NBA star Steph Curry is preparing to return with his beautiful “partner” Mariah Stackhouse, whom he is looking forward to day and night…

NBA star Steph Curry is preparing to return with his beautiful “partner” Mariah Stackhouse, whom he is looking forward to day and night…

Steph Curry and Mariah Stackhouse (via Getty Images)

Steph Curry and Mariah Stackhouse (via Getty Images)

NBA star Steph Curry is gearing up for the third season of the Underrated Golf Tour, a collaboration with LPGA Tour star Mariah Stackhouse. The initiative, which secured sponsorship from KPMG in March 2023, aims to provide opportunities for underrepresented and underrated young talents to engage with and enjoy golf.

Currey recently took to his X (formerly Twitter) handle to announce another collaboration with the LPGA Tour star and the KPMG. He wrote that the golf program has made a huge impact on the junior golf space and urged fans to stay tuned for the upcoming 2024 season. Curry’s tweet stated:

“Looking forward to Year 3 of @UnderratedGolf with our title sponsor @KPMGGolf and LPGA player @MoStacksBirdies . The strides we have made in the junior golf space were huge, but there’s more to come! Stay tuned for 2024 #kpmgpartner

Back in March 2023, in a statement published by the official website of the LPGA Tour, Steph Curry spoke about the Underrated Golf Tour’s partnership with Mariah Stackhouse and KPMG. He said that the golfer would empower young girls to take an interest in golf and be an ideal role model to them

“Through our partnership with KPMG and Mariah Stackhouse as a brand ambassador, this program is reinforcing what a role model looks like and empowering young girls interested in Golf, by letting them know the game has a place for them. It’s inspiring to see everyone coming together to support this message and work towards creating positive change in the sport,” Curry’s statement read.

“Underrated Golf launched with a mission to provide equity” – When Steph Curry opened up about the vision before the second year of the golf program

The 35-year-old Basketball player is considered one of the greatest players in the sport. However, he has not limited himself to just the basketball court. He is also an avid golfer and loves to work in the upliftment of the game.

In March 2023, Steph Curry, who patterned with Mariah Stackhouse and KPMG for the second year of the Underrated Golf, the LPGA Tour stated the Golden State Warriors player.

In the statement, Curry said that the golf program had the vision to provide equal rights to all student-athletes, especially, those from underrepresented communities.

“Underrated Golf launched with a mission to provide equity, access, and opportunity to student-athletes from underrepresented communities,” Curry’s statement read.

Beyond his golf initiatives, Curry has invested in the tech-forward TGL, a venture led by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. He co-owns the San Francisco-based team in collaboration with Marc Lasry of Avenue Sports Fund, along with limited partners and fellow NBA players Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson.

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