NBA – Amid showdown with Chet Holmgren, big update for Victor Wembanyama: Wemby did it despite team problems!!

NBA – Amid showdown with Holmgren, big update for Victor Wembanyama:

Wemby did it despite team problems!!

Góc mổ băng: Khi "cây sào 2m13" Victor Wembanyama và Chet Holmgren chạm trán tại NBA

As he faces the Lakers this week, twice at that, Victor Wembanyama is full of confidence at the moment.

The Frenchman made his first 20-20, and it looks like the NBA noticed.

A true competitor, Victor Wembanyama has only aimed for one thing since he arrived in the NBA: to win. Unfortunately for him, the Spurs made it clear that the tank was out, like the many experiences of Gregg Popovich. Jeremy Sochan as leader, Devin Vassell as well: we can no longer count the lineups tested by the coach.

Wembanyama back as number 1

It must be said that the season lends itself to this, since San Antonio will not play anything, except perhaps a big draft choice in the next lottery.

Wembanyama will have to make do with what he can, perhaps including a rookie of the year title. And if Chet Holmgren won the trophy of the month for November, the Frenchman returned to the top of the rankings.

Hình ảnh

With a first match at 20-20, while Holmgren didn’t shine that much at the Thunder, Wembanyama took the opportunity to return to first position. Deserved for the Frenchman who continues to string together big matches, although the victories do not follow. Not yet at least. Remember, however, that successes are little taken into account for the rookie, which gives Victor an advantage.

Where it deserves to be

Wemby is incredible despite team problems

Wembanyama looks faster, fitter, stronger in preseason battle against Chet Holmgren and OKC | Marca

Difficult times or not for the Spurs, Victor Wembanyama is back at number 1 in the NBA rookie rankings. Deserved after a big week for the Frenchman, especially in his pivotal role. To be confirmed this Wednesday evening.


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