NBA – Before their truncated duel, strong Wemby breaks silence on LeBron’s viral comments about him

NBA – Before their truncated duel, strong Wemby breaks silence on LeBron’s viral comments about him

Les stars NBA LeBron James (gauche) et Victor Wembanyama

A favorite topic of discussion among league stars for months, Victor Wembanyama was notably the subject of a long viral speech by LeBron James. On the sidelines of the clash between Spurs and Lakers this Wednesday, the Frenchman’s response made the rounds on the networks.

In the space of around twenty matches, he can already congratulate himself on having encountered and faced a lot of pretty names on the NBA courts. However, this Wednesday, it was against the stars of the Lakers that Victor Wembanyama was able to measure himself.

At least some of them, since LeBron James withdrew from this meeting because of his left calf injury. This did not prevent the French interior from blazing.

Victor Wembanyama reacts to LeBron’s strong words towards him

If his Spurs suffered an 18th defeat in a row in recent hours, Wembanyama at least had the merit of pushing back the deadline. His historic prowess on the floor of the Frost Bank Center was followed from the opposing bench by LeBron, whose comments concerning him also resurfaced before this meeting. On X, the NBA shared the King’s memorable words as a teaser:

LeBron James: Everyone has been called a “unicorn” for a few years, but he looks more like an alien. No one has ever seen someone as tall as him look so fluid and graceful on a hardwood floor. It’s obvious that he loves basketball. He smiles a lot on the pitch. He’s a generational talent, there’s no doubt about that.

Áo đấu của “kỳ lân nước Pháp" Victor Wembanyama thu về giá trị khủng: Vẫn  đứng sau Kobe Bryant

Beyond this dubbing a few months old, which Victor had already had the opportunity to evoke virally, the league also reported the reaction of the great French hope on NBA TV:

Victor Wembanyama: There are several things I love about this interview. When he says that everyone has been called a “unicorn” in recent years, I agree with him.

I hated when people called me that. I much prefer to be given the nickname Alien. I find it more original. He also mentions something very important to me when he says that I smile a lot on the pitch. The notion of “play” in sport and having fun doing it are two of the most important things to me.

Suffice to say that LBJ hit the nail on the head with his words about Wemby, who then thanked him for it in order to conclude:

He also uses strong words with “generational talent”, “graceful”, but even though you are talented, have a lot of assets and are gracious, if you don’t work hard, it will be for nothing. So I appreciate what he said, especially about the nickname “Unicorn” and the smile.

If he will still have to wait before challenging LeBron James on the NBA floors, Victor Wembanyama has already been won over by the King’s comments towards him. Enough to suggest that their first duel will be placed under the sign of respect.

LeBron James Hopes Lakers Can Get Healthy For Upcoming Stretch Of Games


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