Shocking story: Urgent arrest of stranger who broke into Curry’s house when Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha were not home but their three young children were at home

Shocking story: Urgent arrest of stranger who broke into Curry’s house when Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha were not home but their three young children were at home

Shocking report reveals Stephen Curry's sloppy security arrangements  allowed man to enter house while kids were alone with nanny – FirstSportz

NBA players are some of the most famous people in the world. The rising popularity of the NBA has made stars like Stephen Curry and LeBron James global icons. Millions of fans love and adore them, with many going to great lengths to catch a glimpse of their idols. However, the recognition gained from the NBA comes with a downside, as exemplified in a recent episode involving the Curry family.

Recently, the Curry family suffered a harrowing ordeal when a crazy fan trespassed on their property. An arrest warrant has been issued for the mystery man who committed the illegal act.

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Crazy fan wanted to get an autograph from Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has been a transformative figure, not just for the Golden State Warriors but for the entire NBA. His sustained excellence has garnered him millions of adoring fans. But, on 15th October Curry suffered from the downsides of fame. Sheng Gao, an international student, was accused of walking through Curry’s house in Atherton. At that point in time, both Stephen and Ayesha were not present at their home. However, a nanny and their three kids were present at the time of trespassing.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock (13038671dp) Ayesha Curry, Stephen Curry and family ESPY Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, California, USA - 20 Jul 2022

Sheng Gao is an 18-year-old international student from China, who currently resides in Cupertino, a city 17 miles southeast of Atherton. The police apprehended Gao and during an inquiry, Gao told police that he entered Curry’s residence “to try to get a signature to Steph Curry.” San Mateo County’s District Attorney, Stephen Wagstaffe said, “He knows that he wasn’t invited in, he said he pressed the buttons on the intercom and the gate opened up.” According to Wagstaffe, footage acquired from surveillance shows that Gao pressed some buttons at the entry gate and the doors opened.

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What are the charges being pressed on the trespasser?

The 18-year-old international student initially faced charges related to trespassing. However, the DA’s office elevated these charges to aggravated trespassing. In an interview, Wagstaffe said, “Aggravated trespassing is when you enter into the residence of somebody who is there. It’s not a burglary, because to be a burglary we have to show the intent was to steal something.”

Riley, Ryan, Canon Curry

Sheng Gao was scheduled to appear in court on 7th December. However, Gao failed to show up. The court has issued an arrest warrant for the perpetrator, with the bail amount being set at $500. The Curry family moved to Atherton in 2019. Before that, they resided in the East Bay.

Ayesha, Steph, Riley, Ryan, and Canon Curry

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