Stephen Curry Enjoys ‘Refreshing’ Hawaii Vacation With Ayesha Curry While Mentee Gets Shocked by $128,000,000 Move

Stephen Curry Enjoys ‘Refreshing’ Hawaii Vacation With Ayesha Curry While Mentee Gets Shocked by $128,000,000 Move

Stephen Curry Enjoys ‘Refreshing’ Hawaii Vacation With Ayesha Curry While Mentee Gets Shocked by $128,000,000 Move

Ayesha Curry, Stephen Curry, and Jordan Poole
Credits: USA Today Sports

Due to the Golden State Warriors’ shortened postseason run, Stephen Curry has had more time this offseason than he’s previously been used to. Apart from spending his summer training with 2023 Draft prospect Scoot Henderson, the two-time Most Valuable Player has been traveling around the nation making appearances at several golf tournaments. With almost only a week remaining for the anticipated charity golf clash between the Splash Brothers and NFL stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, Steph is still on vacation. Despite the news of Jordan Poole being traded away right before his $128,000,000 contract extension kicked in, the four-time champ has been spotted, simply enjoying himself with his wife, Ayesha Curry, in Hawaii.

Prior to the 2023 Draft commencing, Mike Dunleavy Jr. made his first move as the General Manager of the San Francisco side. Trading away Steph’s mentee (Poole) along with draft picks to the Washington Wizards, Steve Kerr’s boys have now added Chris Paul to the roster. Take a look at the tweet by Adrian Wojnarowski below.

Getting traded right before his $128 million contract extension kicks in the upcoming season, JP is currently on a Europe tour. Following the breaking out of the news, the 6-foot-4 combo guard seemed to be in disbelief as he posted a cryptic story on his Instagram. Have a look at the screenshot on NBA Celebs Update’s tweet.

Those three dots could speak volumes about how the man is feeling at the moment. More than anything else, they seem to indicate that he was shocked by the trade. Perhaps there is a feeling of betrayal present here. But, how does Stephen Curry feel about this situation?

While many expected him to be devasted after his mentee was sent away, the nine-time All-Star seems to be at peace with the front office’s decision. Or at least that is what it seems like in the photos on Ayesha’s Instagram stories.

Ayesha and Stephen Curry enjoy their vacation in Hawaii

After fulfilling all of their commitments by traveling to various parts of the nation for different events, Ayesha and Stephen Curry finally got their much-deserved time for a vacation. The couple seemed to be enjoying themselves in the photo posted by the NBA star’s wife on Instagram. The story was captioned “Aloha”. Have a look at the screenshot of Ayesha’s story in NBA Celeb Update’s tweet.

The shifty guard will have no time to relax once he’s back from Hawaii. Partnering with teammate Klay Thompson, the Warriors’ backcourt pairing will face the NFL duo of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce in a 12-hole golf contest – “The Match”.

Following the contest, Chef Curry is sure to be spotted scrimmaging quite a bit to get a head start on the 2023-24 NBA season. And in that case, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him work out with new teammate Chris Paul.

How does the roster change with Chris Paul’s addition?

It is pretty safe to assume that CP3 will be starting alongside Curry. And because of it, the veteran guard’s addition to the starting lineup would likely result in Kevon Looney, or a different starter, shifting to a sixth-man role.

With Draymond Green (assuming he re-signs with the Warriors) playing Center, the team will be massively undersized. However, they’ve played ample elite basketball with their small lineup.

It goes without saying, the Point God will add leadership and bring in a ton of his experience. Not only will he be an asset on the hardwood, but also be a mentor figure for several youngsters in the locker room. Personally, we cannot wait to see how successful this deal pans out to be.


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