NBA – The enormous disrespect of a Laker for AD: “Our best defender is…

NBA – The enormous disrespect of a Laker for AD:
“Our best defender is…

Anthony Davis, intérieur vedette des Lakers de Los Angeles

Since the start of the season, Anthony Davis has played at a fairly impressive level defensively. Besides, with Rudy Gobert, he is favorite for the DPOY title… But for a Laker, there would be better than him on the team.

Renowned for his inconsistency, Anthony Davis has had an excellent start to the season with the Lakers. If he could perhaps do better than his 23.9 points average, his 12.5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2.6 blocks and 1.1 steals per game are largely satisfactory. These last two statistics also reflect a rather terrifying defensive presence.

If Rudy Gobert is currently the big favorite, it would not be surprising to see the Angelino win the title of Defender of the Year next June. For this, he will need a communication campaign other than that launched by D’Angelo Russell on TikTok… Questioned by Bleacher Report, the leader revealed the name of the man who, according to him, was the best defender in Los Angeles.

Healthy and happy: LeBron James, Anthony Davis lead Lakers back to conference finals | WRIC ABC 8News

D’Angelo Russell snubs Anthony Davis badly!

The player on the team I wouldn’t want to play against? Christian Wood is our best defender.

According to D’Angelo Russell, Christian Wood would be the best defender of the Lakers and he would not like to face him if he were on another team…

He affirms this even though Anthony Davis is the n°1 competitor of Rudy Gobert for the DPOY title and that Cam Reddish reveals himself in the field. He may be looking to give confidence to a teammate in need, but the fans aren’t buying it.

Pondering Anthony Davis, the Lakers' Oddly Enigmatic Star | The New Yorker

Christian Wood isn’t even in the Top 3 of the team’s best defenders.

Hình ảnh

What is he saying? This brother needs help

LeBron James le dejará el número 23 a Anthony Davis en Los Angeles Lakers - TyC Sports | Fotografia da basket, Calcio, Palloni da basket

Christian Wood is good at slowing down attacks. He simply often slows down those of his team.

Anthony Davis is a potential Defender of the Year, Cam Reddish gives 100% every night to limit the best opposing attackers, but for D’Angelo Russell, it is Christian Wood who deserves the title of best defender of the Lakers . Odd.


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