Stephen Curry single-handedly broke his own historical record: The record that no one wants to break!

Stephen Curry single-handedly broke his own historical record:

The record that no one wants to break!

▲本場Stephen Curry三分球8中0,根據NBA官方統計,Curry將連續三分球命中場次定今在第268場。(圖/美聯社/達志影像)

Stephen Curry made 0 of 8 three-pointers in this game. According to NBA official statistics, Curry will hit the 268th consecutive three-pointer. (Photo/AP/Dazhi Image)

The NBA Golden State Warriors played the Portland Trail Blazers away from home today (18th).

Stephen Curry was not feeling good and only scored 7 points, but he still relied on Klay Thompson to hit 5 three-pointers and contribute 28 points. , led the Warriors to a 2-game winning streak with 118:114, but in this game Stephen Curry interrupted his record of 268 consecutive three-pointers.

Stephen Curry made 0 of 8 three-pointers in this game. According to NBA official statistics, Curry has set the 268th consecutive game with three-pointers. The second place in the record is 157 consecutive games set by Curry.

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In addition, the last time Curry made the entire game Failure to make a three-pointer has to be postponed to November 9, 2018. In the past five years, Curry has scored at least one three-pointer in every game.

Curry didn’t have much desire to attack at the beginning of this game. He only took one shot in the first 9 minutes and scored 2 points on free throws.

However, Klay Thompson was in good form. He and Andrew Wiggins, who had recently been demoted to the bench, started the game with a total of 6 of 7 shots to help the Warriors take the lead.

Curry’s sluggish state in this campaign became the reason why the Warriors were unable to open up the score. It is hard to imagine that he only scored 4 points on 1-of-7 shooting in the fourth quarter.

Stephen Curry | Biography & Facts | Britannica

The Bay Area relied on the rebounding performance of Thompson and Wiggins in the away game to barely maintain a slight lead.

However, after Curry returned to the court in the final quarter, he relied on a mid-range jumper to help the Warriors launch an 11:0 offensive. In the end, they defeated the Trail Blazers 118:114.

In this game, Curry made only 2 of 12 shots, made all 8 three-pointers, and scored 7 points and 8 assists. His personal condition was very bad.

However, Thompson broke out and had his best game of the season, making 11 of 16 shots and scoring 28 points; Wiggins contributed 25 points off the bench, and the Warriors contributed 57 points off the bench.


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