Jayson Tatum Shares Father’s Day Vacation Photos with Son Celebrating Being ‘Deuce’s Dad’

Jayson Tatum  enjoyed a tropical Father’s Day with 5-year-old son Deuce by his side

<p>Instagram/jaysontatum</p> Jayson Tatum and son Deuce


Jayson Tatum and son Deuce

Jayson Tatum enjoyed a laid-back vacation with some serious views as he celebrated Father’s Day with his little boy.

The NBA forward, 25, shared photos on Instagram Sunday showing how he and son Jayson “Deuce” Christopher, 5, were spending the day poolside and rafting in a picturesque tropical location.

In a series of photos, The pair also pose together on a boat and on a jet ski as they enjoy their vacation.

“Deuce’s dad💪🏽,” Tatum captioned the shots.

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Tatum was 19 when he welcomed his son Deuce, who has since become a big hit with the Celtics and with players across the NBA. Tatum shares Deuce with ex-girlfriend Toriah Lachell.

The NBA star, who had Deuce in December 2017 just six months after he was drafted by the Celtics, spoke about being a role model as a dad and his close bond with his son in a press conference in June.

“I think 2017 when I got drafted, I didn’t have Deuce, but he was born in 2017 so that was big, that was the biggest year of my life, right? Starting this new chapter in my career, I just had a child,” Tatum explained.

Maddie Meyer/Getty

Maddie Meyer/Getty

“My mindset was not to sacrifice either, that I was going to be the best father as I could as well as the best basketball player,” the Boston Celtics star continued. “There was no guideline or there was no exact way to do it. It was all about what was natural.”

“I just do what’s natural. I’m around him every day. I think being able to go through this journey together, because I was 19 when I got drafted, it’s kind of like we’re growing up together,” Tatum noted. “As he’s gotten older, I’m going through my career, sharing these moments, experiencing this together as we grow up. I think it’s the coolest part for me.”

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