NBA – Draymond Green leaving.. Star trade favorites revealed!

NBA – Draymond Green leaving..
Star trade favorites revealed!

Stephen Jackson on Draymond Green punch: 'You never hit the little homies  like that' | Yardbarker

Draymond Green is making headlines right now, due to his physical attacks on opponents. But being indefinitely suspended in this regard, the Warriors player remains at the heart of the debates with transfer rumors, and the favorite franchise to acquire him is now known!

Many people hate Draymond Green because of his behavior, but having him on your team is a significant advantage.

The Warriors can attest to this, since if this dynasty has terrorized its opponents so much and been able to win three titles in the space of 7 years, it is also thanks to the defensive prowess and the playing intelligence of the DPOY 2017. Unfortunately, the The latter’s CV is far from perfect.

Warriors' Draymond Green: Defining moments, images of Golden State's  driving force

Why want to part with such an important element for your workforce?

We all know that the star interior poses big problems for his team, already in crisis, because of his excesses on the pitch. As a result, some rumors claim that Californians would not be against his transfer.

Therefore, the sports betting site Bovada has released a list of franchises most likely to welcome it:

Mavs and Lakers favorites to recover Draymond Green?


At the top of this ranking are the Mavericks, closely followed by the Lakers, then the Cavaliers.

With Draymond Green joining Texas, a coalition with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving could be attractive on paper.

On the other hand, seeing him land in the city of Los Angeles does not seem crazy, given that the Purple & Gold were already expected to recruit him after the Jordan Poole affair last year.

And even if the All-Star recently praised LeBron James a lot, we probably all remember the confrontations between the two in the Finals, in which the LA winger left some feathers because of the inappropriate gestures of his ex-rival.

There is also another person familiar with this type of action and who must surely harbor hatred towards the latter: Domantas Sabonis, star of the Kings.

Sacramento is indeed part of this ranking, and a gathering between the two interiors would also make headlines given their common history.

Anyway, this estimate is not official, Draymond Green is still a member of the Golden State franchise, although he is deprived of competition.

In addition, nothing has yet been confirmed by Californian leaders regarding the departure of their star.

Absent from the field following his suspension, Draymond Green is the subject of numerous transfer rumors.

If this data turns out to be correct, the Mavericks and the Lakers would be the two franchises most likely to welcome the Warriors player into their respective ranks.


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