confirmed, and it’s set to bring the series to a close. Needless to say, the current batch of episodes must build to the looming confrontation between Homelander and the titular team. They also must start wrapping up smaller subplots and character arcs, as there may not be time to revisit them later.

The Boys season 4, episode 4 makes strides towards this end, as it resolves the show’s very first story. Although the conflict between Homelander and Butcher drives the narrative, season 1 doesn’t start with either of them. There’s an inciting incident that kicks off The Boys, and the Amazon series has finally given the fans and characters closure on that front.

A-Train & Hughie Shaking Hands Officially Ends The Boys’ Very First Feud

The Amazon Series Begins With Hughie & A-Train

A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) makes a deal with Hughie in The Boys season 4 episode 4

Jack Quaid as Hughie and Jessie T. Usher suffer an awkward Herogasm reunion in The Boys

Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell covered in blood in The Boys

The Boys season 4 sets up a potential redemption arc for A-Train, and episode 4 sees him and Hughie resolving the show’s very first storyline. Season 1 opens with A-Train running through Hughie’s girlfriend, and Robin’s death is the reason Hughie meets Butcher and joins the titular team. Hughie and A-Train have a few run-ins throughout The Boys seasons 1-3, and there’s a lot of resentment between the characters. However, they finally bury the hatchet in “Wisdom of the Ages,” five years after The Boys’ series premiere.

With Hughie’s father on his deathbed, Hughie gets desperate enough to reach out to A-Train for help. He asks the Supe to steal Compound V from Vought Tower for him — and in a surprising turn of events, A-Train agrees. He’s reluctant, but Hughie insists that he owes it to him. Wanting to be free of any debt he owes Hughie, A-Train tells him that this will make the two of them “good, forever.” And he comes through, leading to The Boys season 4, episode 4’s Compound V twist. With A-Train and Hughie’s handshake, The Boys’ first feud finally ends.

Robin’s Death Is No Longer A Factor In The Boys Season 4

Hughie’s Former Girlfriend No Longer Drives His Narrative

Hughie (Jack Quaid) with his face splattered with blood in The Boys season 4 episode 4
Image via Prime Video

Hughie forgiving A-Train closes out The Boys’ opening storyline, and that’s something the show has been working towards for years. It’s not just Hughie’s interaction with A-Train that offers closure for Robin’s death; it’s also the fact that Hughie has largely moved on. Robin serves as a motivator for Hughie in the early seasons of The Boys, much like Becca is what drives Butcher to pursue vengeance. But unlike Butcher, Hughie moves past his anger and grief. He forms new friendships, finds purpose, and starts a relationship with Starlight, and these things begin to drive his actions instead.

Robin serves as a motivator for Hughie in the early seasons of The Boys, much like Becca is what drives Butcher to pursue vengeance.

By the time The Boys season 4 opens, Robin rarely comes up, making Hughie’s jab at A-Train a rarity. This means that it’s time to close out Hughie and A-Train’s feud, as Robin is no longer a major component of Hughie’s character arc. Although she puts him on the path to his current circumstances, it’s clear that Hughie is worried about other things. His father, his relationships with The Boys, and the future of the world take center stage. Hughie may not fully get over Robin, but he is still moving on. It’s high time The Boys does as well.

Hughie’s Forgiveness Means A-Train Can Join The Boys As An Official Member

The Supe Has Already Betrayed Vought & The Seven

A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) steals some Compound V to Hughie in The Boys season 4 episode 4Image via Prime Video

One of MM’s first actions as the new leader of The Boys is to try to flip A-Train, and Hughie initially takes offense to this approach. Getting a Supe from The Seven on their side could massively help the team. However, Hughie lets his past resentments cloud his judgment. Now that Hughie has forgiven A-Train, the door is open for the Supe to join the team in some capacity. While A-Train isn’t fully on board with helping The Boys, his actions suggest he’s not entirely against it.

While A-Train isn’t fully on board with helping The Boys, his actions suggest he’s not entirely against it.

Of all the members of The Seven, it’s clear that A-Train is having the most trouble accepting Homelander’s latest antics. And it’s no secret that A-Train’s relationship with Vought and its marketing team is strained. The Supe betrays them by helping Hughie and MM, so it’s very possible The Boys season 4 will push him to the other side of its central conflict. And if A-Train joins the team, they’ll have more Supe power and insider intel. Both could stack the cards in their favor.

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