NBA: LeBron James’ records will never be broken: Just a glance will surprise you

NBA: LeBron James’ records that will never be broken:
Just looking at it will make you amazed

Last season, LeBron James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the all-time scoring list to become the all-time leading scoring player in NBA history. It would seem that this monumental record is King James’ most significant achievement in recent years. Well, the Lakers star has achieved even more spectacular feats.

Most of these incredible achievements are especially related to the great endurance, ambition, talent, passion, but above all, the basketball longevity of LeBron Raymone James. The current competition is the 21st season of the four-time champion and there are many indications that his NBA career will last several more years. So let’s take a look at ten records by LeBron James that will probably never be broken.

– All-time leader in points

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became the best scoring player in history in 1984. By scoring 31,420 points, he overtook Wilt Chamberlain (31,419). The six-time NBA champion played for 20 seasons, ultimately scoring 38,387 points. He held the record for over 38 years.

In the 2017/18 season, LeBron James broke the 30,000-point barrier and with each subsequent season he came closer to breaking Abdul-Jabbar’s record. On February 7, 2023, in a game against Oklahoma City Thunder, LBJ scored 36 points, 38,388 in his career, making him the best point scorer in NBA history.

It took LeBron 20 seasons to break the historic record. It’s hard to imagine anyone bettering this achievement in the future, especially since only seven basketball players managed to score 30,000 points. Among active players, the second-leading scorer is Kevin Durant. The 35-year-old recently took 10th place in this ranking, but his achievements are less than 28,000 points.

– TOP 5 in both points and assists

While James has had all-time scoring records, he is also one of the best assists in NBA history. In addition to breaking the all-time points record in his 20th season, James also strengthened his assist charts. The Los Angeles Lakers star passed such greats as Steve Nash and Mark Jackson to become the fourth best passer in history.

Almost 39-year-old James has already scored over 10,500 assists, but he is behind Chris Paul, who is third on the list, by over 1,000. The Golden State Warriors point guard is seven months younger than LeBron and is constantly increasing his achievements, averaging 7.2 in the current competition. assists.

-40 points against each team

LeBron is the first player in NBA history to score 40 points in a game at least once against all 30 teams, including the three franchises he played for. Scoring 40s in a match is becoming commonplace, but scoring that many points for each team is a level unattainable even for the biggest superstars.

– Over a hundred 30-point games for three different teams

In addition to the fact that LeBron achieved the impossible by scoring 40 points against all teams, he once again made a mark in terms of massively scored points. In each team he played for, he recorded at least 100 matches in which he scored 30 or more points.

– Finals MVP with three different clubs

LeBron was voted Finals MVP on every team with which he won the NBA championship. He won two titles in a row with the Miami Heat (2013 and 2014), winning the Most Valuable Player award in both finals. In 2016, he became the NBA champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers and received the Finals MVP award for the third time. This situation also occurred during the bubble in Orlando, where he won the championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020.

– 30,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 10,000 assists

LeBron James is one of the most versatile basketball players in NBA history. In 2022, he became the first basketball player in history to score at least 30,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 10,000 assists in his career. Thus, the Lakers leader opened his one-man club, containing unprecedented statistical achievements.

– Most All-Star Game nominations

LBJ and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have the most All-Star appearances with 19 each. Kevin Durant (13) and Chris Paul (12) lead among active players. To match James, KD and CP3 would have to play in another seven editions. This year’s performance of LeBron indicates another appearance in the All-Star Game, which will take place in February 2024. Then he would become an independent leader in this classification.

– Most selections to the All-NBA Team

Since the 2004-05 season, LeBron James has been regularly selected to the top three teams of the season. He was named to the All-NBA top five thirteen times, which is, of course, a league record. LeBron also finished in the second and third five three times. He was elected a total of 19 times. The most of any player in history.

– Cleveland Cavaliers records

Not only did LeBron fulfill his promise by winning a historic NBA championship in his hometown, but he also holds many of the Ohio franchise’s records. The best player in Cleveland Cavaliers history is the leader in the number of games played (849), minutes (33,130), points (23,119), rebounds (6,190), assists (6,228), steals (1,376), turnovers (2,973), made field goals (8,369), two-pointers made (7,118), three-pointers made (1,251) and free throws made (5,130). Everything indicates that the above records may remain unbroken for a long time.

– Most playoff wins

Although many criticize him for losing in the NBA Finals, statistics show that he is the winningest player in the history of the playoffs. LeBron James played in 282 games in this phase, and his balance is 182 wins and 100 losses.


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